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Mahsa Amini’s father refusing to allow prayers over her body amid ongoing protests 


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Mahsa Amini, 22, was held on September 13 by the Iranian “Guidance Patrol,” who took issue with the way she was donning her headscarf. They told her brother that Mahsa was being taken away for an hour of “re-education” when he questioned them.

Amini, however, left the police station later in an ambulance and later passed dead following a three-day coma.

Amjad Amini, her father, has charged that the Tehran authorities covered up his daughter’s death. He asserted that she was beaten while in the custody of the police, according to witnesses.

Amjad Amini stopped the mullah from offering any Islamic prayers over the body of his daughter while making increasing charges against the Iranian government. A now-viral video features the distraught father saying:

“She was condemned by your Islam, and now you’re coming to pray for her? Don’t you feel bad about yourself? You murdered her for just two hairs! … Leave your Islam behind.”

Mahsa Amini allegedly suffered a heart attack while she was in the “re-education” centre and was transported to the hospital right away. Al Jazeera cited a state television report as follows:

However, Mahsa Amini’s family has disputed the account of what happened that was given to them by government representatives. She didn’t have any pre-existing heart issues, they claimed, and she had never had surgery.

Amini’s unexplained murder has infuriated the majority of Iranians in a nation where women must adhere to extremely rigid dress codes. To protest Amini’s death while in detention, thousands of Iranian women have flocked to the streets.

As the nation rages against a regressive government, the family of Mahsa Amini accuses the authorities.

Mahsa Amini passed away while being held by the police just a few days before she began her university classes. The Iranian “morality police,” technically known as the Gasht-e Ershad, detained the 22-year-old Kurdish woman from Saqez while she was visiting Tehran with her family because she was dressed “inappropriately.”

She apparently had a heart attack at the detention facility, which put her into a coma and ultimately led to her death. Her autopsy report and the body at the hospital were apparently never shown to her relatives. Only Amini’s damaged feet and face were visible when they saw her body after it had been entirely wrapped for the funeral.

The physicians gave Mahsa Amini’s family no information regarding her wounded feet, and according to the BBC, her father said:

“Her feet were covered in bruises. I asked the medical professionals to check her feet. They disregarded me. Now they are lying.”

Amjad Amini asserts that this is not the only instance in which Tehrani authorities have lied. Amini underwent brain surgery when she was eight years old, according to the director general of forensic medicine in the province of Tehran.

Her father, though, insists that his daughter has never undergone such a treatment. He claims that aside from “a few cold-related illnesses,” Mahsa hadn’t visited the hospital in the previous 22 years. She had never undergone surgery, he continued.

Furthermore, Amini asserted that witnesses had informed them that the morality police had physically abused his daughter. Iran has recently experienced violence and wrath as women bravely displayed their defiance by openly burning their hijabs and cutting their hair.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who was put in an awkward position after an interview with anchor Christiane Amanpour was cancelled because she refused to wear a headscarf, ordered an investigation into Mahsa Amini’s death.

Iran is in a protest frenzy as Mahsa Amini’s father claims that officials lied about her passing

In spite of the government’s attempt to quell discontent with an internet blackout, protests are raging across the country, and the father of an Iranian lady who died in police detention last week has accused officials of lying about her death.

Doctors wouldn’t let Amjad Amini visit his daughter after she passed away, according to Amjad Amini, whose daughter Mahsa passed away following a morality police detention in Tehran.

According to Emtedad news, an Iranian pro-reform media outlet, her family has stated that she did not have a pre-existing cardiac condition, despite Iranian authorities’ claims that she died after having a “heart attack” and going into a coma. As a result of the public’s disbelief of the authorities’ explanation for her death, deadly protests have broken out.

“They tell lies. They’re making up stories. Everything is a lie … no matter how much I begged, they wouldn’t let me see my daughter,” Amjad Amini told BBC Persia on Wednesday.

When he viewed his daughter’s body leading up to her funeral it was entirely wrapped except for her feet and face — though he noticed bruising on her feet. “I have no idea what they did to her,” he said.

CNN could not independently verify his account with hospital officials.

Mahsa Amini was captured on camera falling at a “re-education” facility where she had been sent by the morality police to receive “advice” on her clothing, according to CCTV footage posted by Iran’s state television.

Anger over her death has grown since her passing, spreading to include topics like freedoms in the Islamic Republic and the damaging effects of sanctions on the economy.

Despite efforts by the government to contain the spread of rallies through internet outages, protests and violent clashes with police have erupted in towns and cities around Iran.

Increasing rage over violent conflicts

According to the human rights organisation Amnesty International, conflicts during the protests have resulted in at least eight deaths in recent days, including a teenager.

According to a study released by Amnesty on Wednesday, at least four of those eight “died from injuries inflicted by security forces firing metal pellets at close range.”

According to sources in Iran, Amnesty reported that security forces shot four further people. Eyewitness statements and video analysis, it was said, demonstrate a pattern of “Iranian security agents shooting metal pellets directly at protestors unlawfully and repeatedly.”


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