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Medical Fraud: A pastor with Hindu name Ankur Narula in Punjab claims he had cured all kinds of diseases, why isn’t he healing Corona patient now?


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What comes to your mind when you happen to witness a pastor with Hindu name, Ankur Narula, publicly announcing “every sick patient be healed in the name of Jesus, and he commands unclean spirits out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ?” Doesn’t frustration grip you, when you watch a pastor claiming to heal disease of any kind including life threatening medical conditions and chronicle ones, just by healing touch in the name of Jesus? Do you feel inclined to blame system to allow such malpractices conducted to exploit innocent people?

Meet 35 years old, Ankur Narula, the Senior Pastor and Overseer of the Church of Signs and Wonders, said to be the biggest and fastest growing church ministry in Jalandhar, Punjab. His full name is Ankur Yoseph Narula, who asserts that he can heal disability of walking, years old haemorrhoids, bone disease, tonsil, depression, infertility and other diseases. Name the ailment, Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula would cure the malady by healing even if he holds no degree in medical sciences. One can calculate the heights of exploitation when Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula has confirmed that he has cured a Corona infected patient by healing. 

When a shady Hindu turns into a pastor, he sells a sob story of his life. A gloomy and tragic story sells and connects with gullible masses. Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula manipulates a miserable story of how he went through of great ordeal, thereafter Jesus appeared to uplift him from suffering. Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula says that he was at suicide point frustrated from intoxications and sickness. Jesus entered into his life after he surrendered himself to God. He began his ministry with 3 people in a small room in the year 2008 which grew to 500 members in the year 2009, 2000 members in the year 2010. Number has increased so huge that Ankur Yoseph Narula preaches or manipulates 60,000 people every week in the Church of Signs and Wonders. And thousands of people watch him live as he has also founded Anugrah TV. Situation is so alarming that hundreds of people take baptism in the church every week. In another words, hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs converts to Christianity. 

Ankur Narula started his journey at the age of 23 as he was born in January 1985. Who tutors likes of Ankur Narula to become skilful at influencing naive and gullible masses to graduate him to be a pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula? How deeply is such eco system entrenched in the administrations, which permits such manipulative pastors to thrive? A law abiding citizen turns into a helpless mute spectator, when he doesn’t find answers of these questions.

Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula narrates a story of a teenage girl who had been suffering from weak eye sight since one and half year in 2016. Tears used to roll from her eyes, also she had headache while she read. Doctors said, as she grows, her eyesight would go worse. Therefore, doctors prescribed her specs for four years to improve her eye sight. But, when the young girl attended prayer service in Gurdaspur, God healed her weak eyesight. Pastor declared the young girl is healed and her eye sight is restored in the name of Jesus. The teenager could read without any headache, without any tears rolling from her eyes and without specs. Is it possible? When a quack is caught peddling fake cures or pretending to have medical skills, he is sentenced rigorous punishment. But, when such pastors openly take unassuming people for ride, the law turns blind eyes. Why? 

Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religion in the world. It existed before any kind of scientific theory could trace the advent of mankind. That is why it is called ‘Sanatan’ that means eternal. It is the only religion which doesn’t preach and promote itself to spread in the world, still it has followers all over the world. Sanatan Dharma doesn’t believe in manipulating and converting people to join. However, there are deceptive Hindus ready to be sold and convert innocent people. Such Hindu pastors must be checked. Because according to Catholic News Agency, in Western Europe, Christians who don’t go to church outnumber those who do. Therefore, conversion factory in India working day and night to spread Christianity in the name of Jesus, who never supported conversion. 

A responsible society must act before it is too late. It is high time, society must ask Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula, since he has cured all kinds of diseases, why isn’t he healing Corona patient now?


  1. Why people in India always targeting christian?
    There is not only christian in India there are more other religion as well so where are all others then.
    Shame on you Author of this.

    • Well said sister Roma! In India, these media people don’t have any work other than putting Christians down since we are minority. They know only to say about ‘conversion’, but know the fact its not that ‘cheap word’, it is called ‘being saved’. In the whole Bible it doesn’t say that Jesus came to Earth only for Christians, he came to save all the sinners of this mankind no matter what religion you or me belong. Get the facts right! We all Christians belive in ‘divine healing’ & ‘miracles’ where other religions don’t belief, cause they lack that faith & trust. When you haven’t encountered God to know who is the creator of this Universe, obviously you will be confused with 33 crore Gods. Question yourself – “If you had to die today, will you make it Heaven or Hell”? !!
      This message is for the publisher (Ms Manisha Inamdar) of this rubbish article.
      Also, what we learnt during our School days about Biology & Evolution, its a utter garbage. They need to know the fact, watch the below video & question yourself “How much qualified you are & How much common sense you have to understand, better don’t publish non-sense”.

