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In Birbhum, West Bengal, there is an alleged attack by Islamists during the Durga Visarjan Yatra, injuring numerous Hindus.


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Hindu festivities still involve the throwing of stones. This time, extreme Islamic militants in West Bengal threw stones during the Durga Murti Visarjan procession. The event took place in Amdol village, which is under the authority of Birbhum district’s Murarai Police Station. A massive police force later took control of the situation.

As per the local sources, every year, the Hindu villagers do the Visarjan of Maa Durga after a procession that goes through the village. But, this year, when the procession reached near a mosque, the local Muslims objected. They allegedly ordered Hindus not to take the procession through the road in front of the mosque. But Hindus disagreed with them.

Birbhum, a district known for its diverse cultural heritage and religious celebrations, was struck by a shocking turn of events. The Durga Murti Visarjan procession, a significant part of the Durga Puja festival, was proceeding with traditional fervor when it faced an unexpected disruption.

As the idols of Goddess Durga were being immersed in the river, a group of individuals, reportedly identified as Islamists, began pelting stones at the procession. This unprovoked act of aggression led to chaos and panic among the participants and onlookers, leaving several injured and damaging some of the beautiful idols that were being carried.

The incident of Islamists pelting stones at a Durga Murti Visarjan procession in Birbhum is a tragic reminder of the need for communal harmony and religious tolerance in India. It is imperative that both local authorities and communities work together to ensure that such incidents do not recur and that the traditions and celebrations of all religious groups are respected and protected.


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