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Rahul Gandhi’s Truck Yatra : Is this another ploy to disturb Indian Logistics & Infrastructure?


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Congress has got a much needed boost past commanding win in Karnataka elections. Now it has decided to go full offensive against the central government, since it’s been less than an year for the next general elections of 2024. Congress doesn’t want to miss this chances, and it can be seen from their new found aggressiveness.

However, the acts of Congress and its leadership shows a different picture altogether. Once again they has started some evil acts to disturb the country, instead of fighting on the merit and political issues. Congress is known for creating national turbulences every now and then, since the Modi became PM of India. They kicked off “Intolerance Drama”, then create wedge between different religions and castes, they tried to invite foreign powers to meddle into India’s internal affairs, they try to demean Indian democracy and culture on foreign soil.

Rahul Gandhi did the so called “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, which was an excuse to bond the anti-national elements across the India, with 24*7 propaganda onslaught against the Modi Government. Now Congress he hell bent on disturbing the Logistics and Infrastructure of India before the next year’s general elections.

Few days back we have seen another drama unfolding in the name of Rahul Gandhi’s “Truck Yatra”. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited truck drivers during night to “know about their problems” and to listen to their “Mann ki Baat”. In visuals tweeted by the party, Gandhi is seen sitting inside a truck, travelling with one of the drivers and speaking to truck drivers. Rahul Gandhi travelled to Chandigarh from Delhi with the drivers to understand the issues faced by them, the party said.

On the outskirts of Delhi, a group of truck drivers resting at Murthal were caught by surprise as Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday night, not only spoke with them to understand their difficulties but also hitched a ride to Chandigarh.

Speaking with the long-distance truck drivers, Rahul inquired about why they came into this profession. Most of them answered, “Because there was no other work to be found”.

Tweeting the video, the Congress party wrote, “Jannayak @RahulGandhi ji reached among the truck drivers to know their problems. Rahul ji traveled with him from Delhi to Chandigarh. According to media reports, there are about 90 lakh truck drivers on the Indian roads. They have their own problems. Rahul ji did the work of listening to his ‘Mann Ki Baat’.”

Earlier this month, while campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly Elections, Gandhi interacted with college students and women at a Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus stop. He also spoke to the women passengers inside one of the BMTC buses.

During his time in Karnataka, Gandhi held a chat with the gig workers and delivery partners in Bengaluru. Gandhi heard the plight of gig workers and had masala dosas and coffee along with them at a restaurant. Gandhi was also seen hopping on a two-wheeler as a pillion rider to reach his hotel in the city.

In late April, Gandhi interacted with civil services aspirants in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar. A video shared by multiple news agencies showed the former Lok Sabha member holding a discussion with a bunch of aspirants for the top government jobs.

Did this ring the bell?

Rahul Gandhi is meeting the Truck drivers, Truck union members, and even travelling in BMTC buses. Now you may think what is the issue in meeting Truck drivers, union members or travelling in buses?

Well, there is no issue per say, anyone is allowed to do that, but when we talk about Congress and its leadership, then we must remain highly cautious, due to their history of hatching controversies, dividing people, and then use them for political mileage. Congress is planning to orchestrate the same stuff again, but this time it will cripple the country, and may create massive unrest among the people.

Congress is trying to create an image of Rahul Gandhi, as if he is very much concerned about the welfare of Truck drivers, union members, and other people who are associated with the Logistics and Infrastructure.

Now Rahul Gandhi will keep on spending time with these people, then he will raise issues like higher fuel cost in few states (while ignoring the fact that Congress ruled states having the highest fuel cost). He will raise several other issues, such as low salaries, harassments by Police and State government, Taxes, lack of facilities, or even Fast Tag.

They will create an unrest among the millions of people engaged in Logistics industry. They have done the same earlier, with eminent personalities using Intolerance drams, with Muslims using the anti-CAA and NRC protests, with Farmers using anti-Farmer bill protest, with females using rape cases like Hathras, with North-South people using language issues or even Amul-Nandini milk.

Congress and Rahul Gandhi will provoke these people, which may result in nation wide union strike, which will cripple the end-to-end transport and logistics system, right from the farm products to the exports. It will shoot up the prices of commodities, which will have cascading impact on various aspects such a import, export, and inflation. All these aspects will certainly impact the life of a common man, and then they will provoke the people against the current government.

They will create an unrest by provoking these people, all in the name of getting some votes and form the government in the center in 2024. Now, its up to the citizens of India to decide, if they allow the Congress and Rahul Gandhi to orchestrate this massive conspiracy or not.


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