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NEXUS OF BIG TECH / MEDIA / OPPOSITION WITH CHINA : A threat to India’s Democracy & Civilizational Existence


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NEXUS OF BIG TECH / MEDIA / OPPOSITION WITH CHINA : A threat to India’s Democracy & Civilizational Existence

The world’s largest democracy India woke up to the unprecedented violence when supporters of Trump refused to accept the electoral verdict of the November 2020 US Presidential elections and alleged of large scale rigging for the reason of the defeat of their leader Donald Trump. The images shook the entire world in disbelief for the democratic process of orderly and peaceful transfer of power was being disrupted. Conflicting reports have emerged from many quarters about ANTIFA being involved in the siege of the Capitol Hill. And it is alleged that President Donald Trump paid price for placing American citizen interest over the benefits being extracted by the Deep State who were unhappy with decision of current administration to withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan & Iraq, by signing executive order to to lower U.S. drug prices.

And in coordinated action the American Tech Tyrants Facebook & Twitter banned Donald Trump from their social media ecosystem. And later Apple & Google suspended popular social network among Trump supporters Parler & Amazon shut of the web hosting services. The move has been designed to deplatformize Trump from all social media network effectively disconnecting him from his support base. The coordinated action by Tech Oligarchs Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple has exposed the intentions of the tech tyrants to silence Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression. The social media giants have for years been soft on the Leftist Jehadi elements and hard on right wing conservative groups. In 2015 Facebook page belonging to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was pulled down for violating its rules and standard.

We do know that China has compromised every mainstream American media entity CNN, Washington Post, ABC, Bloomberg etc, it is not surprising American tech companies are working in tandem with Chinese to test technologies regulating censorship. And recently Facebook has reportedly employed Chinese nationals in developing programs or bots designed to analyse large data and suppress content and is working on the technique called “Hate Speech Engineering” with view of influencing its users to view specific content they desire. Google is working with China on Project Dragonfly, censored Chinese search engine which is designed to snoop on users to link their phone numbers to the search queries. Amazon has deep business interest in China with its flagship products Amazon Echo and Kindle e-reader are exclusively manufactured in Chinese factories by Chinese laborers who work long hours with low pay and little safety training. Apple is reportedly complying with Chinese digital censorship by blocking access to information from Free World regarding human rights, religious freedoms & removing apps which helps in circumventing the middle kingdom surveillance regime.

With big global tech tyrants working with Chinese regime it is clear that after banning Donald Trump many leftist have demanded the suspension of the account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Articles have propped up in left infested paid media to create discontent against ruling regime and discredit them to cause anarchy and plant Chinese sympathizer in the corridors of power of India. The Indian tricolour spotted during US Capitol attack suggest deep rooted conspiracy to malign country reputation abroad. We do find UK Parliamentarians have discussed the political situation in Kashmir in Westminster Hall to internationalize the issue.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence bots posing as humans can manipulate the thoughts of Indians prior to 2024 LokSabha Elections. The weaponized AI propaganda tools can be used by these Tech Tyrants for building fake narratives, hacking truth. The bots can be used to build psychological profile of users on wide scale, plant distorted information to the targeted users to achieve desired results. Besides with Whatsapp sharing its data with Facebook like phone numbers, transaction data, service-related information, information on how users interact with others (including businesses) when using these various services, mobile device information, IP addresses and more will leave users more prone to manipulation by Facebook considering the track record of the company.

And with the siege of capital by pro Khalistani supporters and middlemen disguised as farmers we can see lot of malicious campaign is being run on the social media with the intention of defaming the Union Government. And the tech companies have numerous users from Pakistan, Turkey who have planted numerous fake news through their online troll army to create false narrative. And with George Soros affirming support of $ One Billion to fight against Hindu Nationalist Government of India the call for suspension of Modi social media account will grow louder in coming days. With Government clamping down on foreign funded NGO efforts will be made to demonize Saffron Icon #TheMonkFromGorakhpur MYogiAditynath prior to UP assembly elections in 2022. And the covert collaboration of Tech Tyrants with China is becoming evidently clear to dethrone and oust the nationalist leader and install Chinese puppet in India. We do know that Opposition Party Indian National Congress facing complete dissemination across India is fighting for its survival and the 2008 accord signed by the party with Chinese Communist Party is well known.

