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Doesn’t PETA stands for ‘People Eating Tasty Animals’?


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Today we will talk about PETA, which originally an abbreviation for ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’, which allegedly an animal rights organization (Yeah that’s what they say). It is one of the largest and most influential organization in the world, which hires influential celebrities to propagate their agenda.

PETA is known for making highly impactful and extremely moving campaigns carried out on behalf of animals, they act like a whole and sole ‘Savior of Animal’ in the universe. However, we would like to expose PETA’s dark truths, its evil tactics, highly influential anti-religious tantrums and highly biased practices it carries out specially in India and several other so call 3rd World countries.

PETA Kidnaps Pets and then kills them

Yeah you heard it right. PETA is infamous for stealing people’s pets from their homes. In USA, many PETA workers have been arrested for stealing other people’s pets and then killing them. People have sued PETA many times, and PETA has paid Millions of USD to settle the cases against them.

Picture source – https://www.zmescience.com/science/peta-killing-campaign-28032019/

PETA was so much feared by the locals of Norfolk and Surrounding communities that they published a full-page advertisement in the ‘Virginian Pilot’ newspaper which described an incident which occurred in October 2014. PETA staff stole a local family’s chihuahua, whose name was Maya, and then euthanized it.

PETA kills 83% of animals it adopts

This is hell of a shock, specially for those who love animals and raise their voice for the rights of Animals. No one can think even in their wildest dreams that PETA which projects itself as a harbinger of Animal Rights, can kill 83% of the animals it has adopted in last 2 decades. Isn’t this the height of cruelty?

And No, we are not making any allegations out of nowhere, here are the facts to prove it.

Picture Credit – https://petakillsanimals.com/proof-peta-kills/#petakills

This is the Data of ‘The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ department, which makes it mandatory for all animal shelters to report the number of cats and dogs they adopt annually. To our utter shock, it gives a astonishing revelation that PETA kills 83.5% of Animals it has adopted in last 20 years.

PETA Funds Extremist Groups

Honestly speaking, we were not aware of this that PETA gives grants several FBI designated Terror groups. PETA collects Funds from entire World in the name of ‘Animal Rights’ and then it distributes it to those who fight against US government. to arsonist Rodney Coronado and the eco-terrorist group Earth Liberation Front.

PETA foundation has links with FBI-designated terrorist groups, including SHAC and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). They have sponsored the legal expense of many activists of SHAC and ALF.

PETA’s encourages Religious hatred against Hindus in India

PETA is known for fanning religious hatred against Hindu festivals and culture in India. We have seen many instances where PETA has openly hammered the Hindu sentiments in the name of ‘Animal Rights’. We are enlisting few such instances here.

Raksha Bandhan Controversy

India will be celebrating the pious festival of Raksha Bandhan on 3rd August. To every Indian’s shock, PETA India erected billboards in several big cities, where it featured a cow indicating, “Protect Me- Go Leather-Free”.  Netizens were in shock as there was no connection between Cow and Raksha Bandhan festival, people hammered PETA for such a non-sense campaign and questioned the rationale behind hinging cow protection with Raksha Bandhan. People came down heavily on PETA for their insensitive attempt to link our festival with Cow killing.

Picture Credit – PETA India

PETA tried hard to ban Thrissur Pooram festival

PETA India has also evoked a controversy for its legal battle against the use of elephants in the Thrissur Pooram festival. They went ahead and filed a PIL asking that elephants should not be paraded in the festival without permission or oversight from the Animal Welfare Board of India, but were hammered by the Kerala High Court, and court denied accepting their demands. However PETA tried every trick to get this practice banned, they even roped in their Star Celebrity Pamela Anderson to request the Kerala Government to ban this festival, but alas, all in vein.

Picture Credit – ANI

PETA against Janmashtami festival and Cow Ghee

PETA evoked another controversy when they ran another campaign during Janmashtami, the festival Hindus observe to celebrate the birth of Shri Krishna. PETA tweeted and asked people to celebrate Janmashtami by using “Vegan ghee and other non-dairy products to keep cows happy too!” This tweet stormed a massive outrage among Hindu and they criticized it, saying PETA was selectively targeting Hindu festivals only, conveniently ignoring other festivals known for Animal cruelity.

PETA against Jallikattu

We don’t know if People are aware, but it was PETA which started the campaign of banning the Jallikattu festival in Tamilnadu. It is a traditional event organized on the occasion of Pongal. Netizens slammed PETA for their dubious intentions behind this campaign and Thousands of Tamils protested against any ban on Jallikattu. Even South Movie superstar Kamal Haasan and several other Tamil film actors came down heavily on PETA for opposing this festival, which indeed an integral part of Tamil culture.

Picture Credit – PETA India

Double Standards of PETA

On one hand, PETA has the habit of poking its nose in every Hindu ritual in the name of Animal Welfare and right, on the other hand it conveniently keep quite of such acts of its officials and its Ambassadors.

Here is the PETA India chairman Manilal Valliyate, they preach everyone against meat and Animal products, but he himself wearing leather watch and shoes, showing his hypocricy.

Shilpa Shetty received an award of “Hero To Animals” from PETA, and see her hypocrisy and double standards. She has been promoted by PETA, as she has some sort of influence on people, but she loves eating Turkey and posting its pictures with elan.

Picture Credit – Shankhnaad

Here is Anushka Sharma, she has been named PETA Person of the Year-2017 for initiatives in animal welfare. However that is all a propaganda to make people fool, the reality of Anushka Sharma is visible in her own tweets. What kind of Animal Welfare it is, when these celebrities openly eat animals and do the show off.

Picture Credit – Social Media

PETA actually endorse only those Celebrities who are actually love eating animals.

PETA India attacks Netizens on Social Media

PETA is such an organization, which loves to orchestrate smear attacks on netizens via its social media handles. If anyone tries to expose their dual standards and hypocrisy, then PETA ridicule them with its official twitter handle, demean them, spread a smear campaign against then, carry out below the belt attacks with the helps of its Troll Army. There is a recent example when a renowned Author and Speakers Shefali Vaidhya tried to ask PETA few questions about their constant attacks on Hindu Festivals and conveniently ignore Animal cruelty during Bakri-eid.

The moment PETA saw these logical questions, their social media handler gone mad and started attacking in Shefali Vaidhya. Initially they said “Who is Shefali Vaidhya” , but later on they made 28 tweets on her, out of nervousness and anxiety.

PETA staff even call Shefali a snake, what a low for such an international organization, isn’t it?

In the end, all we can say that PETA is an unethical, immoral and Evil organization, which seldom follow whats it preaches. It’s an organization which loots people in the name of Liberal Activism, to support its evil practices. It funds Anti national and Anti Hindu organizations and celebrities to demean the Hinduism and always shows its extremely biased face. Today is Eid-Al-Adha, and thousands of Goats will be sacrificed, but did anyone see any Tweet or campaign by PETA to oppose this evil practice? the answer is BIG ZERO, and that shows how biased PETA is.


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