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Malabar Hindu Genocide: When Yogi and Gorkhas DESTROYED Moplah Muslims plan to establish an Islamic State in India


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2021 marks a century of the evilest Hindu Genocide that took place in Malabar by Muslims, who in the name of the Khilafat movement butchered the Hindu population across Malabar. Moplah’s Muslims started this carnage with an intention to establish the first-ever Islamic State – Caliphate in India named ‘Al-Daula‘.

Malabar Hindu Genocide witnessed the brutal killing of more than 10,000 Hindu men and women, who were beheaded in the Islamic Style, and their mortal remains were thrown in wells just because they denied converting to Islam.
What is Malabar Hindu Genocide?

This unfortunate series of violence tarted in South Malabar on 20 August 1921 and it lasted for over 100 days, which resulted in the martial law imposition in six out of 10 Taluks in the district. As per official estimates, more than one lakh Hindus were fled or displaced from their homes and they were forced to live as refugees in their own state. Most of those Hindus lost their livelihood and lifelong earnings forever.

Tweet Credit – Shehzad

Now, 25 September is observed as a Malabar Hindu Genocide day to remember the countless Hindus who lost their lives due to Islamic terror in Malabar. It is the day when approximately fifty Hindus were brutally beheaded and then dumped into a well in the Tuvvur village. This incident is horrifically remembered as a grave and morbid crime against humanity.

For several months, armed Islamic militia roamed across the Malabar district and terrorized its Hindu population. This militia unleashed several barbaric atrocities on Hindus, such as arsons, destruction of properties, massacres, forcible conversion, gang-rapes, pillages, loots, and desecration of Hindu temples.

Picture Credit – The Sunday Guardian

Several rivers and ponds were filled with lifeless bodies of Hindus, who refused to embrace Islam. Later when the communist government came into power in Kerala, they rewrote the history of this colossal genocide and termed it as a ‘Peasant Strike’.

However, the so-called eminent historians were unable to answer that which peasant asks someone to convert to Islam, and upon refusal killed the person using Islamic rituals, calls Hindus temples as Haram and destroys them, does robbery and dacoity by shouting Allahu Akbar?

Well, this is how Pseudo seculars put such incidents under the carpet. But today we will tell you an aspect of this genocide, which is not known to many. You may be surprised to know that it was thousands of Yogi from the Nath sect and Gurkha soldiers, who gave a befitting reply to Muslims and destroyed their plan to carve out an Islamic state within India.

Nath Yogis and Gorkhas came to rescue Hindus

The situation came under control when brave soldiers of 2/8th and 2/9th Gorkhas, 1/39th Gharwal Rifles, and several other military units were dispatched to Malabar to stop the genocide of Hindus by fanatical Moplah Muslims in 1921. However, some people say that British Government was reluctant to send its Army to quell this genocide, they sat idle for many weeks and let this brutality unleashed.

Gorkhas are known for their extraordinary fighting prowess, and they defeated the fanatical Moplahs Muslims, who were planning to exterminate all Hindus in the district so that they can establish a caliphate. However, they were no match to the brave Gorkhas.

There were more than Moplah Muslims who set up the gangs to unleash havoc against Hindus. They were indulged in guerilla warfare and terrorism to threaten Hindus, but they always tried to avoid direct encounters with the Gorkhas, for obvious reasons.

Picture Credit – Elephant Journal

Another major role was played by the Malabar Special Police, which pushed the Moplahs to the forests and nearby hilly terrain. Once Moplah Muslims were cornered, then Gorkhas and other military units were brought in to take on them in the forests.

Gorkhas and Gharwalis were armed with guns and kukris, and they were able to inflict maximum casualties on Moplah Muslims. As per historians, Moplah Muslims orchestrated a massive attack on Gorkhas on October 20, 1921, when several hundred Moplahs attacked the Gorkhas near Morayur.

Picture Credit – J Nandkumar Twitter

Gorkhas were anticipating this move and they killed several of them immediately. Upon seeing this counterattack from Gorkhas, the rest of the Muslims left their arms and ammunition and escaped to the forests.

Another tussle happened on November 14, 1921, when a mob of 2000 Moplah Muslims attacked the Pandikad post, which is occupied by the company of 2/8th Gorkhas. It is said that more than 50 Moplahs were able to enter the poser, and Gorkhas killed every one of them in no time. Later when facts were checked, it was found that more than 250 Moplah Muslims were killed by the Gorkha battalion.

After Gorkhas started vigorously pursuing the rioters, Moplahs took refuge in forested areas and a large section had started surrendering. By November-December 1921, more than 27,000 Moplah Muslims had surrendered. Later, the Gorkhas captured all the Muslim leaders who were spreading the Khilafat movement.

We would like to tell you that Gorkhas trace their origin to Guru Gorakhnath, the founder of the Nath Sampradaya. Guru Gorakhnath is known for their commitment to protecting cows and Hinduism’s values and culture. Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath Ji is the present chief of Gorakhnath Peeth, and he is famous for his utmost contribution towards preserving Hindutva.

Picture Credit – ForwardPress

We know who Nath sect had contributed immensely to safeguard Hindu Dharma when the Mughals were trying their best to destroy Hinduism. The followers of the Nath sect fought valiantly against the Mughals.

In this centenary year of the Malabar Hindu Genocide, let us remember the contribution of valiant Gorkhas who fought bravely and crushed the Islamist movement called Khilafat in Malabar.


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