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Muslims in Bangladesh again vandalized ‘Durga pratima’


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On 26th August a new incident came up where Muslims vandalized incomplete Durga Pratima in Harirampur upazila of Manikganj. October 2021, same incident took place where Durga pandal was vandalized by muslims.

Also there is an information aired on social media reportedly of August 22nd where islamists trespassed the property of Hindu Dr. Narayan Chandra Sheel and committed robbery by lotting gold ornaments and other valuables at Amtali Upazila Kukua Union resident of Amragachia village.

Also in a scuffle, when Dr. Chandra’s wife attempted to prevent the Islamists to cause them hurt, she got grievously injured due to beatings.

However, this is not the first time when such incident takes place. In 2021, similar incident took place where incomplete pratima of Durga devi was vandalized and also burnt the house of many hindus. It appeared that, it’s the price Hindu community have to pay to reside in the nation.

Also, few days back Sheikh Hasina stated about the equal rights of Hindus in Bangladesh. Ironically, adages and effects are not in concurrence.

Continuous persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh is an example of wretched prophecy a community is following.


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