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Isn’t ‘GLORY APOLOGETICS INDIA’ on mission to convert natives misusing Article 25(1) of the Constitution?


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There is a Facebook page named GLORY APOLOGETICS INDIA, which defines itself as Glory Apologetics is a non-denominational ministry started in the year 2015 by “Bro. Francis”. This ministry majorly focuses on Apologetics i.e., defending the Christian worldview (1 Peter 3:15) and evangelism (Matthew 28:19) which is crucial and an urgent need of this hour.

In simple language, this Facebook page is blatantly claiming that Bro. Francis came to India to convert native Indians as evangelism is crucial and an urgent need of this hour. They conduct workshops and events in Mumbai and other cities in India actually to persuade people to convert to Christianity. Here, members of the clergy belonging to Churches are referred to as the ministry. GLORY APOLOGETICS INDIA is just tip of iceberg. Such conversion machineries are deeply infested across the country.

Observing such aggressive conversion machine working day and night, a helpless native Indian asks himself, “Which country on the earth allow its natives Hindus to be converted by foreign missionaries?” But, the shocking truth is Indian Constitution permits a foreigner to promote and propagate his foreigner religion. Article 25(1) of the Constitution says “all persons,” not just Indian citizens, are equally entitled to the freedom of conscience and the right to profess, practise and propagate religion freely.

The question arises why founding fathers of the nation included foreigners can promote and propagate their religion in India?

The British East India Company came to India as traders of spices, a very important commodity in Europe, then. Gradually, deal by deal they made inroads to gain power to take over rulers and ended up colonising India. Britishers had not only ruled India and looted nearly $45 trillion of wealth from India between 1765 and 1938—as renowned economist Utsa Patnaik claims—but also harmed civilisation, ancient faith and cultures of our land beyond repair. To kill self-esteem, and native self-culture Lord Macaulay replaced India’s old and ancient education system with foreign and English language. To develop disdain among Indians towards their own culture, language, heritage and practices, Britishers left no stone unturned to humiliate and denigrate Sanatan Dharma and its practices to promote and propagate Christianity.

Nevertheless, constitution of India permit a foreigner to promote his religion is beyond any logic. The Supreme Court of India unequivocally declared that the right to propagate does not mean the right to convert. But, for an evangelist right to promote and propagate foreign religion is an opportunity for conversion. Conversion machinery is aggressively working to convert naive Hindus is an open secret with administration watching as mute spectators. Conversion machinery is well aware of the loopholes in the law, therefore, they openly refer Article 25(1) of the Constitution to claim their rights to convert unsuspecting Hindus. What is dangerous trend for the nation is eco system of conversion machinery influence voters to back their favourite political parties to back.

Christianity has already penetrated its strategic deep roots on the outskirts of social life in India resulting in millions of Hindus being converted, because Hinduism did not fix any barricade for its protection. Bharatvarsh would not remain India only geographically if ancient faith and culture of the land are not protected. India must not go America way, wherein native Americans were wiped out to allow outsiders and immigrants to run America.

To protect the oldest civilisation, Indus Valley Civilisation, India must amend Article 25(1) of the Constitution where only Indic religions should be allowed to be promoted and propagated, before it is too late.


  1. Dear Author,
    Brother Francis or Team GA are Indians only, with what kind of prove are you trying to accuse them? Have you ever been to online or offline seminars? Have ever been a art of their efforts? Showing the selected and edited details of the team and the founder doesn’t make your accusation true.
    Thousands of things are their to say against Made Man rules but accusing someone and calling him a threat is no where justified.
    And my dear friend if you really think threat is because of them, then please evaluate your article again. May God bless with good wisdom and understanding.

  2. without knowing anything how can you make any claim in your article,you don’t even know bro Francis is Indian or foreigner and wrote a full article, first do some reaserch brother
    1.why are so much afraid of Christianity that they are converting others that means your religion is lacking a lot that has no power to withstand power of Christ love that is selfless love
    2.have you done any research about missionaries what works they have done in India that transformed Indians lives, you guys learnt from missionaries, studied from their schools and when time came you got a chance to blame them
    3.british East India company has nothing to do with missionaries go and study some articles they didn’t even allowed missionaries to India like William Carey.
    you people don’t even care about Indians, you people are enraged with anger when someone tells about Christianity, first of all ask your self what service you have given to Indians.
    4.article 25(1) in constitution gave by Dr br ambedkar and he is not a propagandist like you, propagating itself means spread and promote this simple thing you don’t know.
    may God open your eyes

  3. O sis It is not Glory Apologetics or Francis Bro who is spreading hate it is you and Hindutva groups against us Abrahamics We are also Indians Don’t You ever harass us in the name of Britishers to us Christians and Mughals to Them Our Muslim Brothers If you have any problem debate and you fool is saying that Constitution should Be ammended to Allow only Dharmics meaning Hindus, Sikhs and others to share their faith which intend us illogical because These religions are not Saying it’s followers to propagate their religion But It is Abrahamics whose religion is saying to propagate their religion You are not only spreading hate against Abrahamics about also regrowing that British,Islamic or Say Hindu Rastra India that only spreads Inequality and unrighteousness that our ancestors whether Christians or Muslims or Hindus or Other Dharmics through their unity and continuously struggle had rooted off
    Christians Love all as their brothers and Sisters not trying to convert or making a propeganda We preach not convert
    India secular hai to rehne do Vaapas Hindu Rastra ke naam par Abrahamics so satao mat
    Mera Desh Bharat Tha, Hai aur Rahega
    Jai Masih Ki
    Jai Hind


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