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Muslims dressed as Hindus vandalized 100-year-old Mazar


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In the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, two men vandalized Mazars to trigger tensions between two communities. The local police have busted a communal angle to it. The two accused have been identified by the police as two brothers, Mohd Kamal Ahmad and Mohd Adeeb. 

The accused were wearing saffron head scarves. They tried to portray themselves as Hindus. A total of three shrines have been vandalized in Bijnor. Jalalshah’s Mazar, Bhureshah’s Mazar, and Qutubshah’s Mazar have been damaged by two Muslim accused. They also set several ‘chadars’ on fire.

This is not the first time Muslims have shown such intolerance against other communities. The incident comes at the backdrop of several such incidents of vandalism against Hindu temples and structures in the country. 

This act by the two accused was clearly intended to cause religious unrest in the region by hurting religious sentiments. 

According to ADG (Law and Order), the information received so far claims that accused Kamal had traveled to many countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the investigation agencies would also probe this angle

The incident’s timing is particularly questionable because it occurred the day before Shivratri of the Saawan month on Tuesday when there would be a large migration of people known as “Kanwariyas.”

The Muslims make up about 10.90% of India’s total population and have gained the status of a minority community with various social benefits granted by the Indian government. Abiding by the principles of our constitution of secularism and fraternity, the government devices the inclusiveness of diverse communities for the welfare of all. 

Unfortunately, the Muslim community has been reluctant toward the idea of unity. With their intense radical ideologies, they only belittled other religions and people with such acts.


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