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Medical Fraud: A pastor with Hindu name Ankur Narula in Punjab claims he had cured all kinds of diseases, why isn’t he healing Corona patient now?

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What comes to your mind when you happen to witness a pastor with Hindu name, Ankur Narula, publicly announcing “every sick patient be healed in the name of Jesus, and he commands unclean spirits out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ?” Doesn’t frustration grip you, when you watch a pastor claiming to heal disease of any kind including life threatening medical conditions and chronicle ones, just by healing touch in the name of Jesus? Do you feel inclined to blame system to allow such malpractices conducted to exploit innocent people?

Meet 35 years old, Ankur Narula, the Senior Pastor and Overseer of the Church of Signs and Wonders, said to be the biggest and fastest growing church ministry in Jalandhar, Punjab. His full name is Ankur Yoseph Narula, who asserts that he can heal disability of walking, years old haemorrhoids, bone disease, tonsil, depression, infertility and other diseases. Name the ailment, Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula would cure the malady by healing even if he holds no degree in medical sciences. One can calculate the heights of exploitation when Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula has confirmed that he has cured a Corona infected patient by healing. 

When a shady Hindu turns into a pastor, he sells a sob story of his life. A gloomy and tragic story sells and connects with gullible masses. Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula manipulates a miserable story of how he went through of great ordeal, thereafter Jesus appeared to uplift him from suffering. Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula says that he was at suicide point frustrated from intoxications and sickness. Jesus entered into his life after he surrendered himself to God. He began his ministry with 3 people in a small room in the year 2008 which grew to 500 members in the year 2009, 2000 members in the year 2010. Number has increased so huge that Ankur Yoseph Narula preaches or manipulates 60,000 people every week in the Church of Signs and Wonders. And thousands of people watch him live as he has also founded Anugrah TV. Situation is so alarming that hundreds of people take baptism in the church every week. In another words, hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs converts to Christianity. 

Ankur Narula started his journey at the age of 23 as he was born in January 1985. Who tutors likes of Ankur Narula to become skilful at influencing naive and gullible masses to graduate him to be a pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula? How deeply is such eco system entrenched in the administrations, which permits such manipulative pastors to thrive? A law abiding citizen turns into a helpless mute spectator, when he doesn’t find answers of these questions.

Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula narrates a story of a teenage girl who had been suffering from weak eye sight since one and half year in 2016. Tears used to roll from her eyes, also she had headache while she read. Doctors said, as she grows, her eyesight would go worse. Therefore, doctors prescribed her specs for four years to improve her eye sight. But, when the young girl attended prayer service in Gurdaspur, God healed her weak eyesight. Pastor declared the young girl is healed and her eye sight is restored in the name of Jesus. The teenager could read without any headache, without any tears rolling from her eyes and without specs. Is it possible? When a quack is caught peddling fake cures or pretending to have medical skills, he is sentenced rigorous punishment. But, when such pastors openly take unassuming people for ride, the law turns blind eyes. Why? 

Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religion in the world. It existed before any kind of scientific theory could trace the advent of mankind. That is why it is called ‘Sanatan’ that means eternal. It is the only religion which doesn’t preach and promote itself to spread in the world, still it has followers all over the world. Sanatan Dharma doesn’t believe in manipulating and converting people to join. However, there are deceptive Hindus ready to be sold and convert innocent people. Such Hindu pastors must be checked. Because according to Catholic News Agency, in Western Europe, Christians who don’t go to church outnumber those who do. Therefore, conversion factory in India working day and night to spread Christianity in the name of Jesus, who never supported conversion. 

A responsible society must act before it is too late. It is high time, society must ask Pastor Ankur Yoseph Narula, since he has cured all kinds of diseases, why isn’t he healing Corona patient now?

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