The attack on Apple’s contract manufacturer Wistron India’s plant in Kolar, Karnataka by Communist affiliated trade union signals that Chinese want to deter global business conglomerates, tech-giants from leaving China and setting up alternative / additional supply chain out of the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese have instigated labour troubles in the past when its NGO stirred up the trouble at Sterlite plant in Tamil Nadu, leading to its closure resulting in import bill of $2 Billion for copper. Similar to United States, China has been funding media houses in India and the recent full page Advertorial in national newspaper “The Hindu” praising China, listing its achievements, projecting itself as responsible global power. The leftist leaning publication had earlier published similar advertorial in April.

While the Opposition leaders in India slammed the Indian government on issue of vaccine safety questioning the efficacy of the vaccines, many countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Afghanistan Japan, South Africa, Brazil and Australia have approached India regarding the vaccines. With India emerging responsible global player in the post COVID world the role of Big Tech along with their connections needs to be probed with adequate laws in place to prevent repeat of chaos in New Delhi that has happened in Washington. The Indian electorate continue to repose faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and the leftist Jihadist will use all the cards in the deck to upstage popular Narendra Modi like they did to Popular President Donald Trump in United States. With Republic Day approaching and farmers have threatened to march towards Delhi the law enforcing agencies are gearing up to prevent any untoward incident which could be sensationalized by paid Chinese Media & tech tyrants to dent the popularity of the Central government.The bottom line is clear that China has understood that it has committed Himalayan blunder by attacking Indian troops at Galwan and now using soft power to weaken Indian resolve to fight Chinese expansionism and aggression.

Everybody has an opinion. Do they, however, truly matter? These days, blending various viewpoints has resulted in the development of hazardous concoctions of perspectives. The true goal, however, was to cultivate serious intellectual revolutions that would influence the people and create a community that might affect global change. About Umesh Agarwal Umesh Agarwal, a conscientious Indian citizen active in media and volunteer work, thinks that young people in India need to become more aware of both spoken and unsaid global events. An entrepreneur by trade, a commerce graduate by education, and a veteran of the information technology three-tier architecture industry, He has made it his mission to increase public understanding of global current affairs, macro and microeconomics, heritage, international relations, history, and economic affairs. He is a renowned geopolitical expert, visionary, and astute opinion leader. He is passionate about analysing current events and reporting on them in a variety of international publications, including Trunicle, USApolitico, Keatley, and BharatVoice. Many of his writings went viral and attracted the attention of international celebrities who commented on them. VISION Umesh queries, "Is it easy to be vocal and politically opinionated with numerous avenues of information like print media, live websites, and interactions on social media. But the crucial query is: Are we expanding our thinking? Can we uncover facts buried in layers? Are we capable of fully comprehending the political game of cards?” He frequently states that In today’s capitalist society, if we don't teach the next generation how to protect themselves from the tragedies of bureaucratic conspiracies, they might never learn to protect themselves and make big decisions. VOLUNTEERING WORK Along with his involvement with numerous charitable organisations, he had managed multispecialty day care diagnostic and cancer detection centres that serve more than 100,000 people in Chennai. Having participated in numerous humanitarian and social organisations as a contributor. INDIACHRONICLE With the vision of promoting transparency and empowering the youth , he has launched a mediahouse- IndiaChronicle.in, a new centrist journal designed to promote educated debate and offer insightful information on the many areas that influence our society. India Chronicle seeks to fill in the gaps in public conversation by offering a fair-minded and complex viewpoint on important topics. Our readership is made up of a diverse group of people, including decision-makers, academics, workers, and active citizens who seek insightful information. Its time that we think of the persistent little contributions that make us a more responsible individual and a global citizen. Follow on Email : ukagarwal@gmail.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ukagarwal Twitter : https://twitter.com/ukagarwal Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ukagarwal/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/@ukagarwal Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ukagarwal2k2/


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