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Pathan Controversy – Shah Rukh Khan, a habitual Hindu Hater who uses ‘Soft Power’ to propagate Anti-Hindu propaganda


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Bollywood Star Shahrukh Khan has a fair share of controversy all his life. Recently, the first song from his highly-anticipated movie Pathan was released by Yash Raj Films and as expected it has taken the internet by storm, but not necessarily for the right reasons. The much hyped ‘Besharam Rang’ song has caused a huge controversy with Deepika Padukone in the eye of the storm.

The song has been criticized for its vulgar choreography and Deepika’s clothes, specifically a saffron-coloured bikini. Apparently, the choice of using a saffron-coloured bikini is hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus to be very specific. The title of the song, which can roughly be translated to ‘shameless color’, has also become a sore point as it appears to denigrate the saffron color, which is the color of Hindu pride.

As expected a massive controversy has been erupted and calls have been made to get the song banned from the movie Pathan. An advocate has even filed a written complaint with the Information & Broadcasting Ministry for the same. There have also been some highly shocking calls for violence against theatres that screen the movie.

Adamant Shah Rukh Khan says ‘Duniya Chahe Kuch Bhi Kar Le…’.

Shah Rukh Khan made an appearance at the Kolkata International Film Festival 2022 (KIFF). He addressed the ‘narrowness of view’ on social media and even challenged those with negative mindset.

While concluding his speech, the actor switched to Hindi and said, “The world has become normal. We are all happy, I am the happiest. And I have no objection in stating that duniya kuch bhi kar le, main aur aap log aur jitney bhi positive log hain sab ke sab, zinda hain (me, you all and all the positive people are alive).” His final ‘zinda hain’, delivered in the style of his character from Pathaan, drew cheers from the large crowd gathered there.

Shah Rukh Khan, a habitual Hindu Hater in the garb of Bollywood King

Shah Rukh Khan, who is also known as King Khan, has emerged as the biggest Bollywood star in recent decades. He enjoys massive fan following across the world. His gestures and acting create waves make his fans going gaga over him and influence them to follow him.

However, there is a famous saying that “With power comes the great responsibility”. Shah Rukh enjoys an enormous power but he is abusing his power and hurt the sentiments of millions of his supporters with his anti-Hindu stance for quite some time. Few years back, he did ramped up the anti-Hindu rhetoric with his statement that there is “extreme intolerance” in India.

Later he claimed that he was being “misunderstood” and that he did not believe India is intolerant. But you can watch his interview here, from 1.26 to 1.33 seconds. He is not apologizing but in fact being sarcastic: “Everything is all right in our country. God bless India. Long live us. Long live us Indians. There is no problem at all.”

Shah Rukh’s movies have shown Hinduism in a bad light. For instance, he mocks idol worship, sometimes he plays a role of Muslim gangsters who are known for killing Hindus, sometimes he changes the name of Hindu characters and make them Muslims to suit the bigger propaganda.

Shah Rukh denigrated the image of King Ashoka

King Ashoka is among the most revered Hindu emperor. Shah Rukh acted as a puny guy and he was an utter miscast for such a role. King Ashoka was in an era of alpha males, when people used to carry heavy weapons, armor and even helmets, but Shah Rukh gelled his hair and showcase his typical masala mannerisms to make the King Ashoka a butt of jokes. People watched the film to see the legend of King Ashoka, but they got a boring and nonsensical portrayal of a period drama, which ultimately failed at the box office.

Changed the name of Hockey Coach to garner sympathy?

‘Chak De’ is among the most successful movie of Shah Rukh’s career. However, he did a trick in this movie as well, he played the role of Indian player Mir Ranjan Negi, nut changed the name to Kabir Khan. Mir Ranjan Negi, for whom life had become a nightmare. The 7-1 defeat at the hands of Pakistan in the 1982 Asian Games final had brought unprecedented humiliation for India in a sporting arena. The nation went into a mourning and Negi into hiding.

