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Isn’t it Kangana VS rest of Bollywood, who appears to be paid agents of a political party?


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Wasn’t Kangana Ranaut self destructive to risk her entire film career, when she demanded CBI investigation in Sushant Singh death case? Wasn’t Kangana Ranaut naive and ignorant of consequences, when she dared to expose drug mafia in Bollywood? After all, paper tigers, paper tigress and pseudo activists of entire Bollywood watched like helpless mute spectators, when Mumbai Police botched up Sushant Singh Rajput death case. If Kangana Ranaut would have imitated real life gutless heroes and heroines of Bollywood, Shiv Sena controlled BMC wouldn’t have demolished her office, which she built with her hard earned money. If Kangana Ranaut would have chorused with fake hero and heroines of Bollywood to demand justice for drug peddler, Rhea Chakraborty, she would have been enjoying kitty party with likes of Shweta Bachchan and Zoya Akhtar.

“Kangana Ranaut gave clarion call to expose drug mafia in Bollywood by confronting Shiv Sena to please BJP for a Rajya Sabha ticket” such allegations were made by Bollywood clans for whom everything was absolutely fine with the way Sushant Singh death case was botched up by Mumbai Police, Rhea Chakraborty was peddling drugs, Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet we’re named for taking drugs, Kangana’s office was destroyed by BMC for exercising freedom of expression.

Why would someone risk her life and get her hard earned property ruined only for a Rajya Sabha ticket? President of India nominate famous personalities to the Rajya Sabha for their contributions towards arts, literature, sciences and social services. Bollywood personalities like Rekha, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi came to Rajya Sabha came to Rajya Sabha without risking their lives and without their property getting destroyed.

Since the day Kangana announced to uncover drugs mafia in Bollywood, she is reminded, she was also a drug user, once. In short, she is also not a lesser devil of Bollywood. In a viral video, Kangana is heard saying she was a drug addict, when she became a film star after two years she ran away from her home.

Casting couch or trading of sexual favour to hero, director or producer to get a role in a film, is an open secret act in Bollywood. Drug abuse is another reality of Bollywood. Kangana is successful film star, today. There is no scope for doubt that she was not part of devil in Bollywood ‘or’ she wouldn’t have compromised when she had entered into film world, even if she carries her film on her own shoulder today.

However, what sets Kangana apart from Jaya Bachchan is Kangana didn’t submit herself to be part of dirt and devil of Bollywood unlike Jaya Bachchan, who cried, don’t tarnish the image of Bollywood, which provides source of employment to millions. What Jaya Bachchan actually meant to say, “don’t raise voice if Sushant death case botched up. Allow complete freedom to likes of Rhea Chakraborty to peddle drugs. But, don’t question Bollywood, as it damages the image of Bollywood.

One may agree or disagree with Kangana. However, it can not be denied that by exposing drugs culture of Bollywood, she has shown the true picture of Bollywood to youth of impressionable minds, who follow Bollywood actors blindly. By demanding CBI investigation, Kangna told the world Bollywood is full of paper tigers, who would meekly watch young actor’s life cut short, but would not raise their voice against it.


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