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Modi Government takes BIG ACTION against the biggest Conversion Mafia


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India is witnessing a coordinated attack from several quarters and currently, it is amind a civilizational war. Be it the Secular Liberal cabal, be it communists and Maoists terrorism, be it Islamic aggression via Saudi funding or Vatican supported mass conversion by missionaries, India is facing all sort of threats at this point of time.

Modi Government has taken certain steps to stop the funding of NGO’s, missionaries and Madrassa, but these evil organizations are not yet completely contained. This time Modi Government has taken a stern action against the biggest Conversion Mafia in India, and this will certainly send the shock waves till Vatican.

The Income Tax Department on Wednesday started one of the biggest crackdowns on Conversion Mafia, when 200 of its officials raided 28 locations belonging to the Jesus Calls ministries, in Chennai and Coimbatore. This Jesus Calls is run and managed by evangelist Paul Dhinakaran who is well-known preacher who conducts prayer meetings and orchestrated conversion of lacs of innocent Hindus to Christianity.

The Income Tax teams raided these complexes and checked for tax evasion in the evangelist’s education and religious undertakings. Income Tax officers checked his head office in Adyar, to his residence in Jeevarathnam Nagar in Chennai to his educational institute in Coimbatore district, the searches are still underway in many locations.

Income tax department is also looking into the foreign direct investment that Paul Dhinakaran’s organisation has received in last couple of years. Teams have siezed many important documents which may turn beneficial to expose this Conversion Mafia.

Who is Paul Dinakaran?

Paul Dinakaran is the current head of Jesus calls. He belongs to the Dinakaran family, which is one of the biggest impostors and fraudulent corporate merchants of Faith and Religion. D.G.S. Dinakaran, the patriarch, who started this conversion mafia. Dinakaran came from a very humble background and worked in some bank until the Lord appeared and asked him to serve Christianity by acting as an evangelist. The rest is history.

In reality, the Dinakaran family is indeed one of the biggest conversion mafia in India, which lures the innocent Hindus and get them converted. At the same time, they dupe people in the name of faith and get donations worth crores.

Paul is among the wealthiest evangelist and religious leaders in the world. According to sources, he has accumulated the wealth of approximately 35,000 Crores. He doesn’t pay any Income Tax and any GST. He owns 5000 acres of land, he owns shares in many media channels. He owns 120 prayer halls and 2 private jets, 1 luxury yacht, 10 luxury villas in the USA, and ‘Faith Business’ worth several million US dollars.

What is Jesus Calls?

Jesus Calls Ministries and Karunya University were both founded by Paul Dhinakaran’s father DGS Dhinakaran. He passed away in 2008 following which his son Paul Dhinakaran has taken over the organization.

Religious and political leaders including late Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and J Jayalalithaa always praised the so-called spiritual services of Jesus Calls. 

Jesus Calls is known for utilizing its multi-faceted approach to ministry that targets men, women, young people, children, the poor, and innocents to get them converted. At the same time, Jesus Calls is known for running a fake racket that collects huge donations from innocent people.

It conducts mass evangelistic events in the form of prayer festivals. The Dhinakaran family prays for the needs of the people as God wipes away their tears and turns them to joy, with his loving and healing presence, and it collects donations worth several hundred Crores per annum, that too without paying any sort of income tax.

How does Jesus call dupe people in the name of faith?

Paul Dinakaran runs a coordinated cabal which approaches the people and then threatens them that nasty Satan is out to lure your kids away from Christ and into drugs, TV, dating, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. They offer the following options to the innocents.

You have many options:

a) You can make the following minimum pledge according to your place of residence: India Rs. 2000 US $ 200 (Now since most of you can’t spend time praying for your own kids, get the staff at Jesus calls to pray for them. )

b) For parents too poor to cough up 2k for prayers, we have installments!

c)And for those who have wads of dough, the Dinakarans urge you to pay money in the name of religion and prayers.

Dinakaran runs a huge network of Prayer Warriors (PW). The PWs do 24*7 shifts just like Call Centers, to keep the cash counters ringing, sorry I meant the prayers 24-hours non-stop.

Picture Source – Jesus Calls

The PWs get payed Rs 2000 a month. And they handle on an average 80-100 calls a day. So imagine 80 X Rs 2000 (the amount the hapless parents pay for prayers for their deviant kid) means Jesus calls gets Rs 1.6 lakhs a day from one Prayer Warrior. Jesus calls has hundreds of such Prayer Warriors, so you can just make the calculations of daily earnings of this fraud commited in the name of faith, thats is Jesus Calls. Isnt it a seriously good business?


Missionaries are in the conversion business for ages. In India, they made promises of the “healing power of Christ” and the prospects of better education, earning and lifestyle have been driving the believers of indigenous faiths (read Hindus) towards Christianity. It’s been happening for some time now, with visible results as we can see huge demographic changes in North-Eastern and Southern states of India.

However, this cant goes this for long, as Modi Government has initiated the indirect action by targeting foreign-funded NGO’s which acts as hawala channel for Evangelists. By taking a head-on action against Jesus Calls and Dinakaran family, the Modi government has shown its intentions and we appreciate this approach.

Stern action against these Evangelist and conversion mafia is the need of an hour, but it may attract coordinated counter-attack from the global conversion syndicate, hence every citizen should support such actions of the Modi government wholeheartedly.


  1. U are fake.. ur report is biased. U are modi bhakt. U dont know any facts. Shut up if u don’t know the fact. U ar one of those andh bhakts


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