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Is Diljit Dosanjh running more than 50 shell companies to fund Farmer Protest?? Home Ministry may take action soon


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India is witnessing one of the most aggressive and longest Farmer protests on the borders of Delhi. There are multiple Bollywood and Punjabi film personalities came into the picture and pouring in their support for these protests.

However, one of the most vocal personalities is Diljit Dosanjh, who is fighting with other stars, tweeting in Punjabi, sometimes ranting illogically as well. Though he has got a lot of support from Canada and the UK as well, especially the Khalistani faction is going gaga over Diljit Dosanjh.

However, Diljit’s recent act of aggressive solidarity towards the farmers’ protesting in Delhi has made us skeptical about his intentions. We dig a little and found some dark secrets of Diljit, which may help you to understand his newfound love with protests.

Based on the research of Vijay Gajera and LRO, it has been found that Diljit is involved in the game of shell companies. This LRO group has submitted names and other details of these 50+ shell companies to the Home Ministry, and most of them are operated by Diljit and Sundip Singh Khakh. It has been found that Billions routed through Dharam Seva Records like the organization to fund rioters n protests.

People like Gurmeet, Daljit, Dinesh Auluck, and many others have started many companies and dissolved them in no time. Several companies like Speed UK Recs Ltd, Dharam Seva Limited (DSL), Famous Std Ltd, Buildage Ltd, Atma Teas Ltd, Flamesky Ltd, Kudos Music Ltd, Eventimm Services Ltd, Funky Store Ltd, E3UK Records Ltd were opened and then shut, as they were used to route the money.

It’s not the first such instance where such shell companies have been created to pump black money in India by hoodwinking Indian Law Enforcement n Financial monitoring Agencies. They are working as an offshoot of Khalsa Aid and they have openly funded Shaheen Bagh protesters, Delhi rioters n Muzzaffar Nagar rioters.

Khalsa Aid is very active in notorious black money and tax haven regions of Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Cen Africa, Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Libya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK n Wales, Turkey, Uganda, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Iraq, regions where Sikhs r persecuted.

This is not the first time Diljit has been found in such controversy. Even in 2012 Income Tax department had conducted raids on the houses of Punjabi signers Diljit Dosanjh, Miss Pooja, Gippy Grewal and the premises of two Punjabi film producing firms.

We hope our Home Ministry will scrutinize the documents and take an appropriate action against these personalities, who are influencing innocent people and misguiding them in the name of Farmer protests.


  1. उफ्फ्फ…. क्या सोचते थे ईन लोगों के बारे मे….. धोखा


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