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Blatant Display of Ganga-Jamuni Tehjeeb – An Instagram Model Hameed Abdul Khan sexually assaulted a 15-yrs old Hindu minor girl

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Ganga-Jamuni tehjeeb has been the biggest oxymoron of our era, as certain people are misusing this term to portray as if they are the biggest harbingers of Hindus, but actually, they are killing, raping, and destroying Hindus in one way or other.

In the latest such instance, an Instagram Model Hameed Abdul Khan sexually assaulted a 15 yrs old Hindu minor girl after stalking, harassed and blackmailing her for several days. This is classic case of well organized crimes against Hindus by so called peaceful minority.

What more shocking is the support from the local masjid to the rapist boy. The local masjid and Muslims are openly supporting the boy, and using their political connections. Even the local Congress worker Mohamed Israli offered 1.5 Lakh rupees to the victim’s family to settle the case.

Local masjid and clerics pushed the local Muslim Men to approach the victim’s family and to pressurize them to take the case back. Muslim leaders also promising that the boy will be sent far away place from Mumbai and won’t ever come near their daughter.

The victim’s family lives in a Muslim majority chawl nearby a Madarssa in suburban Mumbai. As per the FIR copy Hameed lives in the same neighborhood, and he befriended the girl by stalking her for few months.

Fir Copy – Picture credit @MalvaniPattern

When girl told her father about Hameed, the father explained her why she should stay far from unknown older boys and only be friends with classmates of her age. The girl started ignoring him whenever she saw her.

Angry Hameed started harassing her by calling and texting her from unknown numbers. He even blackmailed her to meet or else he will defame her by spreading morphed pictures and rumors.

Well, that’s the truth of the so called Ganga-Jamuni tehjeeb and this is what their modus-operandi is.

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