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Radical Islamist Outfit PFI launches ‘Mission 2047’ to make India an Islamic Caliphate, Do you know what is it?


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The Gajwa-e-Hind has been a long cherished dream of every radical Islamist in the Indian sub-continent. It is also true that every fundamentalist Muslim organization is trying to achieve it. In India, we have an undeclared terror outfit, that is known as the PFI (Popular Front Of India), which is trying its best to fulfill the dream of Islamic rule in India.

The Bihar Police have busted one such attempt by conducting a raid at Phulwari Sharif in Patna. Police have arrested two suspects from an office being run in Naya Tola. Police have recovered many anti-national and objectionable items from there. At the same time, the police have also learned about the ‘Mission 2047’ of the People’s Front of India (PFI).

According to Manish Kumar, ASP Phulwari Sharif, after the raid, based on confidential information, several documents, pamphlets, flags, and booklets have been recovered, which are linked to Mission 2047, the conspiracy has the same purpose, to make India an Islamic caliphate by 2047.

The police have arrested two terrorists, identified as Mohammed Jalaluddin and Athar Parvez. Jalaluddin has been a constable in Jharkhand Police and retired a short while ago. At the same time, Athar Parvez has been an active member of the banned terrorist organization SIMI. His brother has been jailed in a bomb blast case, while Athar himself is also on bail in a case.

A Full-fledged terror camp was running in Phulwari Sharif

According to the police, the men were running a terror camp in Phulwari Sharif. They had only one objective, to incite communal riots in India in any way. Their aim was to target the infidels in the name of jihad and Islamic fundamentalism. Now the NIA has also joined hands to investigate the subject.

A lot of objectionable material has been found in the police action, which talks about the Islamic conspiracy against India. Police have also seized PFI flags, PFI posters, and incendiary literature from the spot. In addition, a seven-page document has been found, which contained a letter about PFI’s Mission 2047.

What is Mission 2047?

The document calls for bringing back Islamic rule in India. It is written that once upon a time India was ruled by Muslims, even today, after Indonesia, the maximum number of Muslims live in India. But even after having such a Muslim population, the condition of Muslims in India is not good. Today, Muslims constitute more than 75 percent of the country’s population in nine districts of the country, and if continuous efforts are made, Islamic rule can be brought into India by 2047. That’s why it’s called Mission 2047.

Four Stages of Mission 2047

A phased plan has been prepared to complete this mission. In the first phase, Muslims of India will be provoked, they will be told that they are insecure in this country, and injustice is being done to them. At this stage, the message will be given to the Muslims that they are Muslims before they become Indians, and their goal is to protect Islam. In this phase, they will be trained to wield swords and other weapons.

In the second phase, Muslims have been asked to show strength through limited violence. According to them, such violence will threaten the believers of other religions. When one section of Muslims indulges in such violence, the other section will speak of the Indian Constitution, democracy, and Ambedkar’s ideas, so that their true intentions do not come before anyone. The job of this section will be to protect and support the violent class.

In the third phase, tribals, Dalits, and other backward castes will be confused and clubbed together. There will be an attempt to provoke them and get away from Hinduism. The aim was to build a strong alliance by bringing at least 10 percent of Dalits and Adivasis along with Muslims so that it could be misused to bring about political and social change.

In the fourth phase, the PFI militants will become representatives of Muslims and Dalits and will try to take control of power at the national level. After this, the PFI will appoint its own people to the judiciary, government, administration, police, and even in the army. When the PFI will have enough power, it will implement the new Constitution of India on the basis of Islamic principles. After that, India will be made an Islamic nation.

It is the right time to Ban PFI

The Indian Mujahideen was formed after the terror outfit SIMI was banned. The arrest of terrorist Yasin Bhatkal in 2013 had broken the back of the Indian Mujahideen. After the fall of The Indian Mujahideen, work is being done to strengthen the PFI and its affiliate Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in various states of the country. The PFI was formed by merging two institutions from Kerala and one from Karnataka. The name of the PFI has cropped up in several communal violence in the last few years.

Last month, the ED banned 22 bank accounts related to PFI. According to the ED, the PFI receives huge amounts of money from abroad. They use this money to destabilize India, this terrorist organization should be stopped with immediate effect and strict action should be taken against its members in accordance with the Prevention of Terrorism Act.



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