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After spreading hatred for Hindus, Hindi, & North Indians, the DMK is hell-bent on separating Tamil Nadu from India


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India is a country of diversities, it consists of many religions, many cultures, many languages, and costumes. Although this is a great quality that every Indian should be proud of, but this has become a vulnerability for us, that has been grossly misused by our political parties and the so-called social justice institutions, which try to break our country and society.

These people sometimes question religion, sometimes the language, sometimes your identity, and sometimes they go against the country in a blind opposition. We are talking about some of the political parties of South India, who have fallen so much in the battle for the chair, that they have now started creating a divide within the society, creating differences between north Indians and south Indians, and if all this was not enough, they have initiated a movement to separate Tamilnadu from India.

After independence, Periyar launched a movement in the South, which had only one objective, to create tension between north and south Indians. Another ideology has emerged from this movement, which has created a big gap between Hindus in the name of opposition to Brahminism, which has benefitted the missionaries and religious elements who converted. This, in turn, brings massive demographic changes to the whole of South India.

They call North-Indian Businessmen corrupt

In one such case, the Tamil Nadu Revenue Minister expressed hatred towards North Indian traders and advised Tamil traders to “wean away north Indian traders” from the state. He alleged that traders in north Indian states are tax fraudsters.

On the other hand, the Public Works Department (PWD) Minister has advised building contractors of Tamil Nadu not to allow migrant workers from northern states to dominate the labor market.

Speaking at an event organized by the Federation of Tamil Nadu Traders’ Associations, Revenue Minister Murthy said that “while 3 lakh traders in the state have not paid taxes, out of these, most are North Indians, who are committing tax frauds. This is having a negative impact on the development of Tamil Nadu. The DMK government will always stand by Tamil traders, and local traders should come forward to remove north Indian traders from here”.

DMK Leader calls for separation of Tamil Nadu from India in front of the CM

Recently, DMK leader A Raja made a provocative statement saying, “I urge the Centre to grant us autonomy. We will not stop our fight until Tamil Nadu gets state autonomy. He said that the idea of Tamil Nadu apart from India was advocated by his ideological leader Periyar.

However, we have set aside that demand for democracy and India’s unity so far. I urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah not to force us to revive the demand. Please give us the autonomy of the State.”

What is surprising here is that when Raja said this, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin, was sitting on the dais. None of the ministers or the chief minister of the state himself stopped or opposed this statement of A. Raja. Isn’t that an unspoken approval of his objectionable statement?

DMK called Hindi the language of ‘Underdeveloped States’

Elangovan, a senior DMK MP, made an undesirable comment on the language, saying that Hindi is the language of the underdeveloped states. Elangovan had also made an indecent comment, saying that by speaking Hindi, we will become Shudras. Following Periyar’s anti-North Indian and Brahmin tradition, Elangovan attacked the Hindi language, without thinking that it is the most spoken language in India.

DMK Health Minister accused North Indians for COVID outbreak

Just last month, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian had said that “North Indian” students were to blame for the spread of Covid-19 infection in the state.

Another minister in the DMK government, K N Nehru, had said Biharis do not have brains. “Biharis don’t have more brains than us, but still more than 4,000 Biharis work in the Trichy railway workshop.

Former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav allowed these people to cheat and clear the railway examinations, which is why they got a job in the Indian Railways.

Racist comments against North Indians are common in Tamil Nadu

Nanjil Sampath, a well-known DMK leader, made a racist mockery of the people of Uttar Pradesh by calling them “stinking”. “The goat is so stinking that no one from the southern states will go to them even if money is paid. But the people of Uttar Pradesh are so stinking that if they go to the goat, then the goat gets upset with them and runs away.

The DMK leaders have always made anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin, and anti-North Indian statements. It is the DMK under whose rule many temples in Tamil Nadu were demolished and people of Hindu ideology were tortured, but the Government did not take any action in this regard. When a YouTuber named Gopinath tried to get the broken temples and broken deities repaired, he was sent to jail by Stalin’s government.

Now, seeing the situation of Tamil Nadu and the DMK, the only question that arises is whether this political party which used to oppose north Indians, Brahmins, Hindi language has now gradually turned into an anti-national outfit? Has this poison in the DMK, which is opposed to PM Narendra Modi and the BJP, increased so much that they are now eager to break the country into pieces?

Is the ultimate goal of this party, which has a childish and controversial demand for an autonomous Tamil Nadu, to break and divide India while carrying forward the party’s ideology? Or, these people are unable to understand how their words will have a negative impact on the people when their party leaders make such provocative statements.

Wouldn’t such objectionable statements create a division in the minds of the people? Or have they decided to sacrifice the country, religion, and society in order to save their vote bank and stay in power? Whatever the answer, this situation has become quite explosive, and if it is not reined in, the consequences will be catastrophic.



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