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Puri – A masjid puts a board to prohibit Dhols and Baja; Hindus forced Administration to remove it immediately

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Puri is considered one of the most significant cities for Hindus. It is among the four holy shrines (Chaar Dhams), which is a pious pilgrim every Hindu must pay a visit in his/her lifetime. It is the site of the Govardhana Matha, which was established by Adi Shankaracharya, when he visited Puri in 810 AD, and since then it has become an important Dham for the Hindus.

How do you feel if someone bans Hindus to perform Pooja and perform other religious activities in the holiest city of Puri? Obviously, you will feel agitated and may think of protesting against any such attempt.

In a recent such case, a masjid has put a signboard which said “Masjid area, Dhols and Baja are prohibited“. This board was a clear indication that Maulanas of these areas wanted to put restrictions on Hindu’s religious procession, that too forcefully.

However, the good news is that local Hindus took this matter into their hands, raised this with the local administration and on social media, and finally they were successfully forced the Puri administration to remove this absurd board from the masjid.

It is heartening to see how Hindus are learning to stand up. At the same time, we must see and understand the audacity and shamelessness of Muslim leadership, who are trying their best to create communal animosity between different groups. They wake up everyone by screaming that there is no God but theirs, but they have issues with Dhol, Baja, bells, and even aarti.

It seems our country and administration have given way too much-unwarranted freedom to a section of society, that never shies away to showing its dominance with a way or the other.

Hindu must start raising their voice on every such attempt by this community, and they must approach the Hindu supporters of all political parties and compel them to raise their voice against such appeasement.

We must appreciate the puri administration for taking immediate action, and we expect that government will stand by them, and no such activities will be tolerated in the future.

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