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Kashmiris do not feel Indian, they prefer Chinese rule, says Farooq Abdullah. Does he desire people of Kashmir to be brutalised like Uyghur Muslims by Chinese government?


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Not so long ago, when there used to be death, destruction, despair and martyrdom of security forces in Kashmir valley, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah had dared, during 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign, “If India abrogated Article 370, the accession will also not stand, Kashmir would get freedom from India.”

After more than a year, Article 370 was revoked, Jammu and Kashmir have continued to remain an integral part of India. However, Kashmir valley is still disturbed, there has been significant 73% decline in incidents of security forces being killed in Kashmir after Article 370 is gone, as home ministry informed Rajya Sabha in February.

Today, when pro-Pakistani group like Hurriyat is unable to protest and create unrest, hence, there has been no curfew, strike and ‘Bandh’ in the valley, former chief minister Farooq Abdullah says, “At present, people from Kashmir do not feel and do not want to be Indian and might even want the Chinese coming in.”

Speaking to a left leaning journalist Karan Thapar, Farooq Abdullah, MP from Srinagar, said, “Kashmiris would preferred to be ruled by the Chinese even after knowing their human rights record, rather than being part of India.”

Does 82 years old Farooq Abdullah want Kashmir to be treated like Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang?

If China would have ruled Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah would not have been able to exercise freedom of speech. Uighur Muslims can be detained for browsing the net, wearing a veil or growing a beard – or sometimes for no reason at all. Thousands of Uighur Muslims landed up in jail for no reason. Children are often forcibly separated from their parents. China is reportedly carrying out mass and forced sterilization of Uighur women to decrease the community’s population.

Uyghur American activist and advocate from Xinjiang Uyghur, Rushan Abbas. Photo credit WNYCSTUDIOS

Uyghur American activist and advocate from Xinjiang Uyghur, Rushan Abbas is the right woman, who can tell Farooq Abdullah how Chinese government has been perpetrating genocide against Uyghur Muslims. Rushan Abbas has been urging and appealing from Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries to ask China to stop brutality, but no Islamic nation came forward to provide any relief to Uyghur Muslims.

Rushan Abbas further explains the horror story of Uyghur Muslims, “millions of Uyghurs are imprisoned in concentration camps. Islam is outlawed, their organs are harvested, their hair is sold and Uyghur Muslims are facing genocide.”

A leader is to lead his people to progress and development. How can a leader like Farooq Abdullah desire his people to shout cries of agony from brutality inflicted by Chinese rule, their women being sterilized and forced to abort, their children to scream out for their parents.

Radio Free Asia reported that a public toilet was built on the site of Tokul mosque, which was demolished in Atush in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur. Locals say building of toilet on site of mosque is to humiliate Islam to break the spirit of Uyghur Muslims.

Is Farooq Abdullah dreaming such life for people of Kashmir? Shouldn’t people of Kashmir question their leader, Farooq Abdullah?



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