Negi returned to the hockey field, most grudgingly, 16 years later as a female Hockey coach. India won the 1998 Asian Games gold at Bangkok, but in the movie the story was twisted to showcase the plight of a Muslim player, which was not there at the first place. Was that done to show that Muslims are mistreated in India and to create a sympathy wave for Muslims?

Glorification of Muslim Gangster in Raees

Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Raees is a gangster in Gujarat who starts his criminal empire by dealing in illicit liquor. The character was based on real-life gangster Abdul Latif who was a terror throughout Gujarat. He was responsible for killing hundreds of Hindus and created an environment of fear.

However, Shah Rukh played this role to glorify the crimes of Abdul Lateef. It was portrayed as if his character was a victim of injustice and by committing crimes and killing Hindus he is getting some justice. Even his character’s encounter was filmed to create a sympathy for that dreaded criminal.

Shah Rukh connection with Zakir Naik

SRK has great reverence for fanatic Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik who has been a wanted terror sympathizer in India and also banned from entering U.K. for glorifying terrorism.  

Shah Rukh was seen alongside Zakir Naik, actress Soha Ali Khan, filmmakers Karan Johar and Kabir Khan, Maulana Madani of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind along with others in the clip. The show was hosted by Barkha Dutt and the talk was on ‘Muslim Identity’.

Zakir Naik is wanted by India for allegedly inciting young Muslims with his hate speeches. He is being probed for terror and money laundering charges by the NIA. Zakir Naik is living in Malaysia after fleeing from India in 2016. He has been given permanent resident status by the Malaysian government.

Shah Rukh’s love for Pakistani Team amid Terror Attacks

Shah Rukh expressed his displeasure in 2010 after the IPL decided not to accept Pakistani cricket players. He said that, ‘‘Pakistan is a great neighbor to have. We are great neighbors, they are good neighbors. Let us love each other. Let me be honest. My family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family is from there.’’

We failed to understand that how Pakistan a great neighbor for India? One doesn’t have to reel off statistics to prove Pakistan is by no means a good neighbor to have. Virtually every terrorist attack on the planet can be traced back to Pakistan. Well, just two years earlier, 10 Pakistani terrorists had raided the city of Mumbai, killing 154 and injuring hundreds of Indians and foreign tourists. Still he believes that Pakistan a good neighbor?

Shah Rukh’s relation with ISI chief

Few years back the Times of India reported that the then ISI chief Lt. Gen. Zahir-ul-Islam has tenuous links with SRK. A Pakistani defense analyst Ikram Sehgal told PTI that Zahir-ul-Islam’s father who was a brigadier in the Pakistan Army and Shah Nawaz Khan, who happened to be a major general in the INA led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, was his uncle. SRK is said to have feeble relationship with ISI chief through his late mother Lateef Fatima who was the adopted daughter of Shah Nawaz Khan.

Other Bollywood Stars are showcasing Hinduism in better way

On the other hand we have Ajay devgn, who is making movies on historical figures such as Tanhaji, and putting sincere efforts to showcase the bravery and reality of those warriors. We have seen how Kangana Ranaut made Manikarnika and played a memorable role of Rani Lakshmi Bai with grace and conviction.

Ajay Devgn also producing another Hinduism inspired movie Bholaa. He shared the teaser for the same few days back.

We are pretty much sure that Ajay Devgn will do justice with the Hinduism, Hindu idols and culture while filming this movie. Now the question here, what stops the likes of Shah Rukh to showcase Hinduism in right way? Of course his will and religion?


    • But it is a fact that srk has consistently been showing a false narrative of musllim victimhood, be it shaurya, chak de india, main hoon na, pathan, my name is khan. pakistani americans tell me that the racism and anti muslim prejudice depicted in my name is khan is vastly exaggerated. the fact is that usa is actually a very disabled-friendly society. they will not treat an autistic person so badly. kuch bhi! srk is just angry that usa has very strict security procedures at airport. he is taking revenge. it is nasty


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