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Muslim Instagram Influencers preaches raping Hindu girls, killing Hindu men; play victim as audio goes viral


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An appalling exchange between Muslim Instagram influencer Sabnam (female) and her friend Nadeem (male) surfaced on social media platforms as an audio clip on Wednesday, April 6; owing to the inflammatory content of the conversation, it went viral instantly.

The sickening discussion between the two revolves around raping Hindu women and identifying and killing Hindu men. While Nadeem described the intense and graphically disturbing fantasies, Sabnam could be heard giggling and supporting her male friend’s fierce, bigoted, and criminal ambitions throughout the 2-minute-clip. Finding the grotesquery of Nadeem’s vile Hindu-hate amusing, at one point, Sabnam goes on to compliment him as the “funniest guy” ever.

So what was so funny in Nadeem’s words, you ask?
“I have witnessed three Hindus being murdered in front of my eyes. They are killed every day in our area. It’s a routine thing. They (Hindu) should be slaughtered openly. Some 3-4 days ago, a cow was being butchered. A Hindu showed up objecting; he said this was wrong. I
challenged him to call the police and administration. They won’t do anything.” The whole dialogue was replete with obscenities that we have refrained from showing in the translating.

Seeing Sabnam fascinated by the “show of valor” and amicably giggling, Nadeem continued, “The Hindu religion is nothing. They keep imagining stories. Their gods… one head looks like it is joined with something else. Another god is half male, half female. These Hindus are the filthiest garbage of the world.” While Nadeem went on suffixing each word uttered about
the Hindus with expletives, Sabnam laughed to her heart’s content. “I can’t breathe; I am laughing so hard. Nadeem, you are a comedy king, seriously!” she cheered.

“I couldn’t care less if anyone wants to report me. I have such anger for these people; if I had an AK 47, I would identify these Hindus and kill them one by one. Their sisters should be raped, yes, they should be raped, and this is the truth. I will do it. What can they do? Kill me,
make me a martyr. If I die, there will be hundreds of more who will come after me? You Hindus may be scared of death, but we are not. Because we are Muslims, we are fearless.. we love Allah.. we are taught this from the age of 2.. you are not..”

In the whole affair, Sabnam’s giggles were the most nauseating to hear. Sabnam – a woman – chuckled and served as an accomplice when her male friend preached the raping of Hindu women. What kind of woman does that?

The clip, replete with unspeakable cuss words and graphic demonstration of violence, was perhaps the most extended 2-minutes-audio clip ever. One who understands the language will not only find the exercise of listing to this audio an excruciating one but will also feel as
though the time has come to a halt and the abuse and the violence in the voice of the speaker cease to end. The 2 minutes are like an eternity for a Hindu that understands Hindi and is unfortunate enough to have come across this clip.

Sabnam, the Instagram Influencer, flashed the victim card as soon as the audio went viral and threatened to commit suicide.

The world heard as she giggled when her friend pledged to rape Hindu women and used the filthiest epithets for the Hindus. But, in a lengthy Instagram post, Sabnam shows the audacity to claim that she was being targeted by some Hindu boys and was receiving death and rape threats. She also accuses the Hindus of abusing her religion and that she could not take it any further. Her post also insinuated that she was contemplating suicide and that the police would handle the matter after “she is gone”. Her confrontation was the perfect illustration of “the perpetrator playing victim” – as Nadeem had claimed in the audio, they are raised to master these antics since 2.

No news of her suicide or death has been reported yet. The audio clip had created quite the stir on Twitter on April 6 and 7, after which Guwahati Police took cognizance of the matter and assured action. But one doubts if the police will take any action against this Muslim duo.
Again, as Nadeem asserted, “No one can do anything.” Indeed. In India, the Sabnams and Nadeems enjoy the “Muslim privilege”.


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