  2. Ohhhh plz man…..then u say to ur god heal even a single corona patient on this world if pastor g can’t…okkk…then we’ll see whose right n whose wrong…nd moreover we n r papa ji does’nt care what others say….bcz we r Christians…n will b always downhearted one’s….u jst carry on….one day u 2 will b in Khambra church!!!!….amen!!!

    • Holy Spirit of God, the only creator will not work the way only you want and specially when you try to test God.
      Healing will come only as per God’s will.
      anyone who is reading this go in quite time ask Only Living God to talk to you , God will reveal Himself to you.

  3. If any blind is able to see,a deaf starts hearing, dumb n mute are able to speak, lame starts walking just by believing and with faith in Jesus name then one should appreciate and praise God for this.Those families who have such mental or physical disabilities only can understand the intense pain n sorrow ..just imagine what a great joy this healing brings to these..That to is happening free of cost not like hospitals who loot people on the name of Corona nowadays….start knowing the fact instead of spreading lies and rumors

  4. Time for Hindus to get up and keep their flock together.The business of conversion is not going to end.Time for our sadhus to start an agitation against these fraudsters.Christianity is a political movement just like Islam to change demographics.

    • The only problem is vote. The RSS BJP assume that the people once belive in Christ then they do not vote the BJP. It’s simple science. Nobody care why you go to church or why you convert. They worry the loss in votes.

  5. And then they call Hindus as superstitious! Poor gullible people are paid to act as patients in these daily shows. And all this drama is just for conversion. That doesn’t sound like God’s miracle but pure business. If he’d actually cured so many people he would have been canonized by now for being a saint:)
    If their self anointed apostle has such powers why doesn’t he go cure patients in the ICU of some hospital?
    PS-Is this church recognised by the vatican? Does he send weekly hafta to the vatican?

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYdWjIk3y5Y&ab_channel=RealCtalk
    There is power in the Name of Jesus. Healings are done in his name.

    – Pastor Ankur Narula is not a catholic but a protestant. So his church is not recognized by the Vatican. You may need to read a little to understand.

    – As per the Bible – the Church is the body of Christ. So when 2 or more people gather together at one place to pray is the church of God. So Pastor Narula’s Church is recognized by the Lord Jesus himself. The souls of people coming together is the Church not the building!!

    1 Corinthians 12.27
    Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually. And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues.

    – The author mentions that foreign money comes to India for helping his conversion and you say that money ‘hafta’ goes out. Bolna kya chahte ho.

    – Pastor Narula should visit hospitals and cure patients in the ICU.
    According to your contention, a barber, should go around town and get people shaved for growing their beard and hair :). But in reality, the barber waits for people to come to him to get shaved or cut his hair, similarly Pastor Narula is in his church waiting for people with needs to come and seek deliverance. He needn’t go to any hospital to heal.
    But you have given a very good suggestion, So you say, there wont be any problems if any pastor visits hospitals to pray and heal the terminally sick and you wont oppose that.

    – Finally, pastor Narula never claimed that he is healing these people. The healing is done by the Lord Jesus himself. No pastor even, the Pope himself can claim to heal any person. The healings, deliverance is done in the name of the Lord Jesus.

    – Mathew Chapter 10.1
    And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.

    – Luke 9.1
    Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. 2 He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

    – So yes, healings happen against medical theories, and medical judgements. The people are healed physically and they testify to that. How can they be fooled of their own healing. On live TV people are seen vomiting blood!! No acting can be done for more than 15 years.

    God bless you !!


  7. About us : Truncile.com, owned by Trunicle India Pvt. Ltd…… We believe that nothing is more eternal than Truth..

    The moot question therefore is. is there is a quest to find the truth? By deleting comments is not the way to search for the truth.

    The Lord God of Israel the Abba Father Jehovah is true and eternal and so is his Son Lord Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world.

    But the truth always remains even if it is deleted. 🙂 It will remain in your head and will always remind you that you deleted it!!

  8. And one more point to add, if you are indeed searching for the truth, you will not be moderating the comments. What you actually want is the truth that suits your thought process and sadly that ain’t the truth.

  9. Can you clarify what you mean by “Pastor with a Hindu name?”
    He was born into a non-believing family BEFORE he became a Christian, and he gave his heart to God. When you come to the Lord, you come as you are, God has called you by name.

    I was born in the UK and born into a Sikh family and practised Hinduism, but NEVER got the peace or found the answered I did in Christ. Praying that God blesses you as well sister, just ask Jesus to reveal himself to you if you think he is the true God. I guarantee you will receive your answers.

