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India Exposes Terrorist State Pakistan’s ‘5 Big Lies’ At UN, Here are the details


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Exposing the lies peddled by its mission at the United Nations (UN), India on Monday hit out at Pakistan and said that Islamabad has put out a false statement claiming that their envoy Munir Akram spoke at the United Nations Security Council while the session was not open to non-members.

Pakistan’s ‘five big lies’ exposed

‘Imran referred to Osama as a martyr’

Dismissing claims by the country that it is a ‘victim of terrorism by India’, the Indian Mission reminded UNSC that Pakistan is the biggest sponsor of terrorism against India.

Rejecting its claims that Al Qaeda has been decimated from the region, India underlined that Osama bin Laden was hiding in that country in plain sight.

The world has seen through their lies yet again.

This comes after Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram put out a random statement today masquerading it as if the statement was made by him to the United Nations Security Council.

But for their purpose, the statement was picked up by Pakistani media and was portraying it as Munir Akram’s statement at the Security Council.

In an apparent statement released on Twitter on Monday Akram called on the UN Security Council to combat all forms of terrorism and act against all terrorist organizations and ideologies, including the Hindutva extremists in India. Pakistan wanted to play their Kashmir card yet again and wanted to create a false narrative to the world community to prosecute Indian civil and military personnel for “the worst form of state terrorism” perpetrated against the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

India reminder Pakistan, the way they have done systemic cleansing, India highlighted that Pakistan’s minority population has dropped drastically from 1947 to what it is today which is just about 3 per cent.

Yet again India has exposed Pakistan, a Terrorist state who has been sponsoring terrorism against India. Pakistan to hide their economic and social blunders has been targetting India but has never been successful.


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