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The state assembly election 2021 of West Bengal ended recently. The results were declared on 2 May 2021 and Trinamool Congress Party has been elected to power for third consecutive terms with about three-forth majority. People of West Bengal have been claiming superior intellectuality and mature political consciousness for too long on wrong premise. Past glory and individual achievements of Bongs can’t be generalized anymore. West Bengal has graduated in political violence, political corruption and goonda-raj for too long. Communist and Trinamool Congress have successfully destroyed the state in last 45 to 50 years.

West Bengal has been on decline since 1963, when Chief Minister of the state Bidhan Chandra Roy passed away. He reinforced the foundations of the state after partition of 1947, got the Durgapur & Alloy Steel Plant, Chittaranjan Locomotives, India’s 1st satellite town in Kalyani, Digha Beach Resort, expanded the engineering industries, set up engineering, technology, medical, management, and other institutes.

Calcutta and Jadavpur universities used to be the prime universities in India those days. West Bengal had the IIM, IIT, Indian Statistical Institute, the Operations Research School, Bengal Engineering College, besides, of course, Presidency College, Saint Xaviers College, Scottish Church College and many other venerable institutes.

Calcutta was the HQ of Birla, JK, Bangur, and Thapar and Tata. The grand Tata Centre was built for that purpose. This was the vision of TATA’S. Most of their investment was in Jamshedpur. Most foreign companies had their India HQs in Calcutta. This was the reason Calcutta had best of the Clubs in the country. It had the highest number of International flights, Bombay used to serve mainly Aden, Muscat, and East Africa.

The violent Naxalite movement started in Northern part of West Bengal during 1967 and by 1971 Naxalites gained strong presence among radical students of Calcutta in particular and other urban areas of the state in general with commission of large scale violence, killing and destruction across the state. Congress came to power in the state in 1972 and its Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Ray ruthlessly suppressed the Naxalites through large scale extra judicial killings. Jyoti Basu led Communists, who were very thinly against the Naxalites, exploited the popular resentment against cruel Congress rule and led Left Front to power in 1977 for the first time in the state.

Going back to February 1968, the mega cultural show ‘Ashok Kumar Nite’ happened in Rabindra Sarobar Stadium of Calcutta. It was about a 50,000 strong audience. Dozens of girls and women were dragged out and their raped naked dead bodies were found in and around the Rabindra Sarobar (lake) over the next two days. The CPM leaders (Jyoti Basu & Co) called that mass rape and murder of girls and women as “the rise of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie” and justified the mass crime.

‘Ashok Kumar Nite’ was the culmination of evilness and cruelty that Communists in West Bengal could inject in the minds of its cadre to capture political power. This happened despite M N Roy’s leaving of USSR in 1930 to escape the ‘Great Purge’ of Stalin. M N Roy died in 1954 at Dehradoon (India) un-honoured, unwept and unsung, as a person disillusioned with Communism. More sadly, Abani Mukherjee was executed in Moscow by Stalin in 1937. Both M N Roy and Abani Mukherjee were the founding pillars of Communist Party of India. Thus, besides violence, cruelty and evilness, suppression of facts has been the forte of Communists everywhere in the world including West Bengal.

Calcutta started emptying. Soon after, Aditya Birla was dragged out of his car between GPO and RBI, opposite Writers Building, thrashed, clothes torn, stripped down to his undergarments and made to walk like that to his office at 15 India Exchange Place. With a crowd roaring in laughter and jeering, he went home and took a flight to Bombay, never to return. He took all his money and offices out of Bengal. Today they are one of the top industrial houses in the country.

So did JK and Thapar, within a month. So did most entrepreneurs, so did most MNCs. Latest example was ousting of Tata Nano car manufacturing plant. Those were ‘Mass Exodus’ of money and employment from the state. Today no Industrial house plans to start any project in the state. That being the dream that the Communists of West Bengal wanted to materialize, and there was no change in the present Trinamool Congress government too.

After coming to power in 1977, Communists of West Bengal aggressively implemented ‘land reform’ and ‘Panchayati Raj’ in the state. They demanded a morally high position in India for executing those people’s friendly reforms for politico-economic up-gradation of proletariats of the state. But in actual, both ‘land reform’ and ‘Panchayati Raj’ were used as tools for tightening political grip on common people of West Bengal.

In early 1980s, Communist rule in West Bengal violently resisted introduction of computers. Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon went on to earn business of tens of millions of Dollars in IT sector and created tens of thousands of IT jobs while West Bengal kept on sucking its stupid Communist thumb.

During their inglorious rule, Communists of West Bengal also destroyed the life of Calcutta scientist Dr Subhas Mukhopadhyay who was the architect of second ‘test tube baby’ in the world and first ‘test tube baby’ in Asia. On 3 October 1978, ‘test tube baby’ Kanupriya (Durga) Agarwal was born in Calcutta. Dr Mukhapadhyay was absolutely an apolitical person and did not involve or oil Communist Party of West Bengal in his research work.

The Communist government of the state could not digest the success of Dr Mukhopadhyay as he was ahead of USSR and China. So they officially ridiculed and humiliated him. He was labeled as a mad man and was pushed to commit suicide on 19 June 1981. About 17 years later in 1997-98, the then Prime Minister Atal Vihari Varpayee, was instrumental in recognizing the path breaking contribution of Dr Subhas Mukhopadhyay. But Communists never felt sorry for their cruelty on that scientist. Dr Subhas Mukhopadhyaya was a case study of how destructive Communist Party could be.

Till late 1980s Calcutta was the hub of hosiery industry in South Asia. But a 144 days long strike by Trade Union of Communists destroyed the industry completely. It was alleged that the strike was called at the behest of Communist Party of China. During post 1990, China gradually rose in the same industry and nobody cared about the thousands of jobless hosiery mill workers of Calcutta.

Communists in West Bengal started their political anarchic ‘power game’ from ‘Ashok Kumar Nite’ in 1968 and went through ‘Sain Bari killings’ in 1970, ‘Marichjhapi massacre’ in 1979, ‘Bijon Setu massacre’ of 1982 to ‘Bantala gang rape’ of 1990, ‘Nanoor massacre’ of 2000, ‘Chhoto Angaria massacre’ of 2001, ‘Nandigram massacre’ of 2007 and ‘Netai massacre of 2011’. They also destroyed the work culture and closed down thousands of factories in West Bengal in the name of proletariat. Communists of West Bengal invented different methods of election rigging and took those to the level of art. Their successor, Trinamool Congress also cultivated the same art successfully. Communists made West Bengal a burial ground in 34 years of their rule.

In last period of their rule (2006 to 2011), Communists of West Bengal could understand the failure of their anti-industry and anti-work policies. They tried to reverse the situation by creating Special Economic Zone in Nandigram and Tata Nano car factory in Singur. They also funnily created a slogan, “Agriculture is our foundation, but industry is our future”. But they failed to see that they had already destroyed their future 20 years back. And in 2011 assembly election, Mamata Banerjee’s TMC party defeated Communists after 34 years with their own coin (anti-industry agitations) only.

The TMC rule of the state from 2011 till date has also infected the state with the worse culture of ‘cleansing of political opposition’, ‘Cut Money’, ‘Syndicate’, Para-teachers, Civic Volunteers, ‘Khela-Mela-Utsav’, Imam stipend, ‘Rangdhanu’ and migration of lakhs of laborers to other states. Illegal Muslim immigration from Bangladesh was encouraged in 34 years of Communist rule and Islamic terrorism and Islamism have flourished in the state during last 10 years of TMC rule. Islamic riots/terrorism in Deganga, Noliyakhali, Gangpur, Hazinagar, Tultuligram, Telengepara, Sakrail, Chandannagar, Kolaberia, Ballabpurghat, Katoa, Kharagpur, Gopalbazar, Mallalpur, Kaliachok, Coochbehar, Khagragarh, Dhulagarh, Parui, Patra, Tehatta, Phulbari, Birbhum, Chanchal, Chopra, Mohana, Mohanpur, Naihati, Samudragarh, Rupnagar, Tarakeshwar, Taraknagar and Panchagram of West Bengal during past few years has been the gift of TMC rule.

Besides destroying West Bengal socio-economically, both Communists and TMC have destroyed the state demographically too. In 1951 census, Muslims constituted 19.5% of state population. But now they constitute about 30% of state population. This way in coming fifty years, West Bengal will be a Muslim majority state with its religio-political implications. But Bongs don’t see this and behave like liberal-secular ostriches.

A big proportion of educated Bongs, who could not cope up with destruction of West Bengal, migrated out to other parts of India; to other countries. One finds so many teachers, scientists, researchers, doctors, economists, artists, from West Bengal in the US, UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, but none worth the name here in Bengal. Besides tens of thousands of IT engineers from West Bengal are working in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon. It has been a ‘Mass Exodus’ of brains.

West Bengal in general and Kolkata in particular are populated with a big proportion of retired people and jobless youths. People in rural and semi-urban areas prefer to be free loaders. They can’t cultivate the self respect by getting opportunity to earn money for livelihood within the state. Different attractive stipends are there for poor students, children and women, but no job opportunity exists for them.

Even for treatment purpose, thousands of patients from West Bengal rush to Chennai, Velore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi each year. The people of West Bengal have been strangely watching this downhill journey of the state since five decades and will do so unfortunately for uncertain period of time. One may see the state to turn into an Islamic State in near future. Just keep the fingers crossed.

Among all the states of India, number of beggars is highest (81,224) in West Bengal at present. The state also tops in number of migrant laborers, political crime and crime against women in the country. This is the bottom line of destroyed West Bengal.



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