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‘Persecuted and Helpless’ Hindus of India and Islamic countries find Strong Support from Dutch MP Geert Wilders


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Hindus are one of the most exploited and suffering groups in the world. Hindu society has suffered persecution for hundreds of years in the past, and unfortunately, this oppression has still not subsided. The biggest problem is that the political and religious leadership of Hindus keeps an unbearable and convenient silence on these subjects.

It is rare that there is any discussion at the international level on the atrocities on Hindus, there is a serious discussion about the injustice done to them and getting them justice.

In such a situation, Dutch MP Geert Wilders has strongly raised the issue of the exploitation of Hindus. He has expressed concern over the incidents of violence against Hindus and sought views from the Netherlands government on the racial violence against Hindus in India and neighboring Islamic countries.

Geert Wilders, while addressing his government, has asked, “Are you aware of the horrific violent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh?” What is your opinion on this? Did you know that these attacks are carried out by Muslims? Do you know that houses, places of worship, and shops of Hindus are being demolished, and burnt in Bangladesh?

Geert also told parliament that attacks on minority Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh have increased greatly over the years. He also pointed out that atrocities against Hindus are not even propagated in western countries, that’s why most people are not even aware of them.

He further asked, “Do you agree that it is surprising that violence against Muslims is often widely reported in the media, but at the same time violence against Hindus by Muslims is concealed?

Responding to his question on under-publicized atrocities on Hindus by Muslims, the Dutch government said, “It is not up to the cabinet to decide on the relative frequency with which specific violence attracts media attention.”

As mentioned, the right of every individual to make philosophical or religious choices is an important part of Dutch human rights policy. In that context, the cabinet monitors religious violence around the world without worrying about the background of criminals”.

Geert also highlighted topics like threatening and boycotting BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma by hardcore Islamist elements. “Do you remember the courageous Nupur Sharma, who was provoked by Islamic elements in a television debate by insulting their Lord Shiva, was later threatened on the basis of some facts told by her about Prophet Mohammad?” he asked.

Do you agree with my view that he faced criminal charges and threats for speaking the truth? Are you ready to show your support to Nupur Sharma to the Government of India? He further asked some stern questions.

Responding to his questions, the Government of the Netherlands said that it is aware of the statements made by Ms. Nupur Sharma and strongly rejects the propaganda and death threats made against her. The decision on whether to prosecute them or not depends on the Indian government and the judiciary. We are aware that the Indian establishment has made arrangements not to arrest her temporarily, and has also provided her adequate security.

Geert also raised the issue of Kanhaiyalal’s killing by hardcore Islamic elements in Udaipur, Rajasthan, for supporting Nupur Sharma. He wanted the Dutch government to openly support the Hindus of Bangladesh and India.

He further asked, “Are you ready to openly condemn the violence by Muslims against Hindus? Are you ready to request the governments of both India and Bangladesh for better protection of Hindus in their countries?

The Dutch government pointed out that they are fully aware of this subject, and it strongly opposes this type of horrific violence. They are also aware that these incidents have been condemned unitedly by Indian political parties. Responding to a question on Kanhaiyalal’s murder, the government said, “The culprits were arrested immediately after the murder and are being tried under the Indian Criminal Law, which they are satisfied with.”

“The threats, especially to democratically elected politicians, are unacceptable and have no place in the Dutch democratic legal system,” the government said, strongly condemning the death threats to Geert Wilders. “The Netherlands, directly and through the EUROPEAN Union, pays attention to the rights of all individuals, regardless of religion or identity. Our government pays special attention to protecting the freedom of expression of all and freedom of religion and belief.

Significantly, Geert Wilders has come out openly in support of Hindus from India and Bangladesh as well as Nupur Sharma in the past. He believes that cultural relativism is a misleading concept, people may be similar, but cultures do not resemble. A culture based on humanity and freedom is always better than a culture based on intolerance and dedication.

We appreciate the way Geert Wilders raised these issues and the Dutch government expressed its concern about the Hindus. However, at the same time, we are disappointed and ashamed that nobody does these kinds of debates in our parliament. We are a nation of Hindus but lacked the necessary concern and intent to safeguard the interests of Hindus, and that really hurts.


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