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‘Modern Day Jinnah’ PD Sundara Rao wants to divide India to get a separate nation for Christians


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Jinnah is known for his evil intentions and his acts which lead to the division of India. We have seen the outcomes of India’s partition, where millions died an untimely death, millions were thrown away from their homes and lands. The irony is that we still have such evil people in our society, who want to divide our nation in the name of caste and religion.

In this article, we will discuss about one such evil soul, a modern-day ‘Jinnah’, who is trying his best to provoke innocent people, converting people in the name of Jesus, and demanding the division of India to carve out a separate country for Christians.

We are talking about All India True Christian Council Trust head PD Sundara Rao, who also runs Bible Open University International. Recently he came into the limelight by raising an evil demand of India’s division, and a separate country for Christians.

Who is PD Sundara Rao?

P.D.Sundararao hails from Vishakapatnam, he used to work in Port trust. He started his research on the Bible in 1968 and allegedly found the truths of the Bible, which inspired him to open a university, is Bible Open University India International.

Since that day, the objective of his life is to prove that Bible is the greatest of all Sciences. Did it ring any bell? Well, there is another religion that claims that its religious text is above everything.

He allegedly won over many who speak against the Bible and Christianity, he claims to have shut the mouth of many philosophers, Scholars, and debaters on religious issues. He started a council called AITCC and stays in the position of founder cum president since the beginning.

Well, that’s his liberal face for the public, in reality, he is a religious bigot, an evil person, who is supporting the conversion of innocent Hindus into Christianity. If this was not enough, he has now started provoking people and asking for a separate land for Christians.

He is toeing similar lines, just like Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah also projected himself as a scholar, an avid reader, and a liberal person, but once he gained the confidence of his supporters, he started propagating his nefarious and evil agenda of India’s division on religious lines.

Modus Operandi of this Modern Day Jinnah

If you check his website or social media pages, he may seem like a very soft-spoken gentleman. However, he has collided with the international missionaries and SC/ST forums and created a formidable faction to lure innocent Hindus, convert them, and then make them against Hinduism.

In the name of the Bible preaching, he invites Hindus to his university and church, and then he initiates the religious brainwashing of innocent people. He is trying to alienate innocent Hindus and then using them as his pawns to fulfill his evil intentions.

He has created several proxy organizations, just like this SC/CT Rights Forum, to create a divide among Hindus, as this organization repeatedly attacks Hinduism and India. This new demand of dividing India is not shocking per se, it is a part of their long-term agenda since the very beginning.

What’s the Cure?

Well, the Government must act against these anti-national elements and punish them with utmost urgency. The language used in this video is nothing less than sedition, and appropriate legal action must be taken by the Andhra Pradesh government. The All India True Christian Council Trust must be banned with immediate effect and its functionaries must be taken to the task.

Though there are reports that the Andhra Pradesh administration is also hand-in-gloves with such anti-national elements, and providing them adequate shelter to carry on their activities.

We under no circumstance should allow these people to fan the hatred and divisionary mentality among the innocent people. India is not a theocratic state, and we are also not a Fascist nation, we give utmost liberty and rights to a citizen to live their life with dignity, but such acts are unpardonable and state must act with an iron fist to keep such evils under check.



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