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ATM Jihad…an Unheard, Unexpected, and Unbelievable kind of Jihad.


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We will start this article with a real-life story, but with different names. A few years back, Patna Police arrested two Muslim boys, after a Hindu girl filed a complaint saying her husband and his family members allegedly forced her to eat beef and adopt Islam. She also accused them of blackmailing her after making a porn video of her, and she has given several lakhs to them, but no avail.

The girl was from Kolkata and she was married to Asif from Patna. she claimed that her Asif’s family forced her to live in a madarsa for a month to learn Islam, where she was forced to eat beef. The girl was highly impressed with Asif Iqbal’s looks when she first saw his photos on Facebook. Soon, phone numbers were exchanged and the two started talking to each other over the phone for hours.

Soon, Asif started persuading Rakhi to come to Patna from Kolkata. Initially, the girl refused but ultimately she gave in to the consistent demands. Asif received Rakhi in Patna and made her stay at a hotel in the Mithapur area. He offered her a soft drink laced with sedatives. The accused raped her and made an MMS of the act and started blackmailing her. The Girl was forced to arrange the money (in a few lakhs) from her family and hand it over to Asif.

Now, the second story of Congress leader Sameer Khan alias Sikandar alias Ateeq Mansoori. He was from Satna (MP) and he was arrested because several Hindu girls accused him of duping them. It was found that he got married to multiple Hindu girls, he projected himself as a Hindu boy, married all those girls and then he blackmailed them.

Police were shocked when they found several blank cheques, worth more than Rs. 50 Lakh, and shockingly all those cheques were in the name of several Hindu girls, who were blackmailed by Sameer, and in return gave him the blank cheques as extortion money.

Now the 3rd story…Rahul had a wonderful shop at a renowned mall in Ghaziabad. The shop was on the 2nd floor of the mall, his immediate neighbors were Hindus and after that, there were 2 shops, owned by Muslims Arif and Aswad. Gradually Arif and Aswad approached Rahul and they started spending time together. They used to go to watch movies, restaurants, and other places.

With each passing day, they 3 formed a sort of group, and Rahul was so much influenced by them, that he started creating issues with his immediate neighbors, who were Hindus, and after few months, past several altercations and disputes, finally those 2 Hindus sold their shops and shockingly to Muslims. Arif and Aswad achieved a cleansing of Hindus from that floor, it was a very simple and effective strategy of kicking out the other Hindus, from a specific business area or domain, and the plan is simple, either attack them or lure them and influence them.

ATM Jihad – The term you would have never heard before

We will start with the word ATM, technically it stands for Automated Teller Machine but in layman language, we do call is “Any Time Money”, which is a ‘machine’ that can offer you money the moment you insert the ATM card and provide the necessary inputs and PIN number.

You will be shocked to know a similar modus-Operandi is being implemented by radical Islamists to lure the Hindu girls, and then either blackmail them to extort money, use them as an ATM. They don’t force Hindu girls to get marry or force them to get converted, they just made friendship, then they took their advantage, and shoot their MMS in a compromising situation, and then they start the barrage of harassment and torture, and Hindu families have to offer them money to keep the things under the wrap.

The other strategy is to lure Hindus, make them friends, and then kick them out of a specific business domain or area, so that they can milk the financial opportunities in the future, just like an ATM, that too without any limits. We have seen numerous other businesses, which were traditionally handled by Hindus, but now Muslims are dominating that domain, Hindus are not even allowed to enter in those business domains, never ever again.

ATM doesn’t only mean extracting money and resources, it means blocking the earning opportunities of Hindus, destroy the rates of their properties, so that they are forced to sell their properties, and run away. It is a tried and tested strategy, that is used is to spread fear and coercion against Hindus and compel them to sell their homes at throwaway prices and settle in a peaceful area. Riots cause the property values to spiral down, weaken the local economy, and drive out Hindus altogether from that specific area.

The houses of Hindus are then purchased by Muslims, which eventually changes the demography of the area. They execute the “land jihad” and spread their majoritarian status to the adjacent areas as well. We have seen such jihads in Kashmir Valley, Malda, Kairana, and several other places in India.

We are in the opinion that Hindus should be made aware of these tactics, and they should know how to counter these evil acts of Muslims. Education is the biggest catalyst here, Hindus must propagate these concepts to their children, especially females. The first and foremost thing which every Hindu must do, is to come out of an illusional world of Secularism, we must open our eyes and see the reality, we must have situational awareness, the newspaper is full of such alarming news, but we ignore them, until and unless this happens with us.

We must understand, that this is a war, the holy war, as written in their holy book, if we are not taking care of ourselves, then nobody will.


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