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About the book:

Truncile published a book about One Family…One Dynasty that crumbled the foundation of Bharat ! A country with a heritage and legacy of the greatest civilization, history and technology was paralyzed by the British and later by the corrupt dynasty Congress.
The oldest party run as a monopoly of one family which eroded every system in every field to suit their agenda of divide and rule. In a nutshell this book by RVS Mani ji exposes dirty family that is hellbent on destroying the very essence of Bharat.
The book discusses the journey of a man who dared to stand up to the dubious ecosystem and how he was targeted using all the machinery of the ruling Congress party. The book exposes how critical Intelligence inputs were manipulated by the party to pitch two ethnic groups against one another, only appeasing the minorities and planting the fake narrative of Saffron terror.

is a saga of the corrupt dynastic politics of one party/family that did everything in its means to divide the nation on Communal lines.

We have taken this bold step by publishing this book. we are looking for support. Please attend the book launch event on Aug 15th where you have the opportunity to interact with RVS Mani ji.

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About the Author:

Ramaswamy Venkata Subra Mani (R.V.S. Mani) shot to prominence by default. Like the narrative in his book, he owes his shot to prominence on account of the maneuvering of facts in the now well know Ishrat Jehan Case. As an officer of the Ministry of Home Ministry Government of India, he had taken a stand to put the facts before the Gujarat High Court on receipt of a notice from the court. This did not suit the political dispensation in power in 2009, although the entire Internal Security establishment stood behind him.
He is Law graduate of Delhi University and has done M.Sc (Human Resource Development) from University of Manchester on a Colombo Plan fellowship. He also holds post graduate level qualification in Law (Alternative Dispute Resolution) from NALSAR, Hyderabad. He is also a Fellow in Arbitration from Singapore Institute of Arbitration.
In his first book Titled “Myth of Hindu Terror” the author had explained and exposed with facts on record in the public domain as to how during a particular period of nearly a decade the party in power had foisted a false narrative of Hindu Terror or Saffron Terror to further their policy of appeasing the their vote bank ethnic group which was then behind all the terror attacks till then. Such encouragement from the state agencies enabled them to play victim card and graduate into causing terror attacks in other parts of the world too.
He was an officer of the Central Secretariat Service He belongs to a family of Delhi settled Tamilians hence is very fluent in English, Tamil and Hindi and different dialects spoken in and around Delhi. He is also one of rare Sanskrit speakers as was his father Late K.R. Ramaswamy who had also retired from the Ministry of Home Affairs from a very senior position and also a well known Vedic scholar, Mr. Mani is also a very versatile individual who is well versed in Vedic texts, Bhagwad Gita, and other ancient texts.


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