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Ram Mandir – Trunicle’s befitting reply to Anti-Hindu Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani


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5th August is an auspicious date in the history of India for obvious reasons. Last year on 5th August, Modi Government revoked Article 370 and 35 A from Jammu and Kashmir. This year’s 5th August was special too, after an intense wait of approximately 500 years, Hindus have finally able to lay the foundation for Ram Mandir, and a long revered wish of Hindus of having a temple of their Ram Lala was fulfilled.

Entire Nation was celebrating this occasion and people celebrated this irrespective of their religion cast and creed. However, we have a specific section of people, who always have issues with any positive or constructive development in our country. These so called eminent intellectuals or secular Journalists never leave any opportunity to express their intense grief against Hindus.

The latest ‘Cry baby’ is The Wire’s Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani, who is infamous for moulding anything into Hindu-Muslim dispute, and for obvious reasons she always prefers Islam over any other ideology.

In her latest display of hatred against Hindus and India, she made some ridiculous allegations which we usually ignore, but this time we thought to give her a point by point rebuttal for the sake of our readers.

PM Modi did Bhoomi Pujan for his political parivar’s temple

She started her article with a laughable rant that PM Modi performed ‘Bhoomi Pujan for his political Parivar’s temple in Ayodhya. It seems Ms. Sherwani is ignoring the glaring fact that the Bhoomi Pujan carried out for Ram Mandir, not for RSS or BJP’s temple, and Shri Ram is indeed a part of every India’s Parivar. Shri Ram belongs to everyone in India, not just to PM, BJP, or RSS.

Acute loss of faith among Muslims about the possibility of justice in India

Now Arfa accused Indian Judiciary, she said that Muslims have lost the faith in the Indian Judicial system as they have pronounced a sentence against Muslims. She conveniently ignored that Ram Janmbhoomi’s legal battle was going on for more than 100 years. Hundreds of witnesses were produced, hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence were scrutinized by the High Court and Supreme Court of India, that too by a large bench, which consists of Judges from all faiths including Justice Abdul Nazeer.

She conveniently forgets that it was the Archeological Survey Of India, whose reports, research papers along some credible shreds of evidence were testified by the Indian judiciary, and guess who was the ASI chief who submitted the actionable evidence? It was Mr. K.K Muhammed.

So, Ms. Sherwani, how come this judgment is Anti-Muslim? Judgement is taken on the basis of evidence, not on the basis of religion.

PM Modi is a king of Hindus?

Ms. Sherwani further fulminated and alleged that PM Modi is a king of Hindu. Though this is indeed a laughable allegation, still we would like to counter. We have never heard any speech of PM Modi where he only talk about Hindus, he always talk about 130 Crore Indians. He never discriminate on the basis of religion, he has delivered numerous welfare schemes for every section of society. India is a democracy and we don’t have Kings and Queens, and as the matter of the fact, PM Modi calls himself as a ‘Pradhan Sevak of 130 Crore Indians”.

Tumultuous after-effects of Babri demolition experienced by Arfa as a Muslim

As expected, Arfa brings her religion and her fake stories of horrors past the Babri demolition on 6th Dec 1992. She has expressed her grief and shared her sufferings as a Muslim Girl, but again she conveniently or we must say ‘cunningly’ ignored the similar kind of sufferings of Hindus who also lost their lives past Babri demolition.

She may feel traumatized when 6th December or 5th August comes but did she felt the same when 19th January or 27 February comes? We are pretty much sure that she must not remember these dates, as after all, its a matter of convenience for her. 19th January when Islamic Terrorists carried out the exodus of half a million Kashmir Hindus and 27th February when Muslim Terrorists burned down the Sabarmati Express and killed 59 Innocent Hindus.

This is not the India Arfa’s ancestors fought for

She furthers adds that “What had happened to the India my ancestors had fought for and while surfing the TV channels, she couldn’t recognize my country anymore.

Well, we would like to say it quite bluntly, that your ancestors fought for ‘Gazwa-Ae-Hind’ and obviously we will never allow this to happen and in the last decade Hindu has been vocal against Pseudo Secularism and fake ‘Ganga Jamuni Tehjeeb’, so its a ‘Mission Impossible’ for Islamist like you. Since the advent of Social Media, a common Hindu can bust the myths propagated by highly biased Journalists like you, hence you couldn’t recognize this country anymore, and the bad news is, you are not going to get the same country anywhere in the future, that India is gone Ms. Arfa, its better if you can digest this bitter truth.

Has PM Modi weaken the constitution?

Arfa further shared her pain that in last 6 years, PM Modi has weaken the constitution and turned India from a Secular and Federal country to a Nation where Muslims, Dalits, Adiwasis and minorities live in fear.

We must say, this was a nice try Ms. Sherwani, but again all gas no substance. In the last 6 years, every step taken by PM Modi and his Government is only via the Indian Parliament, where they don’t enjoy the majority in Rajya Sabha, even till this date. Every Law enacted by this government has been passed by both the houses and then signed by the President of India, by following the constitution devised by the great visionary B.R. Ambedkar.

Now the second point, so you must know that PM Modi himself is a Dalit, same goes with our President. PM Modi believes in providing equal opportunities to all, be it a Dalit, Minority community, Females and Adiwasis. And Data speaks for itself, please go through several reports about the development and welfare of marginal sections of society, and you will find that in last 6 years, PM Modi has taken several steps to uplift their living standards.

