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Is Andhra Pradesh turning into a Christian Pradesh?

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As per the last census in 2011, Andhra Pradesh’s (undivided) population had 88.46% of Hindus and 9.56% were Muslims. It was observed that the total Christian population was around 1.35% and it was added that their population is decreased continuously since the census of 1971. The total number of Christians in Andhra Pradesh was about 6.8 lakhs according to the census 2011.

However, Data proves some other phenomenon. As we know that Christianity has two major factions, Catholic and Protestant. If we talk about the Protestants, then there are multiple branches within and the largest one is Lutheran Church, and as per their website, they have more than 30 Lakh members in Andhra Pradesh alone. So the number of about 7 lakh is already surpassed in one branch of the church only, just think the actual numbers of Christians in the state.

A recent TV interview of sitting YSRCP MP from Narsapuram, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju confessed that there is a large scale conversion happen in Andhra Pradesh and actually population might have crossed 25% of the population. It is an irony that there is no discussion on such an important issue and there is no hue and cry on this issue.

These points prove beyond doubt that there are large scale conversions to Christianity as well the census data could be fudged.

We believe the reason for hiding this information could be due to the Government-sponsored benefits. Despite a large number of government schemes for Christians, including giving some benefits to Christian converts from Scheduled Caste, the reservations in educational institutions and jobs are only available to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and OBCs.

Scheduled Castes can only be of Hindu or allied religions, not Islam or Christianity. Many converts to Christianity from Scheduled Caste are not showing their new religious identity for fear of loss of their reservation benefits. It is to be remembered that this tactic is used in the other Indian States as well. Converted people do not change their names on conversion to Christianity.

This is proved many times, multiple senior IAS officers Andhra, who claim SC status for their government are actually converted Christians. Even the Andhra CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is a Christian. The Home Minister is a Christian, the DGP of Andhra is a converted Christian. Even the Andhra Intelligence chief, TTD Chairman, Andhra’s Education minister, and more than 50% of Andhra Cabinet Ministers are indeed converted Christians. Most numbers of Disctirct collectors are converted christians.

Jagan Government is spending Tax Payer’s money on Christians. Last year, the Andhra hiked the financial assistance for Christian pilgrims going to Jerusalem, from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. In August last year, Andhra government declared that they would provide an honorarium of Rs 5,000 per month to all the Pastors. Andhra Government is also working to launch housing schemes and financial assistance for the poorer sections of the Christian community only.

It is very much true to call Andhra Pradesh a ‘Christian Pradesh’ now.

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