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Maharashtra Minister’s Bodyguards beaten Anant Karmuse for making a Meme, arrested 6 months after the incident, where is Freedom of Expression Mr. Thackeray?


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On April 5 this year, engineer Anant Karmuse (40), a civil engineer from his Thane, was taken to a Maharashtra’s cabinet minister Jitendra Awhad’s house by a group of people and then beaten up severely. His crime? He just shared social media messages and morphed images poking fun of the Minister.

Three police bodyguards of a state cabinet minister were finally arrested on Monday for abducting Anant Karmuse to Awhad’s house, where he was allegedly assaulted.

Senior inspector S B Gaikwad of Vartak Nagar police station said the policemen were arrested and later released on bail in the April 5 case, where Anant Karmuse was allegedly picked up from his residence and taken to the bungalow of the minister, where he was assaulted by around 15 men in the presence of the Awhad, who was irked by a caricature mocking him.

Look what they did with Anant

Thane police had arrested five people in the case on April 9 but there was pressure to take action against cops allegedly present during the attack. This news was suppressed by the Maharashtra Government and no newspaper even print the name of the Cabinet minister from Thackeray Sarkar, we are sure they must have their own reasons for it.

BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya raised this issue on social media and asked for an immediate action against the cabinet minister Awhad.

After a long wait of 6 months, there are 9 arrests made till now, however, an action is required against Minister Awhad on whose instructions this incident happened. On one hand, Maharashtra talks big about freedom of expression, but in actual they are suppressing the freedom of expression for Marathi Manus.


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