    The Word of God is FREE and so is healing in the name of Jesus. No more pundits asking us for money again and again with no solutions by asking deaf and mute idols. My Jesus talks in the Word and through prayer. He answers me.

    Prayer is also FREE. If one wants to give they give freely for the work of God.

    As far as conversion is concerned, you label this with this worldly word instead of realising it is a genuine change of heart.

    How will you stop the underlying power that is healing millions of people from their long suffering? Can you put a permanent end to addiction and suicidal thoughts?

    Jesus can do it.

    Jesus summed it up in one verse, John 14:6 – “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

    The one who receives healing after crying and crying, knows. 🙂 end of story.

    God bless you.

  10. मेरा नाम आशीष है में मुंबई में रहता हु ईस आर्टिकल मे ९९% झूठ लिखा है में खुद अंकुर नरूला मिनिस्ट्री में जाके आया हु २५/१२/२०२१ में अंकुर नरूला मिनिस्ट्री में पोहचा लगभग ७ से ८ दिन रुखकर देखा और जो मेने देखा उसे में आचंबित था वहा सच में अंधे देखते हैं , लंगड़े चलते है , बहिरे सुनते हैं , लाइलाज बीमारी ठीक होती है अगर किसीको यकीन ना हो जैसे मुझे नही हुआ था तो एक बार जरूर जाके आए ( मेरी लिखी हुई बात पर यकीन नाकरे खुद जाए और देखकर आए )

  11. Main to parmeshwar se prayer karungi ki wo apni ashish or samarth un sb ko de jinke dwara shaitan aj hamare beech kaam kr rha h or hr wo tough m jesus ka naam ho jo aj shaitan k bandhan m h….. AMEN

  12. We Christians are not against any single other God. You forgot that Jesus Died for the sins of the mankind not for Christians alone. And being Christians my Holy Bible didn’t taught me to condemn, demean, disgrace or outright outrageous towards other religions. You will never hear any Christians provoking Christian people to beat, kill somebody. My Belief never taught me.to hate someone or to fight with someone or to kill someone in order to preserve my religion. By the way Christianity is not a religion it’s a practice of Utmost faith upon Jesus Christ to be saved. We don’t go out in hunting someone to devour like these people do but let me tell you God says, if anyone does any good to my people he is doing it with me and if anyone does any harm to my people he is bringing wrath upon himself. Go and check that person who killed Abhraham stain he is now in jail and he reads The Holy Bible and now He knows what judgement he has brought upon himself by killing God’s servant. He is now fully aware of the truth of God’s wrath that’s why he fears to come out of jail because if he does he knows God will punish him no matter where he runs. I know no religion teaches anmoity , hatred or killing . Every religion teaches Love, peace, good karma but when I see these people running after other religion to kill . I wonder are they even true to their own God? No God tells you to kill but do peace with others , love one another ….these rage is self imposed and created and this would never be appreciated by their own God. Don’t take God’s name and start beating other faith people. Please we know it’s not from your God as well. 🙏

  13. I am hindu but believe in Jesus because I see the miracle of Jesus in My life..when i was 18 years old i lost my father and then depression attacks and disease came in my life i was struggling alot i was not able to speak but then Gospel of jesus came in my life but wait at first i said that no no no Jesus is not God they will also fool us they are nothing christianity is a religion not my type but when i started to prayer seek the word of God MY Life totally changed and now my full family believes in Jesus christ because he is the only lord.. so I want to say to the people who think christian peoples convert others just pray once in the name of Jesus that if you are real God show me your Power then see what happend next…God bless you all the Haters of christianity because Jesus loves you alot because he died for whole world including you..

  14. Holy Spirit of God, the only creator will not work the way only you want and specially when you try to test God.
    Healing will come only as per God’s will.
    anyone who is reading this go in quite time ask Only Living God to talk to you , God will reveal Himself to you.
    pastors are not the healers or God , they are just vessels to operate in God’s will, because God is Spirit. and no christian is encouraged to follow any particular pastor and yes all pastors teach the same. that’s why they are not after any material things, but yes blessings are always there because God know why are you coming to Him, God knows your heart , and He wants you to come to Him only for Him.
    Seek Him and all the other blessings shall follow you.

  15. So who stopped the hindus or other religions from healing?? Agar healing nahi hui toh yeh log kyun peeche jaate hain .? Are you the only one with eyes?? If you ir your gods can heal , do it!!else shut up

  16. Jesus has healed ,is healing and will heal his people. Salvation is found in no other name but the name of Jesus. Only Jesus died for your sins and paid the price of and rose from the dead . If you are struggling, call his name and then talk!


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