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Meet D.P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner, who misused his power and office to promote Christianity


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Can a high-ranking government officer, as high as the Chief Income Tax Commissioner of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) use his office to preach Christianity? Is it legal for a highly designated government officer to use his office like a personal religious Christian missionary in secular India? Is this not a violation of work code? Sadly, no such questions were asked, neither it was reported when a Chief Income Tax Commissioner grossly violated work code at his office. 

Meet Mr.D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner of Indian Revenue Service (IRS), who, during his speech in Lead Talk at Chennai on 9th February 2019, blatantly admitted how he used his office to preach Christianity to convert gullible citizens. D. P. Haokip coerced by kind or by force, intimidated, threw his weight of being Income Tax Commissioner to prevail upon naive citizens to convert them to Christianity. Be it heavy weight cricketer like Rahul Dravid or unassuming security guard of a school, D.P. Haokip’s preying eyes didn’t spare anyone. What is shocking is that he openly boasted his modus operandi of targeting innocent citizens. 

D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner tried to intimidate Rahul Dravid to preach Christianity. 

When D. P. Haokip was posted in Bangalore during 2006-2009, he used to have prayer cell during his lunch break. One fine day, he summoned Rahul Dravid, the then captain of Indian cricket team to his office. When Dravid hesitated to oblige him, D.P. Haokip didn’t pause to intimidate Dravid throwing the weight of his office. After Dravid appeared at his office, D. P. Haokip preached Christianity for an hour asking him to spread it wherever he plays cricket, and gifted him a Bible. In his speech, he audaciously admits how he took aim at Rahul Dravid. 

Visiting card of D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner, was used as a tool to spread Christianity. 

Shockingly, he introduces Jesus in every conversation with his visiting card on which he has printed—For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (NASB) John 3:16. Does the IRS allow a government officer to print his beliefs on his visiting card? Question arises that how such gross violation of work code escaped government’s scrutiny.

No payment without preaching of Christianity by D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner

D. P.  Haokip, simply refused to pay at an Ayurvedic spa after using their service until the employees agreed to listen to his unsolicited Christian prayers. What is appalling is the way he despised “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” terming it as blah blah blah. Is this how Secularism defines according to the Constitution of India? 

No songs at Farewell party but only gospel songs by D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner

At one of his colleague’s farewell party, when guests and hosts were enjoying by singing songs and drinking, D. P. Haokip grabbed the opportunity to sing gospel songs having called his colleagues drunkardsHe doesn’t shy away to admit that he has influenced conversion of 3 of his subordinates while being on IRS’ payroll.

Even a security guard can not escape from preying eyes of D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner

While visiting Kodaikanal D. P. Haokip passed by “Kodaikanal International school” where his predator’s eye aimed at the gullible security guard of school. D. P. Haokip rushed back to hotel to bring Bible to give it to the security guard and preach—For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16. When poor Tamil speaking security guard could not understand the sermon of Bible in English, D. P. Haokip, on reaching Bangalore, asked his Tamilian PS to speak to the security guard in order to translate Bible into Tamil. 

A barefaced D. P. Haokip openly admit how he misused his position and power to spread Christianity. 

It was an evangelist at the office of Chief Income Tax Commissioner, who misused his office and power to spread Christianity. In another words, an evangelist on IRS Payroll. Is this how taxpayers’ money is used to promote conversion to Christianity by paying salary of an evangelist? 

Need of the hour for the system is to be more vigilant on such evangelists at high ranked offices. It is expected that an enquiry is set up against D. P. Haokip, the evangelist, even if he publicity admitted his modus operandi how he preys on his targets. 


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