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Adani’s proposed takeover of NDTV TRIGGERS the Hypocrite Leftist and Western Media Ecosystem, who are calling it a Hostile attempt to curb ‘FREE VOICE’


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India’s richest businessman Gautam Adani has launched a takeover of the NDTV network in a deal that has sparked concerns about the future of one of the media outlets, which is infamous for criticizing Narendra Modi’s government.

For several decades, NDTV has allegedly pursued an independent line critical of the government. Although it is a leftist as far as the ideology is concerned, and known for spreading fake news and biased opinions in the name of free speech. Now a potential takeover by Gautam Adani’s conglomerate has raised fears among the leftist cabal and western media ecosystem.

NDTV is seeking to block the bid by Adani, citing regulatory restrictions related to what it called an “entirely unexpected” move. Whereas on other hand the left-leaning media cabal is painting this acquisition red, alleging that it is an attempt to endanger and reshape press freedom in the country. They are accusing Gautam Adani of using money muscle to control the media landscape in India.

Some of the most influential and renowned western media houses like The Washington Post, BBC, Times Magazine, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Guardian, The Fortune, etc have published articles denouncing this move of Adani. It has been portrayed as if such a takeover is an evil practice.

These western and left-leaning media houses are trying their best to build a narrative not only against Asia’s richest businessman Gautam Adani but also against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These media houses are peddling a plot that PM Modi wants to control the narrative war and fan the right-wing propaganda by using his alleged ‘Friends’ to take over the media houses.

The height of Irony and Hypocrisy of the Western World

Well, these media houses are worried about the impact on the so-called ‘freedom of speech as the world’s 4th richest man is buying a media house. However, they forget that most of the western media houses are indeed bought or controlled by renowned businessmen or corporate houses.

For example, the world’s 3rd richest man, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Don’t you think it is the biggest irony and hypocrisy at their end, are they even qualified to preach to us on the matter of Freedom of Speech?

Don’t you think, the world should be more concerned about the Washington Post, as Jeff’s ownership of WaPo might pose a grave threat to independent journalism? But they won’t do that, as it doesn’t suit their nefarious agenda.

Popular Media houses acquired by big corporates

To expose the shamelessness and hypocrisy of western media and the leftist ecosystem, we have prepared a list of western media houses which have been bought by big corporates.

  • The Washington Post – It is owned by the world’s 3rd richest man Jeff Bezos, who is the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon.
  • Los Angeles Times – It has been bought by a Chinese-South African transplant surgeon, billionaire businessman, bioscientist, and media proprietor Patrick Soon Shiong.
  • Time Magazine – It is one of the most popular and iconic media houses in the USA. It has been taken over by the Salesforce founder and billionaire Marc Benioff.
  • Fortune – It is another hugely popular magazine that has been sold to Thai billionaire Chatchaval Jiaravanon.
  • The Atlantic – This media house was bought by Apple’s chairman and CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs ad acquired majority ownership through her Emerson Collective organization.
  • The Economist – It is one of the most popular media houses in the United Kingdom. This is owned by Rothschild, Agnelli, Cadbury, Schroeder, and Layton families.

So this is quite clear that these western media houses and leftist cabal are trying to hatch a conspiracy to denounce the Indian corporates, media landscape, and the Government in the name of freedom of speech. However, they seem to forget the hard fact that most of them are either bought or controlled by various corporate groups.

In such a situation, do they have any right to accuse Adani and the Indian Government? Well, that’s why they have earned the name Hypocrite, isn’t it?

Is NDTV indeed a crusader for free speech and independent journalism?

Contrary to all the tall claims of being a torchbearer of independent journalism, the NDTV has always been at the ‘lotus-feet’ of the Indian National Congress and the Left Parties. It is known for peddling fake news, highly opinionated articles, and misleading narratives to spread misinformation among the masses.

We believe that journalism is indeed an anti-establishment profession. However, always standing against the current regime doesn’t make one an ethical media house. Journalism’s objective is to become the ‘voice of the voiceless’ while keeping a focus on the country’s growth and welfare.

However, NDTV is doing exactly the opposite of the term Journalism, they are busy with anti-Modi rants, and sometimes even went ahead to praise anti-national elements to show India in a bad light. We have various reasons to believe that the noble idea of independent journalism is a far-fetched idea for NDTV.


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