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Indian Army’s Chandigarh Lobby – The Enemy within our own Defense Forces

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On December 8, 2021, India witnessed a massive setback when an Indian Air Force Mi-17 V5 helicopter carrying our CDS General, and 13 others had a tragic crash that killed 13 persons on board. The accident happened in the deep jungles of Nilgiris, some distance away from Wellington where the CDS was to deliver a lecture.

As and when the crash was reported, speculations and disturbing visuals were doing the rounds, which was causing anxiety among the people. The nation was praying and hoping for their survival, but the moment this news was broke, the entire nation was stunned.

Amid all this brouhaha and extreme sadness, we did witness a tragic and shameless human nature. We see how some high-ranking military officers were declaring his death, were abusing our CDS, and calling this accident an outcome of his ‘bad’ Karma.

Unfortunately, these retired Army Officers were busy scoring goals and showing their deep-rooted hatred against CDS Rawat.

Picture Source – Twitter handles of respective officers

People were baffled and shocked to the core, as this is the first time when the senior-most Indian Armed Forces officer was shamed and ridiculed by our own veterans. The CDS is a constitutional position, that represents no political party, he was the chief of India’s armed forces, and then the first CDS of our Nation.

We indeed failed to understand this lack of human sensitivity or respect. However, there are several reasons for this behavior of our veterans, let us discuss that.

What is Chandigarh Lobby?

The infamous Chandigarh Lobby is a group of serving and veterans armed force officers, who are not exclusively based in Chandigarh, but only centered there, whereas, its elements exist in different parts of the country.

This is a group of influential officers, who were involved in the decision-making of the Indian Armed force apparatus, and they were calling the shots as far as defense procurements were concerned, and it has very close proximity with Congress.

Evil acts of Chandigarh Lobby

It was the Ex-COAS General VK Singh who act tough against them and tried to break the back of the Chandigarh Gang, but it continues to survive. This is the same lobby, that was instrumental in dismantling of Indian Army’s best covert unit “TSD”. This unit was able to carry out several covert operations across LOC and LAC.

Hope you remember that a retired Lt Gen Tejinder Singh offered Gen VK Singh, a bribe of 14 crores. General VK Singh rejected this offer and raised the alarm by informing the Defence Minister Antony. However, due to his close connections with Congress leadership, nothing happened to Lt Gen Tejinder Singh, but General VK Singh was hounded with a a fake news of military coup and even an unnecessary controversy on his birth date.

Former Brahmos Chief A Sivathanu Pillai writes in his book ‘The Path Unexplored’ that army commanders tried their best to sabotage the Brahmos cruise missile – India’s most successful weapon. Although he doesn’t name them but it’s the Chandigarh Lobby.

Pillai reveals that these senior military commanders wanted to scuttle the BrahMos project by declaring its performance unsatisfactory. Their plan was to continue India’s dependency on imports, which would result in more kickbacks for middlemen.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of pro-Chinese articles in our media. We have seen a couple of veterans, who are actually portraying themselves as ‘Defence Experts’ and write articles against the Indian perspective. They indeed spread the narrative given by their Chinese masters to demoralize our forces.

Here is an example of Lt Gen H.S. Panag, who is openly saying that AFSPA should be removed from North East and armed forces must return to barracks. Just ponder on this thought for a moment and understand the beneficiary of any such outlandish decision.

Picture Source – Twitter handle of HS Panag

Lt. Gen Panag portrays China as a superpower and demeans India as an inferior nation, that can not take stand against China.

Picture Source – The Print

There is also a group of sold-out ones, few Ex-Indian Army officers, who are acting like ‘intellectuals’ but peddle the Chinese version of events and propagate the Chinese propaganda gleefully. One such example is Pravin Sawhney, who is an alleged defence expert and he is infamous for writing pro-Chinese articles.

He used to create lot of noise on LAC skirmishes and used to publish propaganda articles on daily basis, just to mislead the people and demoralize our forces.

Picture Source – Twitter handle of Pravin Sawhney

There are some people who hate to see India manufacturing its own defence equipment and buying without involving the usual ‘dealers’. These officers keep on raising doubts on indegeniously made defence armaments and always portray them as inferior version of ther western counterparts.

There are some individuals who had been expecting a change of leadership at both political and military levels so they can go back to their days of sweetheart deals and benefits. They keep on blaming and accusing Modi government on every other issue.

Picture Source – Twitter handle of HS Panag

Lt Gen. Panag once endorsed a coup against the government of India, if Modi is elected to power again, such is the hatred seething in their minds.

Picture Credit – Gen HS Panag twitter

General Rawat is said to have dismantled the ‘Chandigarh lobby’ that used to avail massive benefits from shady arms deals. General Rawat was known to be incorruptible. He was implementing Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar India project in the defence services.

Today, many sectors are now off limits to importers. The loss to the Chandigarh lobby must be to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees, and that was the reason why he was hated by this Chandigarh Lobby.

It’s convenient to blame China or Pakistan, but looking within us is the toughest thing to do. No country, with the exception of Pakistan, has more internal enemies and saboteurs than India. Unfortunately, this is the one angle that will never be revealed, and this is the one thing we must make everyone aware of.

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  1. It is very sorry state of affairs. Every nationalist should support ATMNIRBHAR BHARAT. The money saved will be used for modernization of defence sector. Ignore and reject this Chandigarh lobby.

  2. Atma Nirbhar is an INESCAPABLE MUST for our country. Pro Pak-Pro China vested interest lobby must be exposed, shamed and jailed. There is nothing India can not achieve, only thing corruption and beurocracy red tape must be destroyed at every level of governance.

  3. Efforts of the government is very laudable n all effort must be done to sustain Atmanirbhar Bharat mission. People like Mr HS Panag n the chandigarh lobby should be taken to task n made accountable for the gratis received from external sources

  4. A very true and alarming picture brought out. A must read for every nationalist. Very unfortunate that some greedy people tarnish the image of our great army, especially the senior cadre. Such acts leave long lasting impact on rank and file and not good for military ethos. Issue must be chased to result.

  5. Shame on Chandigarh lobby led/supported by likes of Lt Gen Panag for their anti national stance/activities.

  6. Its a load of tripe from the saffron stables. What happened in Eastern Ladakh. We didnt even have cold weather clothing for our troops. This govt got the troops down from the heights our troops captured. Modi gave in to the Chinese. He must resign. We dont have aircraft. Atamnirbharta will delay our defence preparedness . We must import what is of dire need. Atamnirbharta can be parallel to it. Why dont they name Chandigarh lobby. Defence deals are finalised by Defence Ministry and not a bunch of generals from the Army. Its fake news to divert attention. OROP. Modi is lying. Where is OROP.

  7. Attempt to drive a wedge between the armed Forces fraternity . Must be rejected outright. It would further politicise the Army which is not in interest of our great Army n great Nation. Atamnirbhar Bharat is a good initiative we must continue to work towards achieving this. It’s a continuous process like improvement of defences. All countries try to be Atamnirbhar . Peace brimg along greater Prosperity which is a key driver of Atamnirbhar Goal. We need to shun the people who are harbinger of hatred rather than Peace n Prosperity .


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