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India finally hits China and Pakistan, where it hurts the MOST !!


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India has a traditional image of being a ‘Soft State’ for ages. We boast about the fact that India has never tried to attack any neighboring country. We never believed in Colonialism and always maintained that we should never interfere in the internal matters of our neighbors.

However, such soft policy is indeed responsible for multiple ongoing internal issues India mired with. We can name a few, like the Kashmir issue, the Khalistani separatist issue, North East problems, and the Maoism issue in the red corridor of India. Everyone knows that it’s either China or Pakistan behind all these mayhems, but unfortunately, our previous governments were so weak that they never got the courage to give a befitting reply to our adversaries.

If you all remember, PM Modi has declared many a times, that we have to talk to our enemies in their own language, we have to stop writing the love letter. PM Modi has been mocked for such statements whenever India faces any attack from either China or Pakistan. PM also took name of Baluchistan and POK from Red fort, but their is a general consensus that nothing much has been done on that front yet. However, with this article, we will be sharing some glaring examples of what is happening behind our enemies lines.

Let’s start with few recent developments in Pakistan, which have made both China and Pakistan nervous and perplexed.

1. August 4th, Baluch activists staged a massive protest against China and Pakistan in Seoul, South Korea.

2. August 3rd, Chinese Government pushed Pakistani Government to declare BLA (Baluchistan Liberation Army) a terror group in United Nations.

3. August 1st, several Baloch and Sindhi separatist groups announced the formation of an alliance, aimed at attacking Chinese interests in Pakistan and take action against Chinese investments like CPEC, Dams and Power Plants.

4. July 31st, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) attacked a Pakistani check post and killed a total of 7 Pakistan army soldiers in two separate attacks.

5. July 26th, BLA attacked Pakistani army in Turbat, Baluchistan and killed 1 soldier and injured 3.

6. July 14th, unidentified gunmen attacked a Pakistani post and killed 8 Soldiers.

7. June 27th, massive protests in Baluchistan against China-Pak bonhomie and increasing presence of China around Gwadar.

8. June 29th, BLA linked Majid brigade attacked Karachi Stock Exchange and total 11 person killed.

9. May 20th, massive protests occurred in Gilgit-Baltistan against illegal construction of dams by China.

Please read our coverage for the same news (https://trunicle.com/massive-anti-china-protests-erupted-in-pok-against-illegal-construction-of-dams)

10. May 18th, Seven Pakistani Army soldiers killed in two ambushes in Balochistan.

11. May 9th, 6 Pakistani soldiers, including a serving Major killed in an IED attack in Kech district of Baluchistan.

Now please connect the dots, do you see a pattern? Do you remember the time since China has started it’s aggression against India? Yes, it was the first week of May this year, when China started showing its aggression towards India, which resulted in Galwan Valley incident, where we lost our 20 Brave hearts.

India has actually upped the ante since it has realized that China and Pakistan are acting together against India on every possible platform. We cant provide you the source here, but sometimes its better to just sit tight and enjoy the game of shadows.

Several Pakistani Separatist Group came together against China and Pakistan

Per our sources, Chinese and Pakistani governments are miffed with the recent amalgamation of all the separatist groups of Pakistan under an umbrella. Isn’t it a similar kind of joint effort like the United Jihad Council, created to unleash the terror in India. Now India is returning the favor to both China and Pakistan, and it is reflected in Pakistani’s separatist group’s joint statement.

Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar, or BRAS, a group of four Baloch separatist organizations, announced that it is making an alliance with Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA), to put a combined front to fight against the oppressive policies of both China and Pakistan.

Sangar further added that “Sindh and Balochistan are equally affected by the ‘expansionist’ and ‘oppressive’ resolves of China. Through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China aims to subjugate Sindh and Balochistan and occupy the coasts and resources from Badin to Gwadar.

(reported by https://asia.nikkei.com/)

Sangar claimed that the recent attack on Karachi Stock Exchange was indeed a joint effort of Baloch and Sindhi separatists.

China has pressed the panic button, it has understood that if Pakistani separatist groups are not contained then they will create the havoc for Chinese projects, especially CPEC, Gwadar Port, multiple Dams, and Power plants in POK/Gilgit Baltistan. China’s hundreds of Billion Dollars are at stake and this is the reason why China is pursuing Pakistan to approach United Nation and get the BLA declared as a Terror Group.

Though the Pakistani government has developed cold feet on this issue, as it wants to deal with its internal issues on their own. But isn’t this an irony? What is left for Pakistan which it can consider as ‘Internal’? It has surrendered against China and has given an undeclared right to occupy the Pakistani Territory and use its resources.

India has learnt this ‘Game Of Shadows’

We are in the opinion that the Indian Government will never say that they are doing such activities behind the enemy lines because that is what the diplomatic protocols permit. However, it is very much visible now that India has learned this ‘Game of Shadows’ from its adversaries and now giving them a tough fight on their own turf. the current Indian regime has an unofficial policy to disintegrate Pakistan into multiple parts, and it has really started working from the last couple of years.

Indian Government is playing in the background and if you really want to understand this game, then analyze the consecutive steps India has taken especially with respect to Jammu and Kashmir. Though we still have a long way to go, but we are content that at least this Government is showing some balls and it reflects in the nervous approach of both China and Pakistan.


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