He has initiated several schemes for marginal section of our society to provide them Electricity, Toilets, Water, Roads, Gas, education and what not?

And yes, you are right, a certain section is forced to live under fear, and that section is exactly where you come from. The privileged Secular Liberal gang feel threatened, the groups which used to consider India as their ‘Baap Ka Maal’ is indeed living under fear Ms. Sherwani, and honestly speaking, that’s your destiny, and no one can help with that.

Media dehumanize Muslims and incite hatred and violence against them

Finally when Ms. Sherwani is left with little venom to spew, she tried to target her own fraternity, that is Media. She alleged that certain section of Media is indulged in dehumanization of Muslims and it incite hatred and violence against them. Though we don’t know which Media house she is referring to, but it is proved beyond any doubt that she herself is a glaring example of a flavor of Journalism full of Religious hatred and biasedness.

I don’t think if she ever read her own articles, else she might not accuse anyone except herself. Isn’t she the one who loves to give a Hindu-Muslim color to any news? Isn’t she the one who defended massive riots against Citizenship Amendment Bill? Isn’t she the one who was defending the like of Tahir Hussain, Sharjeel Imaam, Khalid Saifi and several other Anti-Nationals, just because they all were Muslims?

Why Media hailing Ram temple as a national accomplishment?

Seems Arfa’s pain is no limits, she feels immense pain when she hear religious slogans and reciting prayers in the TV studio, she feels some of these journalists are BJP/RSS workers.

Well Ms. Sherwani, we would like to know how would you feel when your Mullahs give open threats of killing Kafirs on live television? How do you feel when your Imams raise Allah-u-Akbar and abuse the TV Anchors in the same breath? You must be feeling relieved then, isn’t it?

And yes, Ram Mandir is a National accomplishment, we Hindus fought for it for almost 5 centuries, we have every right to celebrate our win. We really don’t care if you feel bad about it, it’s none of your concern at first place.

Radical Islamist are not happy with Congress?

Arfa is in shock of her life, as Congress is trying to shun the image of Anti-Hindu and Fake secularism, at least that’s what she thinks. Congress is the grand old party, which has a long history of appeasing and nourishing the radical Islamist and anti-nationals like Arfa for decades, but sometimes it is very difficult to go against the public sentiments.

Initially, Congress leadership also tried to mock the Ram Mandir foundation laying ceremony, however, good sense prevailed later and Rahul and Priyanka tweeted in support of Ram Mandir, or we would say, their think tank advice them to do so, as any opposition of Ram Mandir at this juncture may finish their any prospects in Uttar Pradesh, that’s why they had to do this course correction and radicals like Arfa Khanam are shell shocked with this ever-changing stance of Congress.

Well Ms. Sherwani, that’s between you and your Master, we cant help here, all we can say that please don’t ridicule them too much, they may stop your funding, and then it will be very difficult for you to survive.

Demolition of the Babri Masjid, ‘Nation’s shame’ becomes ‘Nation’s pride’

Ms. Sherwani further expresses her soreness that there is a narrative which turned the Babri demolition from ‘nation’s shame’ to ‘nation’s pride’ and there is no political force, which could change or counter this narrative.

Well Ms. Sherwani, the Babri Mosque was a symbol of tyranny of radical Islamist Mir Baqi, who usurped the land of Ram Lala, demolished the Ram Mandir and constructed a Mosque over it.

You are a muslim, so we think you are well aware of the Hadith, which establish the fact that “usurpation” of other’s property in Islam was ‘haram’ (prohibited).

 The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever wrongly takes a span of land, Allah will make him carry seven earths around his neck.

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1610

Per Islam, the construction of Mosque over a usurped land of Hindus was Haram, and it was an Un-Islamic act, then how it can someone like you boast or support such act?

Babri Mosque was a ‘National Shame’ since the very first day, and its demolition was indeed a matter of ‘National Pride’ as we removed something immoral, illegal and Un-Islamic too.

Anti-CAA protests and Anti-Muslim sentiments

Arfa concluded her article with her agony about the Citizen Amendment Bill and Government’s action against the Muslim rioters who burnt the Delhi during US President’s official visit to India.

Well, lets put the record straight here, CAB is not for Indian Muslims, and in no way it affect or snatches the citizenship of Indian Muslims, so any concern over this law is just a lie and over reaction.

Now the second part, Government took action against several rioters, most of them coincidentally are Muslims. There is a famous saying “If you play with fire, you will get burned”. It was people like you and your fraternity, who fueled the anger inside a common Muslim, by propagating a lie that Government is going to take away their citizenship.

It was you, who was provoking people from Shaheen Bagh. It was you who was supporting the anti-national and anti-Hindu rants from every possible platform. It was you Ms. Arfa who was supporting the rioter like Tahir Hussain who was instrumental in killing many people, just because he is a Muslim.

You say that India’s future is at stake, we differ here. It’s the future of Radical Islamist like you which is at stake. It is the politics of pseudo secularism and Muslims appeasement which is at stake. It is the cringe worthy brand of journalism like yours which is at stake. India has a glorious history of several thousands of years, and we are looking towards the glorious future in an apt leadership of our PM Modi, hence please do not worry about India’s future, we are in safe hands and we are progressing well in the right direction.

We just hope, that your Allah gives you some wisdom, so that you can see the truth and come out of this oblivion Ms. Sherwani. Though we are very much aware that know your consciousness wont allow you to think constructively.


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