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Mamata Banerjee had claimed she has a Ph.D. degree, from the university that NEVER EXISTED

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In 1985, the then Congress MP from Jadavpur Mamata Banerjee stood uncovered when the United States Educational Foundation in India proclaimed that there didn’t exist an establishment named ‘The University of East Georgia’ from the place she had claimed to have allegedly accomplished her doctorate.

It’s been shared A Twitter consumer named @trunills has shared an outdated newspaper clip from ‘The Telegraph’ saying that Mamata Banerjee, an MA in Islamic History from Calcutta University, had in 1982 claimed that she had acquired the “doctorate” for her analysis work entitled “The Impact of Mughal Harem on state and policies” below the steerage of a sure Dr. Karuna Pada Datta.

As per the Telegraph report, it was later revealed that Datta too had accomplished his “PhD” from ‘The University of East Georgia’ and each the instructor and pupil had bogus doctorates.

Picture Credit – The Telegraph

Till in 1985, Mamata claimed to have obtained a Ph.D. from East Georgia University of USA. In the 1984 Lok Sabha polls, partitions of Jadavpur had “Dr. Mamata Banerjee” written throughout them. Later discovered that no such University existed, subsequently, Mamata stopped prefixing “Dr” to her identity.

After Mamata Banerjee began utilizing the title of ‘Dr’, the United States Educational Foundation in India started receiving a number of queries on the bona fides of the ‘University of East Georgia’. Responding to at least one such question in February 1985, the USEFI mentioned that “there is no record whatsoever of the existence of a university called the University of East Georgia”.

Well, this is not surprising for us at least. Mamata Banerjee is known for her anger and theatrics, but from now onwards, she will be known for her fakery as well.

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