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A famous saying used to prevail once upon a time in Bengal :
What Bengal thinks today ,India thinks tomorrow ‘ highlighting the rich class of cultural intellectual and socio-political identities of the then Bengalis highly honoured and revered all around the globe .

However in the last 15 years ,it has been completely altered to the saying ,” What Bengal Thinks today ,India never thinks anyday in future ‘ .Such has been the deterioration .The late 2019 and early 2020 saw the entire world fighting against a deadly China virus’ Covid ‘.The Government of India under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister took the aim of securing 130 cr people rising above any form of caste ,creed ,colour or sex .

However, unfortunately the megalomaniac CM of Bengal, who holds the record of contesting elections twice subsequently to hold her CMship, Mamata Banerjee has been instrumental in creating a mess with the people of Bengal adding with her favourite slogan ” Khela Hobe ” . Be it hiding the real numbers of covid during the delta variant ,or be it degradation in hospital infrastructure, Hon’ble CM and her administration has mastered all.The Politicisation of Vaccines was notable under the patronage of her where people with varying political ideologies were harassed for days and months for vaccines .
However ,it seems a preplanned strategy for her every year to play with the card of religion .

With Durga Puja being celebrated in silent mode both in 2020 and 2021 with a Big No Entry to Pandals , the ‘ No Entry ‘ gets cleverly crafted to the religious card .This was very much clearly prevalent from the Eid and Christmas celebrations from 2020 itself.
This year too ,when the experts predicted a third wave and urged for precautionary measures,she keeping in mind the status of her vote bank politics which gets unfortunately blessed by minorities relaxed all measures from 25 th to 31st December ,2021 inspite of having prior information of the rapid spread of the new variant of Covid – Omicron.We have seen the unmanned crowd in lakhs without masks at bars ,cafes ,restaurants being fully aware of the consequences .With the rising cases nearly touching five thousand a day,the situation seems grim again and it won’t be late when we can again hear the cries of bereaved families .Time to time the lapse of administration has come to the forefront with the CM raising her tyrannical voice to say ,” All under control “.

The press note and press conference today stated a complete closure on schools and colleges again however keeping bars open till 10 pm at night clearly highlighting the priorities and culture of the government and yet again adding to the Academic Degradation in Bengal , putting a stake to the Thousands of Youth of Bengal.

Author : Vishal Ghosh


  1. The history repeats itself again. The Red Stain that took 34 years to remove, provided nothing but a heritage and a pride to tarnish. Now this Green Weed of corrupt and greedy leaders is actually keeping the same pledge of the Communists : to ruin the state but not to put their personal pleasures at the stake.


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