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Manoj Muntashir becomes the Most Hated man in the Internet after he ridiculed Hindu Deities


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Om Raut’s magnum opus, Adipurush has been talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The movie which was touted as the modern-day adaptation of the Hindu epic saga, Ramayana, has been drawing massive criticism since its release on June 16.

The Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan starrer has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism due to a load of things including its dialogues, VFX, and characterization. Social Media users, many well-known personalities, film makers, and even politicians have criticized the movie and slammed the makers.

While people have slammed the director and writer of the film, Om Raut, poet cum lyricist, Manoj Mantashir who has written the dialogues is continuously being ridiculed on social media. The film is said to have hurt the religious sentiments by its ‘objectionable’ dialogues, script and portrayal of historical and religious figures.

There are few objectionable dialogues, specifically regarding the Lanka Dahan scene where Lord Hanuman is heard mouthing the lines “jalegi bhi tere baap ki” to Meghnad.

The controversy is in the Lanka Dahan scene when Ravan’s son lights up lord Hanuman’s tail and says: “Jali na.. Abhi to aur jalegi. Jiski jalti hai wahi janta hai.” To which the character of Hanuman replies: ‘Kapda tere baap ka. Tel tere baap ka. Aag bhi tere baap ki. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki.”

Many viewers and political party leaders pointed out the oversimplified language used by the characters. Many took to the streets and engaged in protests seeking a ban on the film. 

Manoj Muntashir shamelessly defending his awkward dialogues

On one hand people are raising questions on the dialogues written by writer Manoj Muntashir and on the other hand Manoj Muntashir is speaking on different media channels, and justifying dialogues, screenplay and even the shoddy portrayal of Hindu Deities.

He admits that he knowingly and intentionally wrote such Tapori-type blasphemous dialogues for Adipurush. Muntashir also said that the dialogues are not a mistake, but have been written with much thought and after meticulous deliberating. He even claimed that “Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka” etc is how many popular Kathavaachaks in India tell Ramayan stories. He added that they never wanted to ‘Sanskritise’ Adipurush and the dialogues are kept that way so people can relate to them.

He also played a victim card and said that, “There are some people who are targeting the film not from today but from day-one. We never sold the film on the scale of purity. We have not said till today that we are making such a film which is authentically using the same language which was written by Valmiki. If I had to go on purity then I accept my mistake because then it had to be written in Sanskrit and then I do not write because I do not know how to write Sanskrit.”

Muntashir stated that the dialogues of ‘Adipurush’ went through a meticulous process to keep them as simple as they can get. He justified that the story of Ramayana is recited by elders, grandparents, and even the biggest saints of the country in similar language and fashion, and that he was not the first person to put it that way.

“There are numerous characters in a film and all of them do not speak in the same manner. I am not the first one to write those dialogues this way. What is so wrong with these dialogues?” he questioned.

Massive backlash forced producers and make changes

After receiving flak, Manoj said the makers of the mythological epic film have decided to “revise some of the dialogues”. He had said the amended lines will be added to the film by this week.

A statement read: “Making this visual spectacle a memorable cinematic experience, the team decides to make alterations to the film’s dialogues, valuing the input of the public and the audience.”

“The makers are revisiting the said dialogues, ensuring they resonate with the core essence of the film and the same will reflect in the theatres in the next few days. This decision is a testament that in spite of unstoppable collections at the Box Office, the team is committed and nothing is beyond the sentiments of their audiences and harmony at large.”

However, this seems a futile exercise. As the makers delayed the film’s release by almost six months with the promise to understand the feedback and improve the VFX, but as soon as it hit the theatres on Friday, the visuals and dialogues once again became a hot topic of discussion and criticism, and hardly someone liked them.

Now Muntashir says, “Hanuman is not a GOD”

Muntashir has been making all sort of objectionable statements to justify his absurd dialogues in the movie. Now has has made a fresh statements on Lord Hanuman, which has irked the netizens once again. In an interview with a news portal Aaj Tak, he stated that Lord Hanuman is not God. He further added that Hanuman ji was just a devotee. We have made him a God because his devotion towards Lord Ram had that power.

Manoj Muntashir seeks Security
After the received immense backlash, Manoj Muntashir on June 18, during a media interaction revealed that some dialogue in Adipurush will be changed. He was continuously ridiculed for writing the dialogues that are said to have disrespected the epic.

Now, it has been learnt that Manoj has sought police protection from Mumbai Police, citing ‘danger’ from unknown people. The dialogue writer of Adipurush has expressed apprehension of danger to himself and has shared an application to the Mumbai Police, who will now take a decision of providing him with security.

Manoj Muntashir, a victim of his own acts

Manoj Muntashir has earned reputation in such a short span of time. He has been associated with several big projects, has written many chartbusters, religious , and patriotic songs. People have appreciated his unique style, and even started idolizing him as a symbol of Hinduism and Patriotism.

However, his shoddy work in Adipurush coupled with his shameless justification has turned the people against him. Now people from all walks of life, every political leaning, religious leaning are criticizing him without any bias. Manoj Muntashir is the only one who can be blamed for this disrepute and sham, as he was the one who was defending this movie right from the day one.


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