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PM Modi urges Indians to celebrate Diwali and light ‘Shri Ram Jyoti’ on January 22


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged citizens to light a ‘Shri Ram Jyoti’ in their homes and celebrate Deepavali on January 22, when the idol of Lord Ram will be consecrated at the grand Temple in Ayodhya.

Addressing a mega public gathering in Ayodhya, PM Modi said the whole world is eagerly waiting for January 22.

“This historic moment has very fortunately come into our lives. We have to make a new resolve for the country and fill ourselves with new energy. For this, I urge all the 140 crore countrymen to light Shri Ram Jyoti in their homes on January 22 and celebrate Deepavali,” the Prime Minister said.

Before addressing the public meeting, the PM Modi inaugurated the newly-built Ayodhya Airport, redeveloped Ayodhya Railway Station and flagged off new Amrit Bharat trains and Vande Bharat trains. He also unveiled multiple development projects worth more than Rs 15,700 crore in the state.

The PM noted that the airport has been inaugurated and other development works unveiled on a date that coincides with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose hoisting the flag in Andaman and Nicobar Islands “to announce India’s freedom”.

“The date–December 30–has always been historic for India. It was on this day in 1943 when Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose hoisted the flag (Indian) in Andaman (and Nicobar Islands) to announce India’s freedom,” he said “Today, the foundation stone of development works worth more than Rs 15 thousand crore has been laid and inaugurated here. These infrastructure-related works will once again establish modern Ayodhya with pride on the map of the country. Today’s India is beautifying its pilgrimage sites and is also immersed in the world of digital technology,” he added.

The Prime Minister said the government is working to boost infrastructure in Ayodhya and the city will give direction to development not only in the Awadh region but the entire Uttar Pradesh. “After the construction of a grand temple of Lord Ram here, there will be a huge increase in the number of people coming here. Keeping this in mind, our government is carrying out development work worth thousands of crores of rupees in Ayodhya and is making Ayodhya smart. Today, I have the privilege of inaugurating Ayodhya Dham Airport and Railway Station. I am happy that Ayodhya Airport has been named after Maharishi Valmiki. Maharishi Valmiki introduced us to the works of Lord Ram through the Ramayana,” he said.

“At present, Ayodhya Dham railway station has a capacity to serve 10-15 thousand people. After the complete development of the station, 60 thousand people will be able to commute to Ayodhya Dham railway station every day,” he added. He said India’s heritage shows the right path and today’s India is making progress by combining tradition with modernity.

The Prime Minister said today’s India is beautifying its pilgrimage sites and is also immersed in the world of digital technology. “Whatever be the country in the world if it has to reach new heights of development, it will have to take care of its heritage. Ram Lala was there in a tent, today pucca house has been given to not only Ram Lala but also to the four crore poor of the country….The campaign for making India a developed country is getting new energy from Ayodhya,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed that people should not come to Ayodhya on 22 January for the consecration ceremony of Ram Temple. PM Modi asked people to light Ram Jyoti at their homes and celebrate Diwali to mark the occasion. After inaugurating a slew of projects in Ayodhya, PM Modi said that people can visit the city from 23 January, one day after the event.

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi head priest expresses happiness over PM Modi’s visit to Ayodhya

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi head priest Acharya Satyendra Das said that the people of the state will be happy after seeing PM Modi in the Ayodhya.

“It is good that PM Narendra Modi is coming here and he will inaugurate the railway station and airport today. He will also hold a road show. People will be happy after seeing PM Modi in Ayodhya,” Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, head priest, told ANI on Saturday.


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