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Is the Hathras case going in the same direction like 2015 Faridabad case where Rahul Gandhi & sold media tried to create fake narrative against Khattar govt ?


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On 20 October 2015, India woke up as the news channels screamed – “Two children burnt alive after a dalit family was set afire by upper caste men in Faridabad.” Jitender, the father of the two children who died in the fire, was quoted as saying, “We were sleeping when they (Rajput men) poured petrol from the window. I smelt the petrol and tried to wake up my wife but by then the fire had started. My children died in the fire.”

There was an outpour of anger all across. That there are people in this country who can burn little children alive to take revenge on their parents, shook the conscience of the nation. Like a missionary, Rahul Gandhi sensed an opportunity in this tragedy to drive Dalits away from BJP who had overwhelmingly voted for the party in the assembly elections that were held just a few months ago. Rahul rushed to the Sonped village in Faridabad to meet the kids’ parents and squarely blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for children’s death. He accused PM Modi, CM Khattar and the BJP-RSS of “crushing the weak and poor.” Rahul assured the kids’ parents, “I will get you justice.”

Taking cue from Rahul Gandhi, the Indian media asked, “Upper caste men killing children of Dalits – Is this the idea of BJP’s Ram Rajya?” And then, taking cue from the Indian media, the international media ran stories with headlines like, “Atrocities on lower castes on the rise in Modi’s India.” Deceased kids’ father blaming Rajputs for fire, Rahul Gandhi blaming prime minister Modi, domestic and international media blaming Modi too, Dalits in some parts of the country threatening to convert to Islam – the way it all happened, made me suspicious about the whole affair.

I decided to wait and watch, especially so because neither the politicians nor the media was interested in knowing what the Rajput family, that was charged with murder, had to say. The Rajput family in question, agreed that they had a history of enmity with Jitender’s family. They said that Jitender’s family was behind the murder of three of their family members for which a case was going on in the court. But they outrightly denied that they had anything to do with children’s death.

The attack on Modi, Khattar and Ram Rajya, by Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and the leftist media went on for more than a week. They said that Haryana’s BJP government is trying to “shield the killers” because they were from upper caste. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar handed over the case to CBI. The CBI registered a case of murder against 11 persons and arrested seven. It tried to find out what caused the fire. When they learnt that a jagran (जागरण) was going on in the vicinity of the house, they wondered how come nobody noticed anything suspicious? Then they found out that there were no signs of attack on the house and only the bed on which the four members of the family were sleeping had caught fire. And then came the report of forensic analysis which was in complete contradiction with the version put out by Jitender, who claimed that the Rajputs poured petrol from the window and set the house on fire.

The CBI concluded that the “origin and source of fire was from inside the room and not from outside.” The forensic experts found a half-burnt kerosene oil plastic bottle under the partially burnt bed and a burnt matchstick lying on a slab next to the window of the room. There were “no traces of outside entry” into the premises when the alleged attack took place.

By the time the forensic reports came in, it was clear that there was no truth whatsoever in what Jitender was claiming. Rahul Gandhi, without knowing the truth, or may be he knew it well, started blaming Modi government for the unfortunate deaths. It appears that it was Rahul who cooked up the Rajputs vs Dalits story and asked Jitender to read from his script. Jitender agreed to do this to save himself from going to jail because it was he himself who had killed his two children, accidentally or otherwise. It should be noted here that Jitender’s wife too had received 70% burn injuries.

This shows Rahul Gandhi’s true colours. When he hears that there is a fire, he doesn’t try to douse it, he aggravates it by putting petrol into it. The Faridabad issue was twisted to draw political mileage from it but when they learnt that their lies have been exposed, they chickened out. No mediaperson who looked so concerned then about getting justice for the Dalit family, ever asked Rahul Gandhi, “Has the deceased kids got justice as promised by him when he visited their family? If not, why not? Why did he abandon the case in between and not pursue it to its logical conclusion?” If you search Google, you would get no news about the Faridabad kids-burning issue after January 2016. The last news is about CBI concluding that there was no Upper Caste vs Lower Caste angle in this tragedy.

We need to understand the strategy of Modi-Yogi haters. Whenever a rape or murder is committed somewhere in the country, or someone commits sucide, the first thing these vultures do is, find out the caste and religion of the victim. They then figure out if the incident can be given a communal (anti-Muslim/Christian) or casteist (anti-Dalit) twist. If it can be, they do it with full fervour by incorporating the Modi-hating media which is ever ready to be taken on board. That’s exactly what is happening in the Hathras case now. Both Hathras and Faridabad cases are a Mullah-Marxist-Missionary ploy to defame Hinduism and make Hindus feel ashamed about themselves. This, they hope, will help them bring down the Modi government which is the biggest hurdle in their path of breaking India into pieces.

Take it from me. As the facts start emerging, the Hathras case too will be consigned to the dustbins of history just like the Faridabad case was. So don’t be in a hurry and fall into the trap laid by 3Ms. Just wait and watch! Rest assured that the culprits in the Hathras case, whosoever it may be, will be brought to book and punished. And that day will be a happy day for ordinary Indians irrespective of the caste or community they belong to.

Please know that unlike us, the Modi-haters didn’t get sad and angry when they learnt that one “Hathras ki Beti” has been “raped” and killed. The news made them ecstatic because in the death of a young girl, they don’t see the loss of humanity, they see an opportunity to attack the Yogi government and by extension the Hindus. It’s for no reason that their messages, their cartoons, their graphics are laced with hatred for Hinduism. Friends! United Hindus are the biggest hurdle in the way of balkanisation of this country. Hence they want this unity to be broken. Hence the constant attempt to incite Dalits against those who are known as Upper Castes.

But let me tell these presstitutes – Howsoever hard you may try, you cannot succeed in your propaganda this time because this is not 2002. This is 2020 where you don’t control the narrative. We do. Friends! The way they are all grouping together and plotting agaiinst Yogi, I am sure Yogi will win again in 2022. And this time, the victory will be even BIGGER than that in 2017. And once that happens, nobody can stop Yogi from becoming the Prime Minister of India in due course. The Mullahs, Marxists and Missionaries dread that day. And that’s what is giving them sleepless nights.


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