Project ‘Dignity’ launched by RCC DIVA Foundation to provide quality care to the elderly

Under the Project, the NGO aims to provide all round quality care to the elderly population and provide healing touch to the older persons by protecting them against stignma, discrimination, violence, abuse and neglect.

RCC DIVA Foundation the charity arm of RCC DIVA launched Project ‘Dignity’ with the aim to provide all round quality care to elderly people in Chennai. The institution managed and operated by lady members recently visited ‘ANBAGAM REHABILITATION CENTRE and SENIOR CITIZEN’s HOME’ at Otteri centre to address the needs of mentally ill and intellectually disabled.

Members of RCC DIVA Foundation arranged healthcare services to the inmates. In addition to take care of recreation,wellness, basic needs the foundation donated Breakfast, Mask, Sweater, Blankets, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mosquito Machines, Mosquito Repellents, Badminton sets and Sewing Machine.

President of RCC DIVA Mrs.Pinky AKash, Project Director of RCC DIVA Foundation Mrs.Rachana Vijay Challani, Secretary Mrs.Vandana Galada, committee members Anamika Umesh Agarwal, Ekta Surana, Komal Goel, Pinky Sipani, Savitha Bothra, Sheetal Chandan, Suruchi Kankaria, Kala Jain were present.

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