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In conversation with Trunicle, Renee Lynn reveals how Sanatan Dharma liberated her and transformed her life


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What attracts an American to India? United States of America is the largest economy and the most dominant military power in the world with Human Development Index rank at 15, which falls under the very high human development category, while India ranks at 129 in HDI index, which is medium human development category.

The answer is; it is Sanatan Dharma, its spirituality, Yoga, transcendental meditation, which attract an American to India. Meet Renee Lynn, an American author and columnist, who fell in love with rich culture, customs and intellectual fulfilment of Sanatan Dharma. While speaking to trunicle.com Renee Lynn says, Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism has impacted her greatly because she grew up in Christian environment, where according to Bible, one has to accept the Jesus as personal saviour or one would burn in hell forever with unbearable torture. This ideology of Christianity caused a lot of anxiety, shame and guilt in Renee Lynn.

Burdened with anxiety and sense of guilt, Renee Lynn learnt about Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma. Renee says when she discovered Sanatan Dharma deeper, it set her free from anxiety and sense of guilt. She felt as if she had wings to fly. She can converse with tree and every entity in nature. Sanatan Dharma transformed Renee Lynn to get unified with nature. She turned vegetarian and started respecting animals specially cows in 2006. When Renee came to India for the first time in January 2009, she found Hindus in India respecting every entity of nature. It was heartwarming to experience cows are holy and pious for Hindus. Cow slaughter is what that distresses her the most.

What does Renee Lynn feel when she witnesses pastors, fathers and even clergy of other faith such as Islam demonising denigrating Sanatan Dharma? What would she convey to brainwashed converts from Hinduism? Renee answers, Christian missionaries tempt poor and vulnerable people with kickbacks and money to convert to Christianity. Therefore. Renee would ask a convert from Hinduism if he really followed his heart before converting to other faiths or they got lured.

As a Christian, Renee felt stifled as she was always scared that she did something wrong. She is a sinner. She would burn in hell when she dies. It was constant pressure to be perfect. Renee felt liberated in Sanatan Dharma where one surrenders oneself to God.

Renee Lynn explains how she was brainwashed by Churches. Churches injected fear in Renee Lynn by saying, “if you do Yoga, you are possessed by demon. The demon would enter into your soul. If you do meditation, the demons would get you. If you worship Hinduism, the demons attack you. Before learning and discovering Sanatan Dharma, Renee had to unlearn what she was taught by churches.

Renee insists urban Hindus must enrich and enlighten themselves with wisdom pearls of Sanatan Dharma, instead of aping westerners to look cool and liberals.
Renee has not been to Ayodhya, but she is very curious to visit there now to feel holy presence, energy and excitement of laying the foundation stone of the Ram Temple on 5 Aug.

Renee was not born in India, but calls India her motherland. She was born Christian, but has more knowledge about Sanatan Dharma than a common Hindu born in India. She is a sensitive woman who heard stifling whispers of her heart burdened with ideology—if you don’t accept the Jesus as your personal saviour, you would burn in hell forever. She is fearless woman who dived into Sanatan Dharma to liberate herself from such constant fear.

She is running a movement called voiceforindia.com and she doesn’t shy away how Hindu daughters are losing in Love Jihad. Would she enlighten urban Hindus, who are getting far from their roots to ape westerners?

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