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Hinduism consists of practices that nourish the aspects of value and welfare.


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The original culture lexicon in Hinduism is based on the reason, rational and nature being supreme. Every practice and usage from time immemorial were followed to mark a welfare approach throughout the area where light touches. However, a very contaminated and sanitized version of the history and culture had been extrapolated by colonialists. And subjugated us to believe that our roots are pagan and downtrodden.

In this piece, the focus is on the ritual and its side that does not anywhere limit the expression of welfare towards any living being.

Throughout years, dirt has been thrown on the Hinduism by referring it ‘backward’. From Vedas, Mimansa, Upanishads and various translated and non-translated texts contrary appears. In order to not let the culture outpower, a propaganda was invented by western world, which outrightly rejects the utility of hindu rituals. However, the claims lack reason. Reasons that is not extrapolated from their equation which seem to calculate only the west oriented practices.

Coming on the ancient practice of ritual followed in many traditions of the culture, the one is feeding a crow. Many have heard of feeding a cow, dog, insect etc. but do not know the reason of performing so.

The practices in Hinduism also deal with supernatural which cannot be perceived by sense organs. Scriptures claim that feeding animals and birds can benefit a person’s good karma. The logic can be set right even by imagining the causality of the practice. The practice is specifically dedicated to feed the bird.

In Hinduism, it is believed that, every living and non-living have God inside. And respecting them will somehow will bring fortune. Crows are to be fed to reduce the negative impact of Saturn. From a horoscope standpoint, every planet is believed to have a significant impact on the human nature and the lives.

The standpoint of a non-believer should be on the welfare of most ignored acts. The humans on the earth have a duty to guard and protect the other specie since humans have come all the way up on the hierarchy of being the most strong. Hindu texts and practitioner advice the believers to feed different animals their respective food.

The cascading effects of Rahu and Saturn diminish after practicing the rituals. Crows are associated with the messenger of all the dark practices. In Hinduism, after death of any person, the common practice of feeding a crow has been followed since ages. And believed that in shradh paksh, it is necessary to feed crows.


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