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Rahul Gandhi has proved he can never be India’s Prime Minister


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The ever-youthful Rahul Gandhi has finally turned 50 and decided not to celebrate his birthday in view of Covid-19. His supporters can’t fawn over his consideration enough.

While Bollywood, Lutyens media, intellectual coterie sell all these shenanigans as qualifiers of a future Prime Minister, we present to you why Rahul Gandhi can never be the PM.

Partying soon after Mumbai attacks

He just doesn’t come of age

India may forgive his lack of knowledge about Indian history and polity, but how can India overlook his insensitivity? As the General Secretary of the ruling party, he had greater commitments towards the nation in a moment of crisis. When Mumbai was trembling, as an emerging politician, a predetermined Prime Ministerial candidate, he chose to party. That, he had no cares for India’s troubles and worries were made apparent by the man himself.

The Hug and Wink Theatrics

His ardent supporters may want to forget that one mistake made at a tender age. His friends in the media pan out emphatic articles every year to assert how the Gandhi-in-line has finally come of age. But, back in 2018, he had himself rubbished all those articles. Amidst the heated ongoing debates, the lad jumped to the seating PM’s, and thew in a bear hug. He then returned to his seat, only to wink at a fellow Congress member. The visuals were in front of the world to see and laugh at the dramatics performed in the Indian Parliament.

Repeated Denunciation of Indian Institutions

It’s the superiority-complex linked with the burrowed surname that engenders Gandhi to disparage the institutions of the country. He had once declared, “All the public systems – administration, justice, education and political are designed to keep people with knowledge out. Such a system promotes mediocrity.” Occupying a key position in the opposition, aiming to be the PM, he tried inciting Indians against Indian institutions.

He proved his disregard for institutions supporting India’s republic framework again, by lying in the name of the Supreme Court. Ahead of the 2019 General Elections, the Congress President launched a smear campaign against the sitting PM. Pegging on the Rafale deal, Gandhi coined the slogan “Chowkidar chor hai” and attributed it to the Apex Court. When pulled up for the remark, he was made to tender an apology to the court in May 2019.

Hailing from a position of privileges, the Prime Minister hopeful couldn’t assess that, by chanting a deplorable, “Chowkidar Chor Hai”, he was not just slandering Narendra Modi. He was offending the millions of honest security guards staying up all night to protect Indian homes. They were also the citizens he needed to woo to wabble to the coveted chair he had been eyeing.

Questioning the Surgical Strikes

The Congress, even after ruling the country for decades post-independence, fails to keep India before power. The Indian army doesn’t belong to any political party. Our brave hearts have given the supreme sacrifice, not for the BJP, but for India. When the Congress, led by the Gandhi scion relentlessly questions the veracity of the surgical strikes, they prove that their leader has not outgrown the days of partying right after the Mumbai terror attacks or rise above petty politics, in the hour of need.

“You are hiding behind the blood of the soldiers … aap khoon ki dalali kar rahe ho …”

After making utterly disgraceful comments about the martyrdom of our soldiers, he questioned the retaliatory attacks as well. The then Congress president opined that politicizing the Pulwama attack will give him a political mileage. He also hoped that questioning the strikes will land him in the PM’s chair. However, through their votes, people taught him that they will not tolerate cheap polity surrounding the Army.

China connection

Back in 2017, when the Indian army was stuck in the Doklam standoff with the Chinese Army, news broke about Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with the Chinese troop. He held no position in the directorate. As a leader of the opposition, he had no incumbency to meet with the Chinese diplomats. Though Congress spokesperson Rajdeep Surjewala tried to rubbish the news as rumors, images of Rahul Gandhi’s clandestine meeting with the Chinese ambassador surfaced on the interwebs. When the truth was out, Congress downplayed it as a casual check-in. Indians are still clueless about why did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese ambassador, and why had Congress declined it initially.

The country is struck by a crisis again. India is mourning 20 martyrs who sacrificed their lives but not before finishing over 40 enemies. Yet, Rahul Gandhi, unaware of the 1996-agreement between India and China, that restricts both sides from using firearms at LAC, sent out this video.

Responding to Gandhi’s video, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated “all troops on border duty always carry arms, especially when leaving post. Those at Galwan on 15 June did so.”

However, refusing to learn from his past goof-ups, Rahul Gandhi continues to be just as insensitive in 2020, as he was in 2008.


  1. You have given only a few reasons. In fact, there are a hundred reasons why he should not be anywhere near the government, not even in the parliament.

  2. Beg to respectfully submit that, with my inside information, and having watched my countrymen’s inexplicably deep-rooted slave mentality, and at my age (76), I cannot really afford to be that optimistic. If this country had character and courage of conviction, then this Royal Family would have been rotting in jail after the publication of the Shah and Maruti Commissions’ reports (in which I had a role too, though conveniently forgotten and obliterated), or, later, when Narasimha Rao had all the evidence of the nefarious and anti-India activities of the foreign element and her extended family. I am still not able to speak of the knowledge I gathered as one dealing with the Family’s income tax affairs (during the embarassingly failed Janata Rule, 1977-1980), for various reasons, but I would not be surprised to see a parasite being “made” the PM by the entire lot of anti-national and anti-Hindu native lobby like the NRI and domestic intellectuals, the entire Left/ultra-Left, the sleeper cells in the higher bureaucracy and other arms of the state still with total allegiance and reporting to the foreigner (who has full backing of the Roman Catholic Church) and her family, supported by their paymasters (Pakistan, China, Soros’ Trusts, Hillary Clinton’s non-profits, et al), so as to ensure that this country again becomes a part of either Pan-Islamic world or the Kingdom of Christ!
    Political history of the world, especially that part dominated by the Semitic cultures, is rather deadly. And, it is relevant to note (and as I understand it), the Communists have total faith only in the Islam (and partly in the Church) solely for the reason of their hatred against the Pagan people (read:the Hindus). The Communists can go to any extent to install a brainless person through whom they can manipulate the people of this country.
    I may not be wrong, but, I for sure would not live that long to see India and Hindus totally obliterated from the earth.
    Congratulations for the excellent and courageous article though.


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