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A 15-year-old, Aditya Tiwari was stabbed with a knife multiple times to death by a group of Muslim youth

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A 15-year-old, class 10 student, Aditya Tiwari, was stabbed with a knife multiple times to death by a group of Muslim youth on the campus of Tiwari’s junior high school in the Jalalpur area.  The minor was killed because he stood against and objected to the group’s eve-teasing and molestation of girls outside a coaching institute by Muslim youth. 

The most shocking part of the incident is that the murder was carried out in full public daylight at a packed high school with teachers and staff on duty. The innocent boy was killed just as he was getting out of a class test. Arshad, Taif Ali, and Shahid enter the school and kill him with knives.

According to reports, Aditya’s elder brother is a serving army man and is currently on posting. The young boy also aspired to be an army officer and serve the country. But he was killed for standing up against the wrong and supporting a woman. 

The incident occurred around 11 am when Aditya stepped out of a classroom after sitting a test. The seven accused barged into the school and allegedly Sahil, along with Arshad, Arbaz, and Mohd. Guddu, Ali cornered Aditya. In a matter of seconds, Sahil allegedly stabbed Aditya multiple times in the chest and abdomen.

One of the accused had posted a status update on social media with a caption in Bhojpuri that said, “Jalalpur me aaj khelo hoe”, two hours before he allegedly stabbed Aditya on September 21

Even after such a horrific incident, no police action was taken even after four days of the incident.  Ever since #JusticeForAditya has been trending on Twitter with several thousand tweets.

This incident is another reminder of Kanhaiya Lal’s murder in Rajasthan’s Udaipur and so many other Hindus who have lost their lives at the hands of the so-called minority Muslim community. It is heart-wrenching to see that our country is still unable to manage and control such atrocities on Hindus. 

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