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Hinduphobia and Love Jihad: Here’s why Akshay Kumar is HAMMERED by fans on Social Media


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Bollywood has a long history of its biased approach towards Hindus and appeasing Muslims. The Hindus have always been projected as conservative, narrow-minded, discriminating, and greedy, whereas a Muslims is shown as an open-minded, truthful, non-discriminating, follower of God. The same goes for Inter-religious relations and love jihad shown in the Bollywood movies. The recent Tanishq controversy has given an opportunity for every Indian to think about the way our Bollywood is trying to instill a sense of inferiority in Hindus by any possible means.

The latest case is of Akshay Kumar, who is known as Khiladi Kumar and has a larger than life image of ‘Deshbhakt’. He has been facing the ire of Bollywood fans since he released a video to defend the filmy fraternity over the alleged Bollywood drug nexus. If that was not enough, he has been engulfed in another controversy due to his upcoming movie ‘Laxmmi Bomb’.

The controversy started when few Social media users pointed out that the film has been produced by Shabinaa Khan, who is a known Kashmiri separatist sympathizer, and she has been vocal against the abrogation of Article 370, CAA, and NRC.

Picture Credit – Instagram

Apart from that, Akshay Kumar’s character Aasif in the film is a Muslim and his lady love is a Hindu is a woman named Priya. It is shown in the trailer that Aasif is possessed by ghost of transgender Laxmi with Trishul, which is an attempt to mock the Hindu Goddess Laxmi. The director very cleverly instills a ‘Love Jihad’ angle here, where it is shown that Akshay Kumat goes to Priya’s home to convince parents while using a Hindu name. This is exactly the same modus operandi of Love Jihadis everywhere.

Upon knowing about these facts, people have started hammering the Movie director and Akshay Kumar on social media, and they are trending a hashtag #ShameOnUAkshayKumar.

People are now raising the question about the name of this movie, they are asking why it is Laxmi Bomb, why it is not SakeenaBomb or GeneliaBomb?

Not the first time for Akshay Kumar

And this is not the first time Akshay Kumar has done such a controversial act. His blockbuster movie ‘Oh My God’ was also insulting to the faith of Hindus. The director of the movie has degraded the idol worship of Gods in the Hindu temples.

Picture Credit – Learn Religions

He does not have the courage to make movies that shows the reality of other religions in India. He knew that if he does such movies on Islamic terrorism and shows Radical Islamists in a bad light, he would be in a big problem.

Even in his movie ‘Baby’, there was a famous monologue, where he narrated a story of Gujrat riots.

Akshay Kumar said I write Indian in the religion column. The question is, Why anybody do this?

Here the scriptwriter overtly defames the Hindu and Hindu Organization who want to kill an alone Muslim family. They could have said that Akshay Kumar, a Hindu saved the lives of people, however, they make the narrative secular by uttering Akshay Kumar that he writes Indian in the religious column. Like everybody else, they also did minority appeasement and majority defamation. 

Here is another instance where Akshay Kumar mocked Hinduism. Movie name ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ and see the dance and gestures on famous chants of Hare Krishna Hare Ram

In the movie Housefull-2, they made fun of ‘bhadra kaali’. There was an objectionable song in ‘Kambakhta Ishq‘ movie which was removed after protests by Hindu organizations.

Bollywood’s biased approach towards inter religious relations

The recent Tanishq advertisement evoked a massive controversy, as it was showing a Hindu girl married to a Muslim and participating in their cultural programs. People are raising questions over Hindus, as to why they are making an issue out of nothing, a Hindu-Muslim marriage is normal, and Hindus must accept it. However, the truth is, Hindu Muslim marriage is acceptable to ‘them’ only and only if the girl is Hindu, the moment we change the equation and talk about Hindu male and Muslim female, all hell broke loose.

We have certain examples from Bollywood movies, which proves our point. Remember Mani Ratnam’s famous movie ‘Bombay’, this movie shown a romance between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl, this on-screen story angered Muslims and they attacked Mani Ratnam’s house with homemade bombs. Mani Ratnam was wounded in this attack.

Another example is Akshay Khanna and Sonali Bendre starrer ‘Dehak’. it was a story of a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy fall in love, unaware of each other’s religious identities. Muslim Girl’s family doesn’t approve of the relationship and finally, the couple was killed.

There are so many such instances, which we cant cover in this article. However, this exposed the biased and Hinduphobic approach of Bollywood. The good sign is that now people have understood this cunning strategy of Bollywood, and have started asking questions and boycotting such movies. We are pretty much sure that Laxmmi Bomb is going to be tanked at the box office and it will dent the reputation of Akshay Kumar. This game of mocking Hindus and their sensitivities will not work anymore.


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