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Anti-National & Hindu hater Rahul Gandhi initiates his US tour with INSULT of India, PM Modi, and Hinduism


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Congress and Gandhi Family is hell bent on portraying the wrong image of India everywhere. They never spare any opportunity to demean India, its culture, and even Hinduism by any means. The Disqualified MP Rahul Gandhi has reached the USA, and as expected, he has started vomiting poison against our Nation, our Dharma, and our PM.

Rahul spoke at length about his Bharat Jodo Yatra and the alleged attacks on the idea of a diverse India and the constitutional values on the watch of the Modi-led BJP dispensation.

Rahul insults India

“The assault that is taking place in India…it is taking place on our way of life… Different languages, different religions and that is what is being attacked. So the tradition in India and again something that leaders like Guru Nanakji, Basavannaji, Gandhiji emphasized was not to be under the impression that you know everything… that the world is too big, too complicated for any one person to think that he understands everything and he knows everything,” the Congress leader said.

On a question about Muslims feeling insecure in India, Rahul said, “It is felt most strongly by the Muslim community because it is done most directly to them but in fact it is being done to all minorities. I can guarantee you that the same way you are feeling attacked…I can guarantee you my Sikh brothers are feeling the same thing, I can guarantee you my Christian brothers and sisters are feeling the same thing, I can guarantee you the Dalit community is feeling the same thing, tribal community are feeling the same thing.

In fact, anybody who is poor in India today, when he looks at the extreme wealth that a limited number of people have in some way feels the same thing that you feel. That…what is going on? How is it that these five people have lakhs of crores and I have nothing to eat. So you feel it most because it is directed at you most aggressively but it is a phenomena that is taking place against everybody in India. You cannot cut hatred with hatred. It’s impossible. You can only cut hatred with love and affection.”

Rahul insults PM Modi

Addressing a gathering of the Indian diaspora in Santa Clara, California, Rahul, who is on a six-day, three-city tour of the US, said the RSS and the BJP are controlling all the instruments of politics in India. Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said, “I think if you sat Modi ji down next to god, Modi ji would start explaining to god how the universe works. And god would get confused that what have I created.”

Rahul took a swipe at PM Modi, saying the latter was among those who think they know everything and can even tell God “what is going on.” “Our Prime Minister is one such specimen,” he said.

He further added that, we have a group of people who think they understand everything. They can speak to scientists and explain science to them. They can speak to historians and explain history to them. They can explain warfare to the Army, flying to the Air Force…whatever they want they can,” Rahul told the event.

Rahul then told the Indian diaspora: “If you believed in anger, hatred, arrogance, you would be sitting in a BJP meeting and I would be doing Mann ki baat.” He also said, “If you read our Constitution, the definition of India in the Constitution is a Union of States and within our Constitution is the idea that the languages, cultures, histories of each one of our states has to be protected under the Union… The BJP and the RSS are attacking that idea…and also the Constitution of India. That is the fact.”

Rahul insults Hinduism

Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP government can’t discuss the real issues of the country like unemployment, price rise, the spread of hatred and that’s why they have to do the ‘sceptre thing’, the ‘lying down’. “Aren’t you happy that I am not lying down?” Rahul Gandhi said referring to the Sengol row.

By making this mindless statement, Rahul Gandhi mocked the Hinduism and Tamil culture on foreign soil. He actually targettet the Dandavat Pranam performed by the PM Modi. He even mocked it by calling it as ‘lying down’, as if it is some obnoxioud gesture. Rahul Gandhi perhaps cares little for Indian way of showing respect.

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonwalla called Rahul Gandhi an entitled dynast who mocked Tamil culture on foreign soil.

“No less than the DMK govt document spoke of Sengol history and relevance but those who love symbols of Gulaami cannot digest this.. in their hatred for BJP they attack Bharatiya symbols, way of life itself !! Does the DMK agree with Rahul on the Sengol installation being called a drama?” Shehzad wrote taking a potshot at Congress’s Tamil Nadu ally DMK.

On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai said one has to be in the country to discuss real issues. “You got Jallikattu banned, and now you mock the rituals for the Sceptre done by Saiva Adheenams from TN. What your party cast away as a walking stick is today reinstated to its rightful place, Thiru @RahulGandhi,” Annamalai wrote.

Former Congress leader and now BJP spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said Rahul Gandhi has got addicted to defaming India on foreign soil like the sharks are addicted to blood. “After losing 50 elections out 55 since 2014, Rahul Gandhi talks about BJP mediocrity. After crowning Jagdish Tytler, Rahul Gandhi says ‘Sikhs are being attacked’…Rahul Gandhi’s habit of speaking without homework is injurious for Nation’s image,” Shergill tweeted.

Rahul Gandhi is a repeat offender as he insults India every time he goes abroad. He always aims to insult PM Modi but ends up hurting India. He does not even consider India as a country but as a union of states. We failed to understand that what does Rahul Gandhi want to achieve by doing all this?

See the difference. When PM Modi visits abroad, he meets the PMs and the Presidents of other countries. Australian PM called PM Modi ‘Boss’; probably Rahul Gandhi could not digest this.


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