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Maulana Azad supporter of Islamic caliphate, Was making him First education minister a deep conspiracy to wash out Hindu history of India ?


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Born on November 11, 1888 at Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Maulana Azad is also called face of Hindu Muslim unity by psuedo seculars. With the help of MK Gandhi, Azad succeeded in becoming the youngest president to serve Indian national Congress and later on first education minister of India after its independence.

Maulana Azad, although, was an enthusiastic supporter of Gandhi and participated with him in many movement, he came into prominence in a public life as one of the leader of Khalifat movement that aimed at building the political unity among Muslim and use its influence to protect the caliphate.

Maulana Azad was a fiery speaker and to inculcate the Idea of Islamization, he quoted prophet Muhammad said that, “One momin for another momin is like one brick assisting another brick in a wall. This biradri (community of Muslims) is been established by Allah. All relationships within the world can break down but this relationship can never be severed. It is possible a father turns against his son, not impossible that a mother separates her child from her lap, it’s possible that one brother becomes the enemy of other brother…But the connection that a Chinese Muslim has with an African Muslim, an Arab bedouin has with the Tatar shepherd, and which binds in one soul a neo-Muslim of India with the right-descendant Qureshi of Mecca, there’s no power on earth to interrupt it, to chop off this chain…”

This speech, and many more, came from him during the first world war when British army was fighting the Ottoman empire. The strategy of the global Islamist to save emperor of ottoman started much before the Khalifat movement. During this period about 18000 Muslims from India went to Turkey to wage jihad and women donated their ornaments to continue the jihad.

Maulana Azad through his speeches always justified the sacrificing of human life for jihad & termed it as noble deed for every Muslim. He always said that Indian Muslims must preserve the ottoman empire in their hearts and consider any government of which was against the caliphate as the enemy of Islam & Allah. Inspite of all this how can the liberals overlook that Maulana Azad had made an islamist political party named Hizbullah in 1913 to inspire the revivalist leader and founder of Jamat islami, Maulana maududi, since he didn’t get a good response from ulemas so maluana Azad joined Congress in 1920.

In 1928 treaty was made between the khalifat leaders and Indian national Congress. Initially this so called Hindu Muslim bonding was working good but it did not last long and it turned into anti Hindu movement. The most horrific incident was at Malabar over 10,000 Hindus were killed by moplahs. Even after this Mr. Azad promoted for Hindu Muslim unity but remained as a pan islamist till his last breath.
Leaders like Azad opposed partition not because they were concerned about the country but they felt that partition would affect Muslim domination in the subcontinent. Maulana Azad who was not even born in India and who was a biggest supporter of Islamic jihad and caliphate was made the First education minister of free India. This was the biggest blunder that a country India which was created for Hindus had its first education minister a Islamic caliphate supporter.

The influence of having him as education minister started showing results in the history textbooks in which Islamic invaders & butchers were glorified and shown as patriotic where as Hindu kings like Raja dahir, vikramaditya etc found no place in the Indian history books. Education thus became the source to glorify the teaching of Islam. As a common Hindu this thought always hounds my mind that was making Islamic caliphate supporter Maulana Azad as India’s first education minister a deep conspiracy to wash out real Hindu history from our country.



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