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In the name of Islam, aren’t moderate Muslim intellectuals in India trying to shield jihadis & terrorists?


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“If any person makes such a bad cartoon of my father or mother, then I will kill him,” 
threatens Munawwar Rana. When asked if he supports entire incident in France, he said, I would kill him. This is how Indian poet, Munawwar Rana defended beheading of French teacher and  terrorist attack in France in an interview with Zee News on 31 October. 

What is the difference between Urdu poet Munawwar Rana and terrorist, Abdullah Azarov, who brutally beheaded French teacher, Samuel Petty on 16 October 2020? 

Likes of Munawwar Rana and Abdullah Azarov follow the same ideology of extremism, but   Abdullah Azarov executes the ideology, while Munawwar Rana is called a moderate Muslim, who provides ideological support to radical Islamist like Abdullah Azarov. 

Was the beheading an act of abnormality, cruelty by an extremist, a mentally deranged, who doesn’t represent his faith?  What amounts of hatred, savagery and barbarity does it take for an 18 years old Abdullah Azarov to cut off an innocent teacher, Samuel Petty’s head?

Hatred, cruelty and bestiality of Abdullah Azarov, the beheader was not only supported by Islamic states like Turkey and Pakistan, but openly endorsed by India’s Muslims like Munawwar Rana, who had hidden themselves in cover of secular and moderate Muslims. 

Tufail Ahmad, a moderate Muslim, who has written Jihadist Threat to India: The Case for Islamic Reformation by an Indian Muslim, which is in-depth study of jihad, terrorism in India. Tufail Ahmad did raise his concern for reform in Islamic society, propagating and promoting a secular education for the Muslim youth, particularly girls between ages of 6-14. However, his true colour displayed from his background from a student at madrasas in Bihar, to study at JNU and work at the BBC, when Yogi Adityanath became Chief Minister of UP. His madarsa education made forget that Yogi Adityanath was a democratically elected leader, when he started spewing venom against everything in India. 

When Rahat Indori, another moderate Bollywood lyricist claimed, “Everyone’s blood is included in the soil, India doesn’t belong to someone’s father,” he forgot Muslims had already got two nations in the name of Islam. Whenever, it comes to Islam, true colour moderate Muslims is on display. 

Even if, Islamic nations rallied against France, Indian leadership firmly stood by France officially deploring unparliamentary language on French President Emanuel Macron, but Indian Muslims displayed their allegiances to Islamic states. 

Posters of the French President Emanuel Macron was pasted on roads at Bhindi Bazaar in Mumbai with an intention to humiliate French President. Even young children were used to shout slogans in other areas in Mumbai. Were these small children aware of what they were doing? NO. This was display of hatred being injected in impressionable minds at very early age. 

Congress MLA Arif Masood led a mob of thousand Muslims to protest against French President at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Hatred for France was deeper than scare of Covid-19 pandemic. 

Even an educated Muslim like Farhan Zuberi from Aligarh Muslim University, openly threatened to behead people in the name of protest, when he announced, “If anyone dare to say something against Him (Muhammad).” Demonstration against France continued to take place in Indian cities like Saharanpur, Srinagar and Ludhiana. 

The moment French President vowed to crack down radical Islamists at his own soil, India’s Muslims—who were considered moderate Muslims—began protesting against him. What is inhuman nature on part of moderate Muslims in India is that they didn’t condemn beheading French teacher. Neither they denounced Simone Barreto Silva, a 44-year-old Brazil-born samba dancer turned care worker and mother of three, who was stabbed to death by terrorist in Nice. 

Do moderate Muslims even exist? 

India was attacked by Islamic terrorists several times in the past. Hundreds and thousands of innocent people were butchered in multiple bomb blasts, be it 26/11 or 13/7. Calendar is full of dates, when bomb blasts were executed. But, the so called moderate Muslims didn’t march against terrorists from across border. They didn’t paste picture of Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan—who are aware of terror camps on their soil to carry out bomb blasts in India—on streets to humiliate them. 

Moderate Muslims of India remained as mute spectators, when thousands of Hindus in Kashmir were brutally slaughtered, their women gang raped, even small children were not spared, their properties looted and survivors were thrown out of Kashmir valley in 1990. 

So called India’s moderate Muslims, who got triggered after cartoon of Muhammad, are well aware that thousands of huge Hindu temples were desecrated and destroyed by Islamic invaders, who attacked land of Bharat Varsh many times. Desecration and destruction of Hindu temples continued in Kashmir by Islamists even after in independent India during genocide of Hindus. How many Hindus specially, Kashmiri Hindus took up the arms to revenge against perpetrators? 

Indian Muslims demanded 1/3rd of land as Pakistan in 1947 to establish Islam. Even if their demand for Islamic State was fulfilled, moderate Muslims in India continue to support terrorism in any part of the world to support Islam. India is forced to question, Do moderate Muslims actually exist? 


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