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Pseudo secular TMC and Sleeping West Bengal.


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Aazan was played in a Durga Pooja pandal
in the Area of TMC MLA Paresh Pal (used to be a goon,still behaves like one).

Shakib Al Hasan , A Muslim Bangladeshi Cricketer also plays for IPL team to inaugurate Kali Pooja in the area of Paresh Pal .

But Shakib Al Hasan a Muslim Bangladeshi says that it was wrong to visit a Kali Puja Pandal and he being a Muslim believes that going to any such place is wrong. He will not visit any such place here after . The Great Paresh Pal is silent on this insult of Kali Puja and can’t even dare to speak against this Bangladeshi Jihadi .

The Bhodroloks and Oti buddhijibi Bangalis including those who were kicked out of Bangladesh for just being Hindus are still in a state of illusion that Secularism is good . It may be good if truly followed but given the situation where Bengali speaking Hindus are slaughtered on a daily basis in Bangladesh and in West Bengal the Ruling TMC is using the mask of secularism to appease and consolidate Muslim Voters and Bangladeshi Rogingyas it’s becomes very dangerous for the Bengali Hindus. One thing these Secular Bengali Hindus should not forget that they were raped, killed,looted and what not, once they turned in to minority what used to be our own country Bharat.

The TMC puppet Bangla Pokkho (whose entire movement is to promote that all Indians who immigrated to West Bengal other than the native Bengalis are bahiragotos and they should be thrown out of West Bengal), too is silent on the insult of Kali Puja and the faith of Bengali Hindus and Hindus from all over the world. They say anyone who speaks Bangla is a Bengali whether it’s from East Bengal (present Bangladesh) or West Bengal but I want to ask them a question please tell us how one can be Bengali if they don’t respect Maa Kali , don’t wear Dhuti Panjabi , prefers Biryani over Khichuri (native Bengali food) , speaks Ammi over Maa , speaks abba over Baba and etc etc

Bengalis must unite to save their culture save their native foods and their own festivals . They have already lost the battles in East Bengal (Bangladesh) let’s not loose any more . The sword is already hanging on the throat in many districts let’s change the situation before it gets too late . People like Paresh Pal and party like TMC will do anything to remain in power it’s up to the native Bengalis to decide whether they want to keep TMC in power or their own language and culture in power .

Jai Maa Kali🌺


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