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Punjab’s Congress Govt’s deliberate attempt to protect Don Mukhtar Ansari; Now framed him in ‘fake’ murder case


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Don Mukhtar Ansari has become a bone of content between the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh Government, and due to some obvious reasons, Punjab’s Congress government is trying their best to keep him in Punjab at any cost.

In a fresh such attempt to keep gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari in Punjab, the Ropar police have named him in a six-year-old case of a laborer’s murder.

The Punjab police are claiming that Ansari was named in the case long ago on the statement of the complainant on June 27, 2019. However, the complainant Vidya Rani said that she didn’t know anything about Mukhtar Ansari.

Vidya Rani, who is the sister of the person who was murdered, said her brother was a labourer and had no enmity with anyone. “What could be his relationship with a big gangster or politicians?” she asked.

Don Mukhtar Ansari, facing several criminal cases in Uttar Pradesh, is in a Ropar jail after he was arrested and brought from Uttar Pradesh by the Punjab Police in a case of extortion and intimidation registered in January 2019 at the Mataur police station in Mohali on the complaint of a businessman. The Uttar Pradesh Police teams seeking custody of Ansari on production warrants have been returned multiple times by the Ropar jail authorities on medical grounds.

Now it seems Punjab Police is trying to frame Ansari in fake murder case, to ensure his custody remains with Punjab Police and he is not handed over to Uttar Pradesh Police.

Vidya Devi, the sister of the person who was allegedly killed by Ansrai refuted all these claims. She said that her brother was a tempo driver at Rampur near Moradabad. He came to Morinda a few years ago after the death of his wife. He was staying in an accommodation provided by his employer.

She further said that “neither I know about Mukhtar Ansari nor I recorded any such statement with the police.” No cops contacted her after death of her brother and it was only a month ago when she was called at the Morinda police station thrice to discuss the progress in the case, she claimed, adding that the cops, instead of telling her anything, were only interested to know whether she had any clue about the accused.

Later, a policeman visited her home and got her signatures on some papers on the pretext of investigation in the case, she claimed.

The Ropar SSP, however, claimed her statement regarding the involvement of Ansari was a matter of record and there were chances that she was influenced by someone in the case.

However, Punjab Police is deliberately trying to fix Ansari in this fake murder case, to please their Congressi Masters, and to keep Ansari in Punjab at any cost.


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