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Joshua Project – An ‘Evangelist’ conspiracy to make India a Christian Nation and destroy Hinduism

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We will start today’s article with a famous quote of Evangelist Pat Robertson in his television program The 700 Club on 23 March 1995, where he expressed his views about Indians:

“I feel that these beautiful people, they are so hungry for God. You know this is the largest democracy in the world, over a billion people, and perhaps this would be considered the most religious country on earth. But they are looking for the wrong God. I believe they are open to Jesus, and my hope is to see 100 million Indians come to the Lord Jesus Christ in the next few years.”

That was the day when a massive data collection project started, which is known as the Joshua Project. It is a Christian organization based in Colorado Springs, United States, which works with Christian missionary organizations to highlight the ethnic groups of the world with evangelical Christianity. In other words, we can say, Joshua Project collects and prepare data for Christian missionaries, and then it facilitates religious conversions.

In India, the Joshua project has created a list of non-Christians and categorized them according to their language, religious affiliation, location, and population. They have carried out a painstaking data collection using the Pincode system devised by the Indian postal department. Here is how they have listed this information on their website.

source : https://joshuaproject.net/countries/IN

Look how Joshua project keeps a track of the Religious Data and their ‘Targets’.

The matter of concern is the Evangelical growth rate in India, which is 3.9%, which is way more than the global rate of 2.6%. The motto of Joshua Project is ‘This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come – Matthew 24:14” aiming to spread Christianity all over the globe.

Joshua Project offers its massive Database to Churches, missionaries, educational centers, and several other Christian agencies to accelerate the mass conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. They use deception to lure Hindus, they copy the traditions of India and their Jesus photographed like Indian Gods, they ask their Pastors to wear ‘Saffron Clothes’ and copy every customs of Hinduism make fool of innocent Hindus.

Indians, in the name of Secularism and Modernization, started to follow their inauspicious customs. And, the Joshua Project is still breathing just with the help of secularists, aware-less people of India. This has to be stopped at any cost, this project is changing the demography of India and which may cost us dearly in